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  1. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    It's $130, which was the price tag when I bought it, however I haggled it down to $105 which I'm told is a good price (Canadian Dollars). A cel collector ALSO in the autograph line saw mine and asked about it, asked what I paid, when I said $105 he was like 'That's pretty good!'
  2. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    So, on Friday I got an animation cel from Card Captor Sakura featuring Tomoyo, Sakura, Kero and Li. This is from the final episode of the original TV series no less. ...Saturday I spent over an hour in line to get the cel autographed by Junko Iwao who voiced Tomoyo. I guess now I need to collect the other cast members.
  3. So... I now own a Card Captor Sakura animation cel...


  4. LGBT community

    I love living in a civilized country.
  5. Can I download old UE versions?

    https://api.unrealengine.com/udk/Two/PublicModResource.html It would appear that you will need to BUY Unreal Tourney to access the engine. There is no stand alone development version like UT3.
  6. LGBT community

    So in QUEERER news, my best friend from high school is arriving here in Toronah for Anime North. I've not seen her sine 2007. Back in 10th grade she was loaning me untranslated physical yaoi manga. Everything that's wrong with me is her fault and we gonna weeeeeeeeeeeeb it up. ^_______________^
  7. LGBT community

    I don't think it was ever intended to have people PURELY talk about LGBT issues.
  8. LGBT community

    I mean, I'd argue that as long as the people in this thread are mostly LGBT thread, it's more or less on the rails that was originally intended.
  9. LGBT community

    That said, I feel like it's a dated slur? Like if I see someone say 'That's gay' to something they don't like I just think they sound like a 14yo edge lord. But someone goes 'Those queers, ugh' I'm like 'Oh lookie! Mr 1970's is bringing out the CLASSIC slurs! This guy has NO need for your modern, Urban Dictionary bullshit, he's got dated word usage! :O'
  10. LGBT community

    I imagine it depends on where someone grew up and the connotation used when they were used to hearing it. With it's rather long history as being used PURELY as a slur, so how you saw the word used will heavily influence your usage preference. It's not like 'Gay' where someone uses it as an insult because they think HOMOSEXUALITY is bad, but the word itself wasn't purely used as a slur to certain people.
  11. Does GTX has a meaning?

    It doesn't MEAN anything it's just a series letters in a 'cool sounding arrangement' and they've used others in the past. Like the GT, GS, GTS, or SE. They use them to denote some things about different SKU models but they don't have an actual definition themselves. Especially since every card is 'GTX' except for the GT 1030.
  12. Why do people care so much about the UK Royal Wedding?

    I... Don't think you know what the word 'trolling' means...
  13. Why do people care so much about the UK Royal Wedding?

    The sarcasm just went RIGHT over your head, huh?
  14. Why do people care so much about the UK Royal Wedding?

    Nah, we're probably way off. Everyone knows that the British Monarchy was only established in 2010.
  15. Why do people care so much about the UK Royal Wedding?

    I feel like there was this woman named D-something, Dana? Yeah. Dana and it was KINDA a big deal... But then she died in a car accident in France maybe?