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  1. not true at all and im not sure why you are being so snarky... but the reason i didnt just cook myself food is that for the summer im living with my parents (home from college) and their room is to close to the kitchen and they sleep with their door open (our dogs sleep in the bedroom) so cooking too late at night isnt viable also for the record while i might not be great i do love to cook
  2. why did your account get suspended? also i can see you were also a fan of AC Brotherhood Online
  3. there was a coding competition in high school for a simulated drone competition. the idea behind my (and a friends) virtual drone is that the drone would grab 3 out of the 4 points and speed up towards the edge of the barrier. it ended up reaching a velocity that instead of bouncing off the barrier it passed through and looped to the other side of the arena. because the competition was in simulated deep space there is no resistance or gravity allowing the velocity to continually increase until the fuel ran out. because nobody could catch the drone we coined it "SlipperyPete" as a joke i changed it to my name online and ever since it has stuck TLDR: broke a simulated competition and named it SlipperyPete
  4. Should i go to taco bell?
  5. your doing the lord's work my friend
  6. this was gonna be my recommendation. happens to me from time to time
  7. omg im so sorry lol. i thought i was only quoting the last picture
  8. if you havent already use paypal for payment as they have great policies and will accept the loss themselves if the situation cant be resolved
  9. or if your doing sli it can have better temps
  10. big fan of breaking bad and crystal blue persuasion (one of my vinyl treasures). i like the way that you described the beginning with the entire thing looking like the inside of a lab. the case on its own reminds me of the large methlamine barrels. great so far. for the finished pictures you should try to pick up the walter and jesse pop figures where they are wearing their cooking suits. would make for some cool pics. anyway great build so far
  11. fair but be happy with your system for now. when it starts to show its age than consider an upgrade. im using an i5 4460 and its still going strong. the only part of my system which is felling aged is my 8gbs of ram