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    Intel Xeon e3 1231v3 3.4GHz
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    SuperMicro x10SL7-F
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    32 GB Crucial DDR3 ECC
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    AMD FirePro W4100
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    Fractal Design Node 804
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    2x250GB EVO 960 RAID 1, 4 3TB Seagate NAS RAID10
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    Corsair TX750M
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    3 Asus ProArt 24”
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    Corsair Gaming
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    Wacom Tablet
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    Creative USB
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. They're back! Sort of, in the usual 7-15 tasks every half hour of so ...
  2. It's how unscrupulous vendors used to inflate performance of networking gear back in the day - by using packet generators with small UDP packets to show unrealistic forwarding rates.
  3. See above - I didn't actually buy any of this - just should have told you I had rather than admitted I was running the GPUs to fsck with your head BTW - analyzing the WCG GPU traffic a GTX1060 6B should yield 350-400k BOINC PPD. Downhill, with a tail-wind and 64-byte udp packets of course.
  4. Simple, just whipped out my credit card and ordered: 1 x SuperMicro H12DSi-NT6 $849.75 2 x AMD EPYC 7763 $10,403.00 16 x Samsumg M393A8G40MB2-CTD 64GB DDR4-3200 Reg ECC $422.30 Only $28,412.55 or: 8 x Gigabyte x570 Aorus Master $489.00 8 x Ryzen 5950x $1149.99 8 x G.Skill Trident Z Neo 4 x 32GB DDR4-3600 $972.99 Only $20,895.84
  5. A comparison of how the new Intel XE Graphics stack up to the Ryzen 3000 & 4000 APUs with the Vega Cores and the hopefully soon to be released 5000-series would be useful. Also, isn't the current recommendations to skip the i7-7700K and go with 10th Gen instead? Unless, of course you need PCIe Gen4 for your GPU or NVMe.
  6. Damn, Missed an opportunity here. Should have told you I got a dual Epyc 64-core system up and running
  7. As long as the driver supports OpenCL 1.2 it should work assuming the hardware is good. Apparently issues popped up in Beta with older cards. GTX 700-series don't work under Windows but do under Linux and some older AMD Cards will work if you spoof the reporting so they report as supporting OpenCL 1.2 so OpenCL 1.1 appears to work fine for the container/toolchain they are using (AutoDock) but has been restricted by the project. Still not much movement on the GPU tasks. I've only seen a few today so far. OpenPandemics is limiting the number of tasks currently as they are still asses
  8. The GPU jobs appear to have dried up yesterday afternoon. I only got one batch on one GPU around 22:00 EST but that’s it. I had a 1060 6GB initially on it to dip my toe in the water but they’re only releasing 1700 jobs every 1/2 hour pseudo randomly and a bunch of the old SETI folks appear to be all over them so my GPU was only active 25-30% maximum. I added a 1070ti the evening before yesterday but the the work fizzled out. They’ve been having issues with invalids so they’re still working the kinks out and I expect they’ll return but though you get nice points for the
  9. Mostly just curious about the differences in performance of a Ryzen to Thread Ripper and/or Epyc. Heres the last few weeks of mine: My estimate is about 8294 and 7221 points per thread per day for the 3900x and 3950x respectively. Both at stock settings, the 3900x on a NH-D15 and the 3950x is wearing a EVGA 240 CLC. Both just a ‘titch under 4.1GHz
  10. With the resurgence of mining perhaps now is the time to request separate sub forms for mining and distributed computing. even if we have to walk away from all the existing content getting rid of the “noise” world be worth it IMHO
  11. Damn, I didn’t realize the GPU experiment was out of beta. There seems to be a bunch of frustrated ex SETI folks chomping at the bit for all the GPU WUs. Maybe I’ll put the GTX 1060 back in one of my BOINC systems instead of selling it.
  12. I’m running 29 threads on my 3950x currently 24x7 and 21 threads on my 3900x. Both are running about 4.1GHz/thread using stock settings (PBO etc) on higher end Gigabyte x570 motherboards. Tell me what data you want to see and how I can generate it.