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  • CPU
    Intel i7 6700k
  • Motherboard
    MSI z270 Gaming Plus
  • RAM
    2x 8GB Corsair Vengeance @ 3000 MHz
  • GPU
    ASUS GTX 1060 3GB Dual OC
  • Case
    Deep Cool E-Shield
  • Storage
    Boot: 1TB NVMe Sabrent Rocket
    Reserve: 1TB ADATA XPG SX8200
  • PSU
    Corsair RM750x
  • Display(s)
    Ancient Dell 1440x1080 4:3 c/w DVI, truly nafftastic AOC 16:9 1660 x 900 VGA only.
  • Cooling
    Antec AIO
  • Keyboard
    Dell media
  • Mouse
    Logitech G300S
  • Sound
    Trust Lino Wireless soundbar and 7dayshop "gaming" headphones.
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 / Manjaro
  • Laptop
    HP Elitebook 8560w i5-2540M, Quadro 1000M, 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3, 1TB Samsung 860 EVO, 1TB WD Green.

    The archive:
    HP Elitebook 8560w i7-2820QM, Quadro 1000M 8GB DDR3. (spares for above)
    HP EA.... (used for giving training presentations)
    Dell D610 (woo native serial port for radio programming!)
    Novatech thing (1c1t...no multithreading. Excel input device that can sit in a lab and not worry about being stolen)
    Acer Travelmate 4150LMi (Still in near mint condition. Retired for the HP EA when the charger tip broke and I thought it was the socket. Repaired with a jack from Maplin and now available in case of....umm...)

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  1. Have a look at the F@H article on this. https://test.foldingathome.org/support/faq/points/ To summarise not all WUs are equal as they come from different projects and different parts of the same project. They run one WU from each project on a standard computer, and the points reflect how long it takes to complete. If you are folding with more powerful hardware you are likely to get harder WUs as this makes sure they get finished in a reasonable time. If you are assigned easier WUs with powerful hardware then you will finish them more quickly and so
  2. That was pretty fun. Interesting to see where you stack up. The hearing one seemed a bit woolly and definntely depends on hardware. My speakers couldn't cope with anything over 15kHz, but me headphones seemed to increase my score.
  3. AMD driver crapped out on me and managed to make itself think it wasn't installed and the graphics card wasn't installed! DDU -> no hardware detected -> strip down & re-seat -> try the Radeon Pro driver which was available this time and see if it has some stability... Just what I needed when I was checking all was OK before bed to let it fold for the night.
  4. I finally have WUs! I was starting to think I might need to put the heating on! I'm always amazed at how exciting it is to push this cause and do good with my tech. Currently celebrating with the weirdest drink I have, unintentional homemade maple syrup liqeur. And also toblerone.
  5. It's not network provider throttling. That's not rally a thing in the UK, at least not with any networks I've been involved with. I tethered for a couple of months when I moved a good few years ago and never got less than about 35mbps, but that was line of site to a mast with HSPA+. The problem here is with being a bit rural!
  6. Have moved house recently and my internet doesn't get turned on until Friday. Found a BT Wifi hotspot today so catching up on everything and jst realised this event existed! Big PC unpacked and GPU re-installed. Also finally got round to putting the R9 290 that came with my 2nd hand motherboard bundle in, so a fair old hotch potch, but got to get through those sweet work units for the cause! Currently trying to download the driver at 1mbps through phone tethering and trying to bat back windows updates to save bandwidth.
  7. I'd love a Roomba (other brands are available) but stories like this make me uneasy!
  8. They also left out a layer of the screen causing touch issues which could be resolved by bending the phone diagonally!! The fix was a new screen (still missing the layer) not covered under warranty.
  9. I imagine they mean cable mod as in the company CableMod who have regularly sponsored LTT for cables, often custom lengths, colours and styles. They provide aftermarket cables for PCs. I've never needed to use them.
  10. Before mentioning anything else I have safety concerns: Chocolate block connectors like that can be prone to a wire popping out when multiples are stuffed into one side. A connector that doesn't do this is something like a Wago connector. By using the chocolate block and cutting the wire the appliance is no longer double earthed (the box in a box symbol on the back) so there must be an earth connection. This potential fault would be particularly serious if a live came out and touched the metal case which it's right next to, and with no earth that's inviting a shock! It could als
  11. I really want and nearly bought a streamdeck for CAD work, but cheaped out. This makes so much sense, thanks!
  12. I think I remember that video. IIRC the "danger" came from them all being power supplies of dubious quality, potentially old, pre-wired with the wires also being involved in the jumble/being bent/crushed/worn/cut. I think his concern was that when plugged in and used they may go on fire! Heck, even NEW dubious power supplies go on fire sometimes. Generic PSUs may also lack the same levels of protection that a more modern reputable PSU would have, like over power/over temperature/over current so they may supply more power than they are supposed to, or more power at a particular v