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  1. (Ebay) 15% off $25+ sitewide ($50 max discount)

    i think this is a bit of a grey area. time to wait until a Mod chimes in... regardless this is an awesome find
  2. Have I been scammed???

    i bought a windows 10 key off of reddit with a giftcard once and the key has been working for 2+ years... that being said i got lucky.
  3. I am a fan of extra buttons on a mouse because in games or software, these buttons can be bound for ingame functions. in web browsing i do use the backward button a lot and occasionally use the forward
  4. Has anyone visited Hershey PA before?

    the town/city? it was another town or city. the hershey park was pretty cool
  5. How to kill reddit

    Ive seen some stupid threads on this forum... but i think ive found the winner
  6. Has anyone visited Hershey PA before?

    ive been but when i was younger. what do you want to know?
  7. Get Linus' Attention

    this is really cool. Linus doesnt check notifications but he does frequent the forum.

    that footage is awesome

    you could always use screen capture software
  10. Boy was this an excellent find. 15 minutes of Linus being humiliated.
  11. Powering off at night

    sleep mod eis good. power off is good. The only reason i vote for power down is that it gives windows the opportunity to update daily
  12. Game pad mod

    this is awesome. how'd you manage to do this without making the controller unusable?
  13. The Office - LTT edition for CSF

    I would settle for Linus making a horrible dad joke and Luke looking at the camera Jim style
  14. LTT forum "banning" game

    Banned for not loudly "REEEEEE-ing" when banning others REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE