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  1. *leak* New storage device in DIMM formfactor

    Not really though. Most SSDs could PHYSICALLY fit more flash chips. It's just not marketable to since the main cost if the chips themselves. 4GB 2.5" SSDs are already VERY expensive. Cramming in more memory only makes them even MORE expensive. This is why 3.5" SSDs are only seen in a narrow niche of enterprise products. Like, when a 2.5" 4TB SSD is $1500, how many of you are going to line up to pay $3000 for a 3.5" 8TB SSD?
  2. PS4 Pro Noise

    Rest mode actually uses a LOT of power. Rest mode is NOT like a PC being asleep where it sips down some 0.5w or so. The PS4's 'Rest Mode' allows nearly the full system to operate. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2016-playstation-4-pro-review
  3. Hobby for a nerd

    I clicked on this hoping for a link about stamp collecting and was disappointed.
  4. How to get legal digital media

    Here in Canada 'Format Shifting' as it's called is and is not a violation of copyright. Yes, you can totally make a rip of your own physical media to use on other devices and such. Buuuuut... If you have to bypass DRM or encryption to do so then it's still a violation of Canada's copyright laws. So CDs, which have no encryption, perfectly legal. DVDs and BDs, which almost always have encryption, technically violates copyright law. Not that anyone CARES. While rights owners may target the producers of ripping TOOLS they obviously make zero effort to watch what users are ripping their own discs. (And how would they know?) As I see it, if the disc is sitting on my shelf, my MKV files in the server in the other room are just as 'Legit'. Frankly, I've never even HEARD of a case where someone was sued for format shifting. (Though I'll bet that some producers of ripping tools have faced legal force)
  5. How to get paypal money faster from ebay

    Ask the buyer to mark it as 'Delivered' on their end.
  6. This is actually false. Crossover cables are not required on most network gear produced in the last 20 years. Modern Ethernet adapters can detect when making a direct connection and actually switch which pins in the adapter are doing what. This allows the use of a straight cable in a situation that would normally require a crossover cable. No extra effort is needed on the user to enable this behavior it 'just works'. Hook two PCs directly with a straight cable, configure the IPs manually, and one of the adapters will 'crossover' itself to make use of the straight cable. This also works in reverse, you can use a crossover cable as a straight cable without issues. I actually have a few 25 foot crossover cables in my apartment that I use in place of straight cables only because they were the only 25 foot cables I had and being crossover or straight has been irrelevant for nearly 20 years.
  7. How to get paypal money faster from ebay

  8. At the worst I'd guess this is an EDID issue where the TV isn't reporting all it's technically possible refresh rates and it just needs to be overridden. Also, HDMI first rolled out in 2003. It was even standard on the PS3 in 2006.
  9. ...You think HDMI is ONLY seven years old...? HA HA HA HA. How about you provide a model number.
  10. ...What model of TV -only- does 24hz...?
  11. ITT: OP is stalking a woman on Instagram.
  12. why do people watch this shit and give him money

    So, unless you are ALSO someone who 'watches that shit', how are you seeing his donations and tracking the time of day they happen at?
  13. Do you get paid enough?

    ...And... Then you signed a contract that DIDN'T say '$12' on it for some reason?
  14. Ways to make money from home?

    Why would ANYONE get dressed in the morning if they worked form home ANYWAY?