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  1. The thing Linus has it wrong that this is not just a driver limitation.... This is a vBIOS and straight up silicon limitation too, and with those 2 things quite frankly, you ain't hacking it. Definitely not on day 1. The thing is... if the GPU market doesn't stabilize, the PC gaming market is in deep trouble, because quite frankly the availability of graphics cards is astonishingly bad, and at some point a lot of gamers would rather pull the trigger on consoles rather than wait the market to somewhat stabilize (Which might not happen for a while). Availability is so bad that RTX 3080 cos
  2. There is an error in the video, 3080 mobile uses a fully enabled GA104 die, not GA102 like the desktop 3080.
  3. DNA Data storage, surely it's fitting a Holy **** episode?
  4. I wish I was joking, indeed it seems some people are that stupid.
  5. The most ironic thing is that some people pay 3090 prices for the 3080/6800XT when the 3090 is in stock.
  6. RTX 3090 seems available somewhat, but the rest of the lineup is a lost cause until February I think. And Hopper will very likely follow soon in 2022 Q1 too.
  7. LG launches its first commercially available Micro LED display | What Hi-Fi? Surely the first commercially available MicroLED deserves a video? Time to see if the hype is worth it. (Well, it's not TV per se, but it's still the first Micro LED display in the wild, and that on its own is worth a video in my humble opinion)
  8. https://www.overclock3d.net/news/cases_cooling/asetek_reveals_its_rad_card_liquid_cooler_the_first_pcie_radiator_for_consumer_systems/1 This has to be reviewed when it comes out.
  9. Suicides actually increased by not a tiny amount following the great depression: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/dvs/hist293_1900_49.pdf Total death rate in America didn't move much in those years, although the great depression was the direct cause for the most devastating war in the history of humanity, so to claim it didn't cause many people dying is a big lie. The suicide rate in America has been going up worryingly and steadily the last 15 years and the lockdown and economic depression will just pour more gasoline into the fire, and that's without the rest of the
  10. And lengthy lockdown will doom just as much people to death as letting it spread will. Lockdown doesn't come free, it comes at a price of economic depression, mental health crisis, suicides, domestic abuse, substance abuse and the list goes on.... A lockdown could end up costing society a hell lot more than COVID-19 itself. At some point it's better to let the virus spread, try to protect the elder and risk population and get it over with,
  11. Again, easier said then done, with so many undetected cases going on it's nearly mission impossible to find everyone, and then you have the issues of false negatives, 1 false negative can easily mean a small outbreak here. Honestly, I'd take the opposite approach, have it spread, tell the old and risk groups isolate themselves, maybe ban mass gatherings and that's basically it. most people who get it will hardly feel it anyway, we just need to make sure that those who do feel it badly don't get it too much.
  12. Yeah but I meant the Virus was going undetected in America for quite a while. Honestly, I think the virus was going on in Europe a while too, there is a good chance the virus entered Europe in early January and not mid February as previously thought (Apparently doctors in Lombardy now think there is a chance it got to the region in December). If that's the truth, how on earth do we have hope testing and tracing? So many asymptotic carriers, another bunch who'd shrug it off as a cold and not do anything about it, what can we do more?
  13. Australia and NZ have the advantage of having no land borders and being isolated from everyone else. Once the rest of the world starts open things up again in the (European) summer AUS and NZ will have to decide what to do with their borders, NZ relies a lot on Tourism and if they keep the borders closed they will go bankrupt quite quickly, Australia can manage better but even them will have eventually to open their borders if they don't want their economy to tank even more. It's very nice saying Jacinda Ardern is doing everything right now, but I really doubt she'll be loved
  14. Thing is most seem to lay hope in test and trace. I think if there are really so many undetected cases of COVID-19 test and trace is practically hopeless and should be used in very specific circumstances if at all. We are acting with almost worthless data and we might shooting ourselves in the butt.