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  1. hey So i have a new build with a 9900k, Asus rog Maximus Hero XI Wifi and MSI RTX 2080 TI Gaming X Trio that is not able to install windows 10. i have both a NVME samsung drive and a Sata T force drive installed and have been able to insall ubuntu just fine but when i try and get windows to install i just get to the spinning white dots and then they freeze. tried playing around with the boot CSM and secureboot and other usb drives with the media creation tool and other ports on the board blue red and black one. not sure whats going on here anyone have any ideas? thanks
  2. yeah the 9900K seems a bit overkill for me but that NIB 8086K is tempting at $400 Cad since its just $10 more then the i5-9600k and performs better gettting a i5 just seems like a waste coming from a i7-4770 but am tempted on the GPU for 2070Super or 2080 but will see that later on not thinking about that right now single monitor is a 240HZ Gsync Compatible with a older 1080p 60hz side IPS.
  3. Hey, so looking at building a new pc and was wondering whats peoples thoughts on Intel CPU's atm i have a few options 9900K/9700K/8086K/ don't really like the $640 CAD Price plus tax 13% (HST Ontario) on the 9900K so the 2 that look more apitising is a NIB (used market) 8086K for $400 even. i could also go with a 9700K for $510 plus tax 13% so $576.29. will be pairing this up with probably RTX 2070 or 2060 Super depending on clearance pricing when they launch. at what price would you think a used 8700k/8086k makes sense? still running on probably a Z390 MB whats everyones thoughts on this?
  4. Westjet doesn't fly to Heathrow though... they fly into Gatwick and flying from london means he would have to buy a secondary ticket that just complicates everything and can cause major headaches due if you are delayed or flight is canceled
  5. you may have better luck with booking on Lufthansa or Tap as they are partners with Air Canada (Star Alliance) and can give some other options for routing. i know AC Rouge does 1 Flight from Porto to Toronto and Lisbon to Montreal and Toronto and then you can connect on to Vancouver. as for calling try the local number via google hangouts or skype 1-888-247-2262
  6. If there international (Portugal) they can't fly Westjet and no there not like Jet Blue...
  7. totally agree i don't see why Linus needed to address just a ignorant other YouTuber with how youtube works and use it to stir up drama
  8. aselwyn1

    Eticket info?

    i believe they said its just going to be you sub to floatplane and they will stream it there
  9. any chance the USB drives are coming back? want to do a larger order to minimize shipping probably also get the bottle and underwear too
  10. taking Flair or Swoop i guess? https://www.abbotsfordairport.ca/Travellers/ground_transportation.htm shows a bunch of options a quick look shows https://myebus.ca at almost $40 each way
  11. Really good story done by the Canadian Broadcasting Company on Apple overcharging and refusing to repair. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XneTBhRPYk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2_SZ4tfLns
  12. on Android it is very easy for ANY app to collect this data also so be careful
  13. this anker one is quite nice https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0719SNR5N/
  14. where is the link for the Warranty story?