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    AMD Ryzen 1700 @3.8Ghz
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    ASrock AB350M m-ATX
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    16Gb DDR4 3000Mhz @2666Mhz currently
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    LOL old 7790 for now
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    Thermaltake core v21
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    M.2 - 240GB Crucial M500
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    EVGA 850W P2 Platinum fully modular
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    4K 55"TV/LG 29" Ultrawide + philips 1080p + Dell 1080p 24" monitors
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    AMD wraith for now
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    Wireless Logitech (many)
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    Wireless Logitech (many)
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    ubuntu 17.04 Mate/win 10/mint and others

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  1. £35 for 52Mbps down and around 9Mbps up, for unlimited broadband data, weekend calls and line rental + unlimted calls/5000 texts and 500MB data each month.
  2. No worries.. I'm not saying all bequiet PSUs are bad... just they have been proven to have less relaible components than with some EVGA PSUs for example, so IMO it would be better to get an EVGA or even another tier 1 PSU if you can find them cheaper, just be aware to check the model numbers properly against the PSU tier list. With the bequiet PSU I had, it was most likely a one-off, but I won't touch them again, especially after that, as it wasn't a cheap PSU at all, only around £10 less than an EVGA, but at the time I thought bequiet were in the same class... boy was I wrong, lol If you can't find EVGA PSU where you are, that's what I meant you could maybe buy on - not the entire build, that would be too expensive for taxes I think... so maybe just the parts you can't find in your country (Germany?). I actually like the kraken lights.. and I'm not a big fan of LEDs inside PCs at all. I have come to like the wraith coolers lights even.. especially as it was included with the CPU and has been pretty good at keeping my PC cool TBH. Are you going to OC your CPU? if not, or only like to 3.7/3.8, then I would try the wraith out first if you go with the 1700 instead of the X model. Fair enough about needing the RAM, I just didn't know your needs, and would hate to see someone pay out that kind of money if they didn't need to... glad you have a use in mind for it. Check the QVL list though to see what RAM the motherboard supports, and buy something from the list that's within your budget, unless you don't mind the RAM maybe running at lower speeds than advertised... if you're not bothered about the RAM speed, then buy lower speed RAM than that as it will save you quite a bit of money, and then the QVL doesn't really matter that much and you could buy almost ANY ram if you're only wanting 2133/2400 to potentially save some money.
  3. Yes, the fact that they even mention linux suers now is a bonus, I wish more companies would get on board and have better support for their linux users... I mean that although it's sometimes good that they even have drivers for linux, it would still be noce to have a nice GUI and access to settings for hardware that could benefit from it, like the Auru and other RGB software for example. Don't quote me on it, but I believe that on a lot of hardware now it mentions stuff like drivers for linux from kernel version 4.4.0 or similar. I found this source: Here That has a bit more about graphics cards and linux. I still haven't tried it yet on my crappy GPU, but will report back when I get the chance... and would welcome input from others about linux and gaming if they have some experience with it I personally wouldn't go with a bequiet PSU, and instead choose a tier 1 PSU like an EVGA supernova 550w or above and their G2/P2 range. I've only ever had 1 PSU explode on me, and that was a bequiet one that was only 4 years old and had not even come close to being abused or anything. And considering their price, it would be better in the long run with an EVGA PSU or a decent superflower/ I made a change to the CPU cooler and PSU for recommendations... the PSU is a really good buy and gets 7-10 years warranty depending on location and will be more than enough for your build, enough so that a lot of the time the PSU fan will not even be spinning. It looks like some parts are actually cheaper in the UK too, so if that's an option for you then I would do that... for the CPU cooler I much prefer the kraken x62, the cooling on that is supposed to be awesome and very quiet too, plus I like the LED stuff they've done with it, but that is supplementary to the main reasons of cooling and noise. I hope that helps you anyway, I also wouldn't buy that much RAM unless you are doing some serious CAD work or something that would need a lot of RAM, that is a lot of money to pay out if you will be barely using it, of course if you can make use of it then it's worth it.
  4. Nice board to choose, don't really get why they would have to have a guide of how to setup LAN with opensuse? unless opensuse usually has a problem with LAN drivers or something? I haven't used opensuse, so can't really comment on that... I have tried a few versions of linux though and not had any problems with the LAN at all, have mostly been using ubuntu and derivatives though as I prefer debian. What sort of compatability issues to you mean with the GPU? do you mean to do with different brands working or anything? if that's what you mean, no I've never heard of there being any problems with different brands working on another brand mobo... that would be implausable IMO. I haven't tried every brand or even every type of GPU, but I wouldn't have thought that would be a problem at all. The pci-e version is 3.1? and is backwards compatible with previous versions, so if you had a card that used pci 2.0 for example it would still work in the 3.0 slot just fine. But I don't think that'd be a problem seeing as you mentioned the 1080, which is gen 3.1 as well IIRC. There are rumours of gen 4.0 coming out soon, but it wouldn't matter anyway, gen 3.1 has a long way to go yet before GPUs get close to matching the throughput capabilities of 3.1... I think they just about use 8 pci-e lanes to max, so if for example you had other pci-e devices that use up some lanes, the GPU would still work absoloutely fine at 8x instead IIRC. I personally don't care about the brand loyalty or matching, it's nice to have some colour matching I guess to a degree... but I focus more on performance and cooling etc and if they match that's a bonus What PSU are you going to be using for your build? have a look at the PSU tier guide in my sig... and if you need some help choosing parts, feel free to hit me up in PM or post a parts list here or whatever. will be glad to help.
  5. Ahh I see, I have to say that unless you're transferring big files over your network at the same time to both a VM and the host, I wouldn't have thought it would bottleneck much... but I'm not 100% sure obviously, I have always gotten along fine with it using default settings, plus as a bonus if my host OS is using a VPN, which it usually is... then I don't have to do anything on the guest OS as that automatically is also using the VPN through the host. Just makes life a little easier sometimes, lol. I meant more like, so if you wanted to use VNC etc and then that NIC has an assigned IP address to connect to for the VM. It's probably not a good way of doing it, I am not great at networking stuff, just know a little here and there from my own trial and error attempts and stuff I've picked up along the way. I have actually just gotten my new network card, so will try that out soon-ish in linux and VMs. It was only £7 or so, and ordered yesterday from Amazon, it's great having Prime membership sometimes
  6. Yeah, the one I had was like this I think motorola took over ericsson, but not 100% sure, but the phone definitely looked a lot like that one, except the antenna was on the other side. I got the phone free under contract, but hated it, so when I went to Australia I gave it to my brother and kept using the noka 502? maybe 5000? I had, can't remember the model as it was like 16-17 years ago, but was like this... one of the best phones I've ever had TBH, that things went round the world with me and I had it like 4-5 years. I eventually upgraded to a better phone with a camera etc and gave that to my dad, who after 6 months dropped it in the fishing lake... I felt gut-punched after all it had survived travelling with me
  7. Too many, but highlights are:- Nokia brick around 1997 3310/30 late 90's? Nokia 502? 2001-2 Motorola, the half flip phone (came out about 2002 or 3?) samsung candybar phone samsung flip/clamshell phones HTC (my first android phone, single core around same time as first iphone came out) more android phones present day - Lenovo k5 note + lumia 550
  8. I agree, for the extra $60 or whatever is is, I think the 1700 would be the better choice.
  9. I agree with you to some extent. But, I also would like to bring into the discussion the quality of life angle... I worked for years and years in a job that I wasn't happy with, and I was earning very decent money. Money doesn't equal happiness obviously, so everyone has to make a decision (if they can), whether to also try and find a job that they enjoy and make money, or stick with a job they dislike for more money maybe... I probably didn't explain that well, I have that problem, so I'll try to explain my own situation. I now work for myself, building/repairing PCs etc... I am not a master at it, but do have quite a bit of experience - as I am now my own boss, I have at least some choice as to how hard to work VS quality of life, plus I have to take my medical problems into consideration as I could no longer work 9-5 type jobs anyway. Yes I earn a lot less money, but the job I was doing I would np longer be able to do anwyay, so that kind of made the decision for me,. But also I now enjoy myself every day and actually look forward to the days. I have to obviously have enough work to live on, but as long as that is taken care of I am happy. I get to spend more time with my family, take the dog out whenever I can and go to the beach etc. It's not an idyllic life, but it's close enough for me TL:DR - money doesn't equal happiness.
  10. Yes, completely normal IMO. I actually prefer gaming on console anyway, as use PCs most of the day. Plus I've found that the more choice you have, leads to indecision and then apathy. I love to find projects to do, get my mind working and feel great for accomplishing something or even failing, but trying again... then my downtime seems more valuable and a nice gaming session lets you wind down... that's just me though maybe, I can't speak for anyone else. It could also be boredom with a genre, like shoot em' ups... they get very similar after a while, I ahve now given up on COD completely, they weren't going anywhere IMO and just $$$ hungry new games that could have been just add-ons to any previous version of the game. What about trying some strategy games or adventure/RPG games OP, if that's the case? Could even be a sign of depression, I suffer from that unfortunately as a side effect of my medical condition and drugs I have to take.. I sincerely hope that it isn't depression, but if it is, please see a doctor. I suffered for years with it, and even though I still have it, it is very reduced compared to before the medication. Anyway, good luck with everything
  11. I don't take people arguing with me for the sake of it well... a rational conversation or even a criticism is fine, but to keep taking my words out of context and make them seem otherwise is uncalled for and childish, hence the comment about his probable age based on his comments. Read my first post and see if I mentioned anything about recommending anything... all I did was give my own experience with RAM that I already had, as the OP was asking about the QVL list and would RAM "work", so my post was very relevant IMO as my RAM isn't on the QVL list yet works @2666Mhz. Yes I agree it's not at the rated speed, and I did mention that I would not choose this RAM if I was buying new and that I would buy different RAM. To take that out of context and imply I was telling the OP to buy faster or more expensive RAM is childish. My subsequent posts to that guy explained my situation and asked that he read my post again and he continued to try and start a flame war/argument... I don't take this lightly, he is entitled to his beliefs of course, but in this he was entirely wrong, look at this Who said anything about paying more? and yes it works fine, because it works... if you cared to read my post properly instead of trying to jump on someone for some unnessesarily vague reason, you would notice the rest of what I said about it, like "if I was buying new ram specifically for ryzen I would buy something else" or words to that effect. I've had this ram for a while and so chose to use that instead of buying new, get your facts straight, This forum gets more childish every day, with people trying to start arguments over something meaningless or even their wrong interpretation of someones comments. I like being here, and to all the actual children on this forum I apologise for the "childish" comment, as most of you are well behaved and respectful, there's only certain people on here that refuse to act in a normal way and troll people, which I thought was not allowed on this forum? Anyway, done and dusted... I just don't like people trying to take my words out of context.
  12. That's a shame, but although I'm not certain of course, as I don't have that board it might still be possible. You could always go with a different board and use a pci-e network card... you can get them for like £8 or so, so not too bad in price at all. May I ask why you want 2 network ports? is it for assigning one of them to a VM?
  13. I was telling me experience with it, not anyone else's. Also I didn't advise anyone. I also didn't advise anyone to pay more for faster RAM... you really need to go to specsavers dude, you're not reading what I have actually said for some reason and choose to view your own version of what was actually said. I'm done with you now little boy, go find someone else to troll.
  14. Who said anything about paying more? and yes it works fine, because it works... if you cared to read my post properly instead of trying to jump on someone for some unnessesarily vague reason, you would notice the rest of what I said about it, like "if I was buying new ram specifically for ryzen I would buy something else" or words to that effect. I've had this ram for a while and so chose to use that instead of buying new, get your facts straight,
  15. Hardware specs, info about problem, anything you can think of that you changed recently?