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  1. https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/B450M-BAZOOKA-V2/Specification It supports it, it's an NVME drive. It will work at x4 (full speed) or x2 (half speed) depending on which CPU you have installed.
  2. Ahh Damn! Sorry I couldn't help in this case, I was hoping it was an error when resetting CMOS. Just in case, try building the PC outside of the case, on a non-conductive surface like the motherboard box for example. Just mobo/ram/CPU/GPU/power, and see if it POSTs. You can also try resetting CMOS again, several times if you like... I have seen boards come back to life seemingly from being "dead" occasionally when CMOS has been reset again. Also, if your board supports it, you could try bios flashback/trying to flash a previous bios, or switching to secondary BIOS/UEFI chip. There
  3. Yes, it basically tries to turn the PC on, which because it's switched off at the PSU, discharges the capacitors so that there's no way the CMOS can be receiving power... and therefore resets CMOS when you take the battery out.
  4. When you reset the CMOS, did you turn the PSU off and discharge the capacitors by holding the power button? if not it might not have reset it at all as there might have been power still. Try it again.
  5. Heh, after getting Emby exactly how I want it yet again. I have now discovered that jellyfin which basically is exactly the same but open source, allows features that you have to pay for with plex/emby, such as HW transcoding, downloading and so on. 

    So now giving that a try to see if it fits my needs better... I will be switching my server over to an intel HW build though, and run windows for ease of use too, that way I can run my NZB stuff on there too. I might even run my media playing duties on there, I will see how I go with the rest first.


    I was considering Synology, but that's a LOT more expensive for my use case unfortunately (seeing as I already have the majority of the hardware required for this option). And would either have to go big (6 HDD option or more), or get bigger capacity HDDs, which again is much more expensive.


    Currently I can either use my 6700K or 4670K and their mobos, plus everything else I already have (which I will use for testing purposes first)... or buy a newer 10300/10400 or 11 series maybe by the time I will finish testing. Which is only £230 approx as I already have plenty of ram available to use.

  6. I think you meant literate? man that made me chuckle
  7. I filled in all the questions, yet it kept telling me I hadn't... so after like 6 tries I killed it. Reminded me why I hate questionnaires so much.
  8. Yeah, but it you're OK with used hardware, then you can probably find a used synology too. I'm not saying they are a perfect fit for everyone, hell I don't even own one myself as I have lots of spare hardware and a micro-server etc too. I was just saying that if you factor in everything (except hard drives) that you need to build a half decent one, the price difference isn't that bad, and for some the hurdles of setting up some stuff on a NAS is challenging. So the better option MIGHT be to buy a synology... all is dependent on what you plan to do with it of course too.
  9. Don't know if anyone else figured this out, but it IS possible to have many different versions of TV/movies and using sonarr/radarr.


    Here's how:


    Set up recycle bin, so that if sonarr/radarr does recycle one or more versions you won't permanently lose them.


    Add movies to the interface as usual, import or get movie. If imported, rename. 


    Now the important part. Turn OFF monitoring. If you leave it on chances are it'll delete one or more versions... now import more versions and rename. 


    Don't forget to periodically check your recycle bin, just in case you downloaded/imported another version or forgot to un-monitor a movie.



    Same with Sonarr as above, but a bit more hands-on, as you'll need to un-monitor episodes as you get them if you keep multiple versions.

  10. I just tried out nord, then found it had a limitation on only being able to use on one device at a time, so you get logged out... not ideal in my usage, lol. So have also gone with bitwarden,again, it turns out, as I must have signed up sometime in the past. So had to delete my old account (beware it is possible for someone that has access to your email account to permanently delete your user account and everything), so bear that in mind, secure your email account with 2fa if you don't already.
  11. Heh, great timing lastpass, I was literally reading an article about the best password managers and their pros and cons last night... looks like their article will have to be updated now, as it was suggesting lastpass as a great option for free users.
  12. No worries, it's actually just that you probably didn't discharge the capacitors IIRC, that's why I always suggest this method of clearing the CMOS, it works every time as long as the method is followed properly. Glad it worked for you
  13. I can test with a new Sata SSD too if you want, but it'll be about the same figures as the TBW for the newer drives are even higher and I won't have anything that's coming close to those figures. But at least it shows that even on an old drive the readswrites haven't even changed really on a drive that's had ~2 years continuous usage (or 8 years part usage, equivalent to 6 years at 8 hours a day approx).
  14. For what it's worth, I have a 64GB Samsung 830s (approx £80 Apr 2012) and used to be my main SSD way back.... it's since been used in other systems like laptops and now is a spare drive that I use for caching in one of my servers sometimes. At the moment it's unused so I thought I'd test it. This is an 8 year old SSD and the oldest one I have. As you can see it's done approx 13.6TB TBW, mostly because it's etiher not used at all sometimes, or not used much as it's a low speed SSD compared to most cheap SSDs these days. It's only been used approx 1.78 years continuously in all that
  15. If the stock cooler really does better, then there's something wrong with your mounting of the D15 I'd say, there's no way that the stock cooler should be reporting better temps than a D15. Check your paste application and mounting pressure. If they're still the same after trying all that, then maybe the D15 has a manufacturing defect, return it to the retailer and get a replacement and try again. BTW I know it's not the same, but my 2600X using very low fan speeds (barely audible) with a £42 240mm AIO cooler on a Lancool II case with bequiet pure wings 2 fans on gives me idle temp
  16. It has been known to happen occasionally, so it's not that much of an odd question to be fair... just covering all the bases. Have you checked the fan curve, altered it for the CPU and other fans? it could be that simple... also see if AMD cool and quiet is on and check other bios options.
  17. Put one of the older sticks of ram in, reset the CMOS by turning off PSU, taking out the battery, and press and old the power button for a few seconds to discharge capacitors. Wait for like 20 seconds after taking battery out, and re-insert etc, then see if it'll boot.
  18. No, ECC RAM will "work" in the motherboards in general, just not using the ECC functions/ability IIRC. But check with the actual motherboard specs just to be sure.
  19. IIRC the most quoted slow downs are around 80% capacity or so... but yes depends on exact models.
  20. Forgive me if I am totally wrong here, but wouldn't you be able to use like for example. Keep the raw footage on a NAS that has USB 3.2 gen 2 (20Gbps) with suitable external SSD caddies of course. And edit the files on the SSDs before ingesting them back onto the main storage NAS. I know it's not ideal and would maybe be simpler int he long run to just go with 10g networking, but the hardware required would be massively cheaper and simpler.
  21. I've recently gone to NZB usage, and am still using my emby server with it, and when I recently switched some stuff on my NAS and had to re-do my emby server and use kodi for a while again, noticed that kodi still showed which files have been played fine... it's just the added benefits with emby/plex to automatically see what media you have recently used/next up etc that's essentially the very useful part. I used XBMC for a great number of years (ever since orig xbox I modded), and only switched to plex about 5/6 years ago IIRC, then recently Emby around a year ago maybe. I love Emby more than
  22. If you compare a synology with a custom built NAS, the prices are much closer... but the value of each in terms of what you want to do/can do is more important, and can vary immensely. If I were starting over today and looking at building my own vs synology, I would most likely go for synology if I just wanted a central place to keep/access media files and such, and maybe run a few containers/apps like plex/sonarr etc. And add as much storage that would see me through a few years before I'd need to go higher... so maybe a 4/5 bay synology with 2 bays occupied... And just back up my
  23. No, if you want a NAS, then that's your data repository, so you store stuff there instead of your internal HDDs on your devices. Then you need a backup for your data if it's important to you, so that if your NAS drives fail you don't lose your files... preferably more than 1 backup just in case that backup fails too, but that's personal choice. I mean put it like this. What would you do if your NAS has a critical failure, such as the drives failing? if you don't have a backup you've lost all your files. If they're just media files like films/tv then they can be replaced fairly easi