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  1. Lots of people use them to make sure they never miss a video. there have been many times over the years the subbox was broken or it just never showed up on the homepage. i have always relied on the emails never going into my sub box or the YouTube home page in a very long time. thankfully i have found a workaround with IFTTT but its much slower, doesn't find live streams and isn't as good of a email but it works. really it should be a option of if i want a email/desktop or phone notification.
  2. Yep i really also see this hurting smaller creators that don't get pushed by the algorithm
  3. So YouTube has deiced to remove all upload email notifications. meaning the bell now only controls mobile and desktop ones if you have them turned on a feature that was in YouTube for over a decade and was a much stablier way to make sure you watched all your videos instead of the "sub box" My thoughts This is probably the dumbest move i have seen them make in a long time. its another sign that Google hates Youtube and doesn't care about users/creators if people want a email notification like me that i have been using them for a decade should be able to pick but YouTube has r
  4. looks like i am stable now that i turned the core clock down 7MHZ in msi afterburner. finished 3 gpu ones in a row and got credit kind of annoying that the gpu's boost clock is causing it to just completly fail
  5. not sure how to limit my cpu cores in F@H? but i droped my gpu clock by 7 mhz in afterburner and turned off advanced and will see how it goes
  6. i have no idea the first few days were fine but now i cant get anything but cpu https://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/user_summary.php?s=&u=883762 its a 9900K with a 2080TI on a fairly fresh windows install
  7. oh i was doing "advanced" as the name and value under the extra client options looks like that worked
  8. oh it has the 300MHZ defualt from the MSI gaming x trio. where do i setup this "client type"? i dont see any options like that in the advanced or web gui
  9. ugh 4 days and not a single completed gpu work unit 2080ti keeps either getting "bad wu" or just doesnt fine a assignment
  10. Finally got off my ass and setup folding just waiting on my passkey but already started running it
  11. hey So i have a new build with a 9900k, Asus rog Maximus Hero XI Wifi and MSI RTX 2080 TI Gaming X Trio that is not able to install windows 10. i have both a NVME samsung drive and a Sata T force drive installed and have been able to insall ubuntu just fine but when i try and get windows to install i just get to the spinning white dots and then they freeze. tried playing around with the boot CSM and secureboot and other usb drives with the media creation tool and other ports on the board blue red and black one. not sure whats going on here anyone have any ideas? thanks
  12. yeah the 9900K seems a bit overkill for me but that NIB 8086K is tempting at $400 Cad since its just $10 more then the i5-9600k and performs better gettting a i5 just seems like a waste coming from a i7-4770 but am tempted on the GPU for 2070Super or 2080 but will see that later on not thinking about that right now single monitor is a 240HZ Gsync Compatible with a older 1080p 60hz side IPS.