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  1. I'm looking to build a pc for gaming, streaming and content creation. I'm going to get a 3060ti and was wondering what CPU? 3700x vs 5600x. Does the higher core count exceed benefits of the single thread performance? Also, what other components should I get? I live in New Zealand so prices are fairly steep.
  2. Why would the 3060 have more VRAM than the 3080? How would this (In theory of course) affect performance and longevity compared to the 3060ti?
  3. Can you use those mic tripod stand meant for XLR mics for a usb mic? I wanted to get the HyperX Quadcast and use it for streaming while sitting on my couch.
  4. Is this a good deal on an rtx 3060ti prebuilt? Prices are in New Zealand Dollars so keep that in mind: https://playtech.co.nz/products/playtech-rtx-3060-ti-r7-3700x-gaming-pc-r7-3700x-rtx-3060-ti-ddr4-16gb-memory-1tb-nvme-ssd-wifi-bt-win-10-home
  5. I know this is premature but when will we see CPUs like non x variants and a 5700x. What about 3060 non ti versions and 6700 (xt) variants? I live in New Zealand where tech prices are quite steep.
  6. I'm looking to get into streaming and content creation and was wondering, what are the differences between rtx 3000 and RX 6000 GPU's? I know NVIDIA has nvenc encoder but what does it do? Keep in mind that I live in New Zealand so I'll probably wait for some newer and cheaper GPU's to come to market.
  7. I was looking to buy a decent phone and narrowed down to either the Samsung A21S or the Oppo A52. What are the big differences (Apart from just the raw specs) like OS, ease of use etc?
  8. What sort of components would be more important when trying to build a PC. A high speed ssd, more RAM or a CPU with lots of cores? I'm kinda new but want to get into game dev stuff.
  9. Would this monitor be good for gaming. Keep inind the price is in NZD: https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/MONPHS4380/Philips-438P175-43-4K-MultiView-Display--IPS-Panel I'm not too hardcore or competitive so the 60fps cap isn't that bad. The 3070 would be the card of choice and the PS5 my console
  10. Does capturing game footage increase CPU usage? It sounds like a stupid question but I want to test the difference in temps after undervolting and repasting and caputring seems like it would interfere. I use Streamlabs OBS.
  11. Could I use MSI Afterburner to test the effectiveness of undervolting and thermal paste reapplication (On my laptop)? I was thinking that testing temps while game would be much better than a synthetic benchmark.
  12. Why isn't it and what should I use? I want something simple and easy to view the results.
  13. Can I undervolt my laptop with Throttlestop and stress test with Intel XTU (Since it won't let me undervolt my laptop)? I know this sound like a stupid and I probably can but I want to be sure.
  14. How do I use MSI afterburner to record temperatures put it into a graph or text file AFTER a gaming session? I can get it to display during but I want to record temps without the overlay. (It's really immersion breaking for me) and view that info AFTER I've finished a session.
  15. How can I record temperature over a gaming session? I know about MSI afterburner but how do I display stat's like averages, min, max etc AFTER the gaming session? Just raw data would be fine. I don't need it to generate a graph.