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  1. Cosmetic Micro-Transactions

    im in the same boat. lots of times tho the skins take time to develop and the price of the skin is to pay for development and then make a small profit on top
  2. Cosmetic Micro-Transactions

    I just wanted to open up a conversation around cosmetic micro-transactions in 2018. This came to mind due to the new Overwatch skins. Personally i am of the opinion that micro-transactions are fine as long as they dont affect gameplay. I enjoy cosmetic micro-transactions because if purchased, they allow the developer to make money while supplying those who want it with new stuff. IE: CSGO skins, LoL skins, etc.
  3. Am I the only one who hates mechanical keyboards?

    razer makes a nice gaming chicklet keyboard. its call the razer deathstalker. https://www2.razerzone.com/au-en/gaming-keyboards-keypads/razer-deathstalker i owned one for awhile before i bought my first mechanical keyboard. personally i really like both mechanical, chicklet and membrane
  4. Overthrow Linus and put Ivan into power?

    using the quote tool is a great way to ensure the user you are responding to gets a response as demonstrated below. Anyway welcome to LTT forum
  5. Good first date idea?

    wow this is some awesome info i didnt even consider
  6. Good first date idea?

    Mini-Golf is perfect for a date. Fun, cheap and you get to spend time doing something together. Dinner can be a tad weird (no talking points) but because your golfing you can talk while playing, then go to dinner and have something to talk about. The same thing applies for movies!
  7. Looking to buy a Laptop

    daaaaaaaaaaamn feelsbadman. the bestbuy i work at is medium market sized and almost always has mutiple models of all the laptops we carry (unless theres a crazy sale and we sell out)
  8. Looking to buy a Laptop

    this laptop is 1 model newer than mine. i work at bestbuy so i get to play with a lot of these laptops while they are on demo. this laptop is nice AF
  9. Looking to buy a Laptop

    im a really big fan of the HP Envy x360 line http://store.hp.com/us/en/pdp/hp-250-g6-notebook-pc-(energy-star) http://store.hp.com/us/en/pdp/hp-pavilion-power---quad-w--2gb-gfx-touch-optional-1gk62av-1
  10. Hey everyone. New user here.

  11. fair, but the ability to more adequately cool the card may lead to people pulling off better OCs regardless i think the review and testing will be very interesting
  12. in the post it states that there is a 200mhz clock speed bump. this will likely lead to a performance improvement
  13. Can i buy from amazon for someone as a gift?

    have him setup a paypal, paypal him the money, he can then order with paypal
  14. Rate the song above you.

    4/10 cool beat but a tad fast for my liking, didn't like the vocals
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