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    AMD Ryzen 1700 @3.85 Ghz
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  1. That is indeed a weird problem... glad you got the PC working again though.
  2. I'd strip it down to basic needs and try again, sounds like it might be a PSU problem or that the system needs too much power, so taking out most components might make it work, then you can go from there adding back in stuff. It might even be a device issue, had that before where a USB device was stopping PC from booting properly.
  3. Waiting for my phone like




    1. Densetsu


      LOL! Which phone?

    2. paddy-stone


      Xiaomi Pocophone F1, it's coming tomorrow now, have had update from the deliverer :D


  4. Speed required for 1440p YouTube

    Never had a problem with youtube vids on my shiled TV at 4k60, or my PCs/laptops/phones at 1080p and I have a 70/20 connection with BT fibre (fttc).
  5. How to connect Sapphire rx580 8pin + 6pin to PSU

    I'd say one cable would be fine.
  6. USB windows Drive wont boot and have run out of solutions

    Adding to this, that you can see the options to set like UEFI/GPT in the dropdown menus... for RUFUS anyway Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way
  7. Well, fixed the iphone my sister gave me, took about 20 mins, and that was because I was being extra careful with the screen and taped it up etc... also the pento screw thread was stripped on one side by a previous "fix" my sister paid for. Had to really work to get that bastard out, in the end I had to try and carefully lever around it, and breaking the mount holes more in the process, but as I was replacing the whole display+digitizer assembly anyway it didn't matter.

    Good as new now, don't know what I'll use it for yet, maybe as my 2FA etc device as it's battery lasts pretty well... I don't like it for games for sure, screen is TINY, it's a 5C BTW if you're wondering, so is pretty worthless in regards to selling/trading... I might see if my mum would like it, but she doesn't like touch screens -she is 83 bless her :D

    1. DrMacintosh


      What was wrong it with? I had a 5c back when it was out. Was a nice phone, but yeah, its useless now. 

    2. paddy-stone


      My sister cracked the display really badly, the digitizer still works, but TBH it was almost as cheap to buy the whole assembly with new microhone/earpiece/camera/digitizer and screen, so keeping the one I took off for spares if I need it in future. Replacement only cost approx £14 or so, for me that is worth it for tinkering alone, but will find some use for it I'm sure.

      I was trying to play COC on it, and it was sooo shit, I couldn't even touch the icons top left for instance, so no go for that for sure... I did fully test it out though and for most other things where it's the middle 90% of screen real estate it will be fine. I did test though to make sure the replacement screen wasn't the problem.

  8. Problem with creating pendrive partitions

    No problem, glad to help
  9. Problem with creating pendrive partitions

    Use Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way And format it, then you get all the partitions wiped.
  10. https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-970-EVO-500GB-MZ-V7E500BW/dp/B07BN4NJ2J/ Is what you need, or similar other NVME SSD, they are a bit more pricey though.
  11. Just an FYI, but on SOME boards you have to enable iGPU as first monitor for it to work.
  12. Ahh I see, yeah that's annoying. Have you tried just turning off PC and plugging them in? I'm sure I didn't need to do anything on mine when I had it set up like that before... but it was a while ago. The BIOS options are usually just for setting first display to boot from, for seeing POST options etc.
  13. OK, why don't you use 2 outputs from nvidia card then? it's easier to get multi-monitor output that way IMO.
  14. Do you have a nvidia GPU also then? if not you either have left over stuff from a previous build or you installed the wrong drivers maybe? If you don't have an nvidia GPU uninstall the nvidia drivers and reboot. Make sure you DEFINITELY don't have them first. Can you post PC specs for me.
  15. Sorry, peripherals... but it doesn't mention anything about multi-monitors, I think you should be OK to just plug and play... then set up the settings via intel display settings.