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    AMD Ryzen 1700 @3.8Ghz
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    ASrock AB350M m-ATX
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    16Gb DDR4 3000Mhz @2666Mhz currently
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    LOL old 7790 for now
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    Thermaltake core v21
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    M.2 - 240GB Crucial M500
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    EVGA 850W P2 Platinum fully modular
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    4K 55"TV/LG 29" Ultrawide + philips 1080p + Dell 1080p 24" monitors
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    AMD wraith for now
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    Wireless Logitech (many)
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    ubuntu 17.04 Mate/win 10/mint and others

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  1. I suspect it;s probably the DNS servers that your router is pointing to. Change the DNS server to and (googles dns servers). That should maybe fix the problem. There is usually a guide for this on your routers manual.
  2. The ASrock you're talking about is when they were the budget arm of ASUS... they are a completely seperate company now and have nothing whatsover to do with Asus. They actually make very good motherboards, and have some more features than other boards at the same price point usually.
  3. Have to agree here, if you were happy before at 1080p and now you have a 4k monitor it seems worse, just set your monitor to 1080p while gaming might be a better way of going about it for now. Then next year if/when volta drops see about upgrading the GPU and maybe CPU to allow you to game in 4K at decent framerate.
  4. Agree, I had to do this with my test rig that had been unused for a while. Grab some half decent or better TIM and re-apply.
  5. Agree, if I had to have a laptop for gaming, and that budget I would get the 1060... I much prefer desktops for the upgradeability, whereas laptops are kinda disposable after a certain time when they no longer hold up for your needs, then you have to buy another laptop again rather than upgrading the CPU/GPU for much less money. The laptop should be good for 3 years maybe, and the best choice for your budget.
  6. One thing that puzzles me with "gaming" laptops, why bother? I mean, at most you might get 2 hours gameplay before they need plugging into a power source... and even then some of them have limited performance when not plugged in. Why not just build a decent m-itx build if you haven't got space at your home, and buy an inexpensive laptop for mobile use. Yes I understand in this case $1000 isn't enough to work with doing both, but maybe the itx build would be better to come first and then could save up for the laptop? Component Selection Price CPU AMD - Ryzen 5 1600 3.2GHz 6-Core Processor $197.65 Buy CPU Cooler CRYORIG - C7 40.5 CFM CPU Cooler $29.89 Buy Motherboard Gigabyte - GA-AB350N-Gaming WIFI (rev. 1.0) Mini ITX AM4 Motherboard $114.89 Buy Memory Crucial - 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory $71.49 Buy Storage Corsair - Force LE 240GB 2.5" Solid State Drive Video Card Zotac - GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Mini Video Card $448.78 Buy Case Fractal Design - Node 202 HTPC Case w/450W Power Supply $104.99 Buy Total: $967.69 If you really want a laptop, then I apologise... just wanted to offer you an alternative. The above would need a monitor or TV to output to of course and peripherals, so if needed you could drop that to a 1060 and still have a decent little gaming machine. I would go with the second one if you must have a laptop
  7. Yep, basically just use your laptop and a USB external drive, preferably USB 3.0 or better... make an .iso file from the disc of the games onto the USB drive, you can use many different software to do this. Then when you plug that drive into your PC, you can right click on the .iso file you want to use and select mount (usually the top option in context menu), then it basically appears as if you have the disc inserted into an optical reader.
  8. Multi-tasking, watching bad neighbors 2 again, and working on media/entertainment centre possible upgrades to make. #weekend  #blaze

  9. Well, sorry to break it to you but you were told wrong. I won't bother rehashing what others have already pointed out to you is wrong with your information.
  10. Ahh Man, that plays havock with my OCD tendencies... I neeeed to clean it!!
  11. I think it's OK up to a point to have funny answers... it's the nature of forums really, if you try to make the forums too "straight" with rigid rules and enforcements, you might as well kiss this forum goodbye. There are many postees, myself included, that get annoyed with all those "HAAALP ME!!" type questions, that give non-specific info as to their problems, they don't post specs etc etc... so then that thread becomes a tooth pulling scenario, where every answer is having to ask another question to the OP to get the info needed to try and solve the problem for them. I think having a little humour can save you from going postal in some cases, so saves there being as many arguments... just my take on it. And as for the "rules", come on!, I see "fan boy" stuff posted quite a lot, have seen linus and co saying abiut "fan boys" too, yes it's in humour from LTT staff, but still flouting their own rules technically. There have been a few news topics that have had discussions on it devolve into "fan boy" claims and such. I think that there is wiggle room in most "rules" and rightly so, because if not then most discussions in this forum are done for... so as long as nobody takes it oo far and things start getting a little "flamey" around here, then it's all good. I think there has to be some give and take between OPs and replies, if they don't appreciate the humour then they should just say so and that should be the end of it... no need to make more work for the mods at all.
  12. No problem.
  13. ^ This... I'm sure there's a tech quickie on it even
  14. Amazon uk have a few apparently.. So might be worth looking there if you prefer Az to ebay.