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  1. With great power comes great thermal responsibility.
  2. It did turn on, but I don't know that it was as bright as it should have been. I'll try what mariushm said. I'll get around to testing it with a multimeter once I put a plug on it after the holiday.
  3. Oh so it would have been fine with just a plug adapter? If so then I'll just solder on a cord with a plug I can use.
  4. Hi, I got a light that was originally for 220-240v. I want to replace the adapter with a 110v ac/dc adapter with outputting the correct DC voltage, but it doesn't have any specs on it. So I opened it up to have a look inside. I did try connecting it to 24v DC and it was very dim. Hopefully someone here can help me find out what the original adapter was outputting.
  5. Well it's nice to hear they're bringing back the ability to use voice commands to turn on the xbox and open apps. I'm guessing it costs less to integrate with google assistant than to support kinect voice commands. Been losing features steadily till now... Or is this just voice access for ppl that don't have a kinect? I'm pretty sure I can still open apps and games and turn off the xbox via voice... just no longer turn on or use gestures.
  6. That strikes me as very funny The yahoo claim requires you have credit monitoring already to opt for the cash. How are they treating multiple accounts? Can I just opt for the credit monitoring with one account and then opt for the cash on the others?
  7. Those panes where the cameras are in that unit up top are pretty big. When they go to integrate them into the car they're going to have a camera bump sticking into the front windshield. Wait till Samsung release a car without the front facing camera hump.
  8. The new side panel view doesn't really give much of and enlargement of the image that the old one did. Navigation from one image to another is better tho, but kinda pointless to click on anything since it doesn't enlarge much for me at the size browser window I like. Ok... I was kinda ok with it until I found the randomly inserted related search tiles in the main results photos. How soon till they start inserting ads there?
  9. Ah, good old Netburst, back when Intel chased high clocks instead of improved architecture.
  10. Bing rewards is already how I get xbox gold membership and game passes. This scheme in comparison has slightly lower payout.
  11. Interesting decision to support older cards. It's like they want you to see how slow the old cards are so you have a reason to upgrade.
  12. It's just a marketing lead tho, shouldn't affect anything more than fan engagement and over-selling what the hardware can do.