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    CORE I7-4790K 4.00GHZ
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  1. haha me too except I never gave up, have been playing 12 years now! Get back into it There's my real advice
  2. haha heyyyy see that's better Your poor pinky, then again maybe you should take up guitar all that extra pinky strength and reach will help you out wonders No of course each to their own but it does look a little weird to see because of not being used to reading like that!
  3. Have you tried disconnecting the other screen and just trying it out on a single screen? And changing it to single screen performance in Nvidia control panel? Kind of looks like a screen scaling issue somehow but I'm really not sure. My other suggestion would be to remove Rust and reinstall it... Kind of crappy suggestions I know but if DDU didn't fix that then it must be something to do with the game and not so much the GPU side of things, especially if other games run without issue AND you haven't got an overclock...
  4. Dude that's so much extra work haha how did that start? And if you don't mind me asking, why don't you stop?
  5. So what is with the caps then? Out of curiosity? Do you write like that when you use a pen?
  6. Must be some sort of compromise somewhere...
  7. No this is a normal connection sound. If you are worried by the noise then just plug in your PSU prior to plugging it in at the wall! But don't worry you wouldn't have caused any problems! Peace!
  8. Did you solve your issue? And do you apply an overclock? Try doing a clean install of your Nvidia drivers this usually fixes artefact issues... And I would recommend as always doing it with the following program. If you do the process in safe mode you will yield the most benefit from this operation... http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html Peace!
  9. Yep that was as well! I think I had 256mb in 2005 I know this much then I think it was just before getting the new graphics card that I got 512mb of ram and that was just phenomenal haha back in the days where adding another stick of ram made your PC 6x faster, or at least that's how it felt anyway! Ahhh... seeing as we are on the subject I just had a memory of when I was able to play The sims 1 for the first time ever... It was 2003 and someone I knew (I was only 11) let me have their old 32mb stick of ram. Back home I had only 32mb currently so to double it was amazing. Anyway I
  10. what da fuqqqqq lol dude this sounds like a job for the Microsoft Customer Support Toll Free Hotline!!
  11. That is true, I suppose because of how many parts I go through I'm always thinking of the used parts market rather than brand new! Silly me!
  12. Yeah it sure was, I cant even think off of the top of my head of a 2GB card in 2008 let alone a 1GB... I wish I could remember exactly what card it was I got but it was around £300 so about $440... All I know is that suddenly Dead Space was the pinnacle of realism and The sims 2 had never looked so good haha Wow 8 years ago now...
  13. Yeah but if the original budget was for a $180 GTX 960 then a 1070 is probably going to be wayyyy too over budget...