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    Great White North
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    Intel Xeon e3 1231v3 3.4GHz
  • Motherboard
    SuperMicro x10SL7-F
  • RAM
    32 GB Crucial DDR3 ECC
  • GPU
    AMD FirePro W4100
  • Case
    Fractal Design Node 804
  • Storage
    2x250GB EVO 960 RAID 1, 4 3TB Seagate NAS RAID10
  • PSU
    Corsair TX750M
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    3 Asus ProArt 24”
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    Corsair Gaming
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    Wacom Tablet
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    Creative USB
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. I'm sure this will delay @GOTSpectrum further from processing the results:
  2. If GPUz isn’t seeing the GPU in the bottom slot then the FAHClient never will. what happens when you plug a GPU only into the bottom slot without a PCIe riser? Does it show up in the BIOS? Does it show up in GPUz? Could be a bad riser or something to do with the IOMMU groups on that motherboard conflicting. Ive run 6 GPUs on z470/570 boards with PCIe bifurcation and m.2 to PCIe adaptors under Linux and Windows. There is a limit in the FAHClient apparently of 10 GPUs in a system.
  3. I’m assuming these are in the Asus ASUS Rog Maximus Code XI. Try changing the PCIe16_3 slot from “auto” to x4 in BIOS. It shares 2 lanes with SATA6G_56 so this will disable those two ports. If that’s the case I’m surprised the 1080 in the top PCIe3 x1 slot is working.
  4. You haven't specified which Power Supply you have in that case. I'm hoping it's at least a 650 or 750W model or you may overload it with a 3080. Zotac recommends a 750W +1 - That case can have two additional 120mm fans installed. one at the front and one at the bottom. If you haven't added these yet I'd suggest doing so. That 3080 is rated at 320W so you have a bit of heat to exhaust.
  5. There are generally less expensive kits out there other than the neos but they have been around for a while and just work. Kind of like the old computing adage of "Just buy IBM" They are more likely to be around in a year than many other lesser brands and if the ability to upgrade in a year is important are likely worth the higher initial cost. Worst case they're more likely to be available on the used market.
  6. Welcome to the team. That’s some nice hardware. I have a 5950x but haven’t managed to snag any RTX3000 GPUs yet in EVGAs waiting list. Wish we had MicroCenters here in Canada. The nearest one to me is an 11 hour drive. Once you hit a milestone with the team post on the badge request thread and @TVwazhere , if he’s not feeling too grumpy, will give you a shiny badge which will link to your stats.
  7. PopOS! is based on Debian so it should be very similar to Ubuntu. Did you just install PopOS! or did you get a System76?
  8. WooHoo! - Finally after over a year - 100 years CPU time on World Community Grid's OpenPandemics:
  9. Thanks - I've reset my Preference to "COVID" and I'll do a restart at 19:00 EST when I resume Folding (I "Finish" at 05:30 and "Un-Pause" at 19:00 to avoid the high electricity rates and over-taxing the Air Conditioning). Likely a good time to update my NVidia drivers as well.
  10. Have you seen 13457 in the wild? you can search using a query like:
  11. Thanks - I'll change my preference back to COVID. The only reference to 13456 I found was on the support forum dealing with issues it's been having with 3000-series cards and the OpenMM build it uses
  12. You are correct. WUs 13456 and 13457 appear to be in production and are both COVID but I can find no record of either project in Beta or being put into Production at the Support Site. Even more curiously the PostEra Moonshot page does not yet show a new Moonshot but the Folding at Home main page shows that Sprint 10 (what happened to 8 & 9, the last I remember was 7???) started Monday, July 26th but I know I've checked this recently and did not see it. Are you on Beta? I'm not currently. What is your Preference set to? I was on "COVID" but changed to "A
  13. Nope, still not seeing any but I have noticed a 10-15% uptick in PPD but still 10-15% lower than when the moonshots were running. I suspect that it's a combination of they've just finally finished pre COVID projects that were paused and likely weren't built with the new optimized CUDA libraries and that there were a lot of small atom WUs and/or ones with lower than normal PPD that made it through Beta without being flagged. It's seeming that the COVID WUs are likely gone for good. Post Era seems to indicate they are ready to go to Human Trials for the COVID Anti-Viral which is exci
  14. Yes, - sorry I posted this to the BOINC Community by accident - @TVwazhere can you move please? One of the servers at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center dishing out COVID WUs appears to be stuck and if you have your preferences set to "COVID" you will get assigned ONLY to this server which will not, however, send any WUs. The solution is to reset your Preference to "Any" and reboot.