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  1. 3200mhz Ram only going to 2133mhz

    welp i guess i got some explaining to do. I use mATX because it is a good size for me. Small enough to be transported between college and home a few times a year, yet offers an extra pcie slot, more sata ports, 4 ram slots, more drive mounts in cases, etc. essentially some features a mid-tower offers in a smaller package. So anyway when i built this PC a few weeks ago there werent even any B450 motherboards announced for mATX so i went with the best mATX motherboard i could get and updated the BIOS. I know that mATX is unpopular but i like it and it works for me. The extra features that come with B450 are not necessary for me and im not much of an overclock-er so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. 3200mhz Ram only going to 2133mhz

    I have: 16gbs of G skill ddr4 3200mhz, a ryzen 2700x, and an asus tuf b350 matx my motherboard supports up to 3200mhz ram if manually set im not sure how to set voltages and what not for ram would love some guidance
  3. Help deciding on case

    Id say the Fractal case. Clean and allows you to show off your pc without it being overly flashy. not to mention decent airflow and good cable management
  4. Linus Bean Bag Chair

    i love you
  5. Linus Bean Bag Chair

    Hey Linus ill buy the bean bag chair featured in iJustine's tour video if you will let me
  6. ive been building computers for about 3 years now. my pc has been mid range for most of it. this past month though i have jumped from midrange to high-ish end. Great processor Good case Good GPU Good Ram FeelsGoodMan
  7. Did I Just Kill My GPU?

    i wish i had any ideas for you to test things, but im not a large laptop user outside of my school (non-gaming) laptop. if i had to give a suggestion try reinstalling windows after a backup of your files. maybe the drivers became corrupted or something
  8. Did I Just Kill My GPU?

    this is not a clear indication one way or another your laptop could be running off of the CPUs integrated graphics right now
  9. Why do people buy iPhones?

    longer guaranteed software support, I-message and the logo also some people are invested in the eco system owning macs, apple watches, ipads and having money invested into itunes, apple music ,the IOS store ETC
  10. Steam Link Sale??

    Teamviewer has had many security breaches and violations throughout the past, not to mention that the program refuses to not run on a system at all times
  11. I need a new mouse, suggestions?

    for real. after two years of slamming the fucker against my desk in rage, the scroll wheel click only just now lost the tactile click. (it still works just the click is more subtle) i ordered another immediately because it is without a doubt the highest quality mouse i have ever used
  12. Steam Link Sale??

    also teamviewer is a bit sketch
  13. Whats the most comfortable headset for around $50?

    i would get the seinheisers
  14. most vendors make money off of warranties, services and accessories. I worked at best buy for a long time and computers and laptops were sold at cost with the intent on selling services or accessories as the large profit margin products.
  15. Building my first Gaming PC

    oh fuck me i dont need a pc but im tempted because this deal is ridiculous