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  1. Meet Noctua’s first foray into a value line of CPU coolers. It's a trimmed down version of the excellent NH-U12S - but.. do the savings match the performance? Buy Noctua NH-U12S redux CPU Cooler (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/GDaVW Buy Cooler Master Hyper 212 CPU Cooler (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/Mnz7BO1 Buy Noctua NH-U12S CPU Cooler (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/gNJXAI Buy Noctua NH-D15 CPU Cooler (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/JisS
  2. the LTT holders will be released in the near future for public use on Prusaprinters.org
  3. its just for flooding the pump/bleeding. Its normally closed during operation.
  4. Its a Vivo Dual Motor standup desk base - 103e I think is the model? Cant recall off the top of my head.
  5. Part 3 of our EPIC desk PC Saga continues with a bench build of this SICK ultra thin desk - we’re gonna get it fired up for the first time! Buy AMD Threadripper 3970X CPU (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/N3bJ7 Buy Alphacool Eisblock XPX Pro 1U (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/N3bJ7 Buy ASUS ROG Zenith II Extreme Alpha (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/ReXk5 Buy Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB 16GB 4400MHz DDR4 RAM (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/j8qJWZx Buy Sabrent 2TB Rocket 4 Plus NVMe SSD (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/Ixaa4c Buy Crucial MX500 2TB SATA SSD (PAID
  6. 1C is pretty common practice. You should be fine. I run 1.3A at 6S voltages for my quad batteries all day long with no issue.
  7. I have experienced a disproportionately high amount of problems with low quality black filament - I suspect that regrinds/recycled material are often mixed into it because it's black. This causes the melt temperature to be higher than filament made of virgin material. I would suggest raising your temps 10 degrees and trying again.
  8. Have you considered gyro stabilizing your head?
  9. What would be the unholy offspring of a fridge and a 3D printer? The Cocoapress. Today we’re 3D printing chocolate, and its definitely going to be our most delicious video ever Check out the CocosPress at https://lmg.gg/CocoaPress
  10. I don't see there being a trend for apple to ADD ports to devices any time soon.
  11. Want one control surface on your desk for everything? Music, video editing, even a keyboard, all in one with the Morph from Sensel. Find info on purchasing the Morph here: https://morph.sensel.com/pages/where-to-buy Please note that due to high demand, there are very limited quantities of the Morph available right now. If it's sold out, just sign up here and you'll be notified when more become available in Q3, 2021. https://morph.sensel.com/pages/morph-availability Buy Sensel Morph (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/HyI1Z6 Buy a Drawing Tablet (PAID LINK)
  12. This is actually a great question - For printing PLA and even PETG most printers will be fine, although that is entirely dependent on the cooling provided to the control/driver board. If you're enclosing a printer to print in ABS/other higher-temp plastics, moving the brains of the operation outside of the enclosure is a really good idea. On very high-temp printers the steppers are often water cooled to prevent them from overheating! Video example
  13. I'm wearing gloves. They are white. We only had XS in stock (thanks covid) so they're just very tight. I'm no stranger to the dangers of resin printing.