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  1. Tv Series Recommendation. What do You Watch?

    I actually only started using it having previously used SickBeard and SickRage. I'm actually only TESTING Medusa specifically for anime, so I'm running SickRage for live action and Medusa for anime concurrently till I decide to migrate the SickRage install, ha ha. I'm basically 'testing' Medusa this anime season and I'll decide if I migrate all of SickRage or not in Jan. One think I'm liking is that I can tell it which 'Groups' to target so I can get it to specifically pull in dubs by only white listing dub groups while others I can get subs if that's what I want.
  2. "24p mode" / Movie mode on monitor?

    Oh yeah, that too. For sure. It's also critical to know if the display REALLY supports that refresh rate or not. My PB278Q as an example it ACCEPTS 24hz but it just does it's own 3:2 pulldown to make the signal 60hz, so you're no farther ahead than you were before with your media program doing the pulldown and the desktop running at 60hz.
  3. "24p mode" / Movie mode on monitor?

    You would need a display that natively supports and displays at 24hz. You'd then also need source of video that also supports switching to 24hz for output. On the Windows Desktop I only know of Kodi supporting switching the desktop refresh rate to match the frame rate of a media file. Not that i'm sure it's the only one, it's just the only one I know about. I've never looked to use the function on another piece of software.
  4. Tv Series Recommendation. What do You Watch?

    'Currently Tracked' means it's currently airing and I'm watching it. It doesn't count what's already on the server and watched and stored or a few other older series that I'd never seen that I'm wathching now such a Maison Ikkoku, Outlaw star or Kokoro Connect. That said, I'd say that 10 new series in one season is a pretty decent number. ...Though I have idea why I have it pulling in Just Because! anymore. Ugh the show is SO bland.
  5. Tv Series Recommendation. What do You Watch?

    I have 75 TV series and 10 anime actively being tracked in Medusa... I don't think I should list them all...
  6. In short I have this media server which is the primary download location for most files in my home. Between it's 2TB Seagate Green 5900RPM drive being used as the OS and download/unRar/PAR drive which sees a tremendous amount of abuse in terms of reads and writes and has clocked 7.7 years (67733 hrs) of power on time and the rest of the storage/parity drives which is a mish mash of other Seagate drives, many of which were shucked from external USB3 enclosures using a power drill (I don't have time to pry apart snaps!), @seagate_surfer should either mail a free fridge magnet or have me killed... I'm thinking it's time to upgrade that main OS/Download drive. The main issue is that that drive can get SLAMMED. While pulling down data off usenet at 250mbps, while parity checking, repairing/reconstruction, or UnRARing files, and reading/moving files to the storage array, 'slammed' is no exaggeration. It bogs down significantly without exaggeration. So I'm thinking of replacing a drive entirely unsuited for that job for something better. One thing I want to do is get a 2.5" drive first of all. Since this is a storage server, saving as many 3.5" bays for storage drives makes sense and I can use the four 2.5" slots on the back of the case for OS or maybe other special purpose drives. So this is where the question comes in; This is a home server which at times is hit with an enterprise like load and it does run 24/7. It's also the download target for my torrent client so it's spinning and active 24/7 as well unlike my storage drives which sleep individually. So there are obviously better desktop drives that well outclass an old Seagate Green drive, but would it be worth it to look at an Enterprise SATA model? It's hard question because the 2.5" Enterprise drives are NOT cheap, a 2TB Enterprise drive is 2-3x the cost of most other 2TB 2.5" drives and it's also about 2x the cost I put into 8TB drives for the server. So what are the real, meaningful gains I could see in an 2.5" enterprise drive over just a high end desktop model?
  7. Keeps buffering while streaming movies

    What service are you streaming from?
  8. What are 600+ MBps speeds good for?

    That's some pretty bad math there. Even at 1gbps you'd need 7+mins to download 50GB, not 20 seconds. And if someone only had say 100mbps, that's 1hr 10min... Not one min. Just to be clear that we are certainly not talking about 40 seconds difference.
  9. WiFi Network Transfer Speeds

    Er, yeah, modern mechanical drives are a lot faster than you would think. As a single example, the Seagate Baracuda Pro series easily operates in excess of 200MB/s in sequential read or write. The 12GB model specifically hits 250MB or so. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3231211/storage/seagate-barracuda-pro-12tb-review.html A lot of people have assumed that mechanical drive read and write speeds have remained stagnant over the last decade or more but this couldn't be farther from the truth. As drives grow larger, data grows more dense, along with other technological enhancements, read and write speeds have seen a progressive improvement. Heck I have a 5400RPM 8TB Barracuda Pro (It's shucked from an external drive, so it has special firmware restricting it to 5400rpm rather than the 7200rpm that you'd see on the OEM version) that easily exceeds 200MB/s and that's not even 7200rpm. Even an old 1TB Seagate 7200RPM drive I have hits 130MB/s read and 125MB/s write. The answer to the OPs question is that there is no problem. He's just at the maximum speed of his Ethernet connection. 1gbps is about 125MB/s but once you factor in overhead and everything else, 112MB/s is a pretty normal speed for a fully saturated gigabit Ethernet connection.
  10. separate the mature audience from the immature.

    At this point it honestly sounds more like you're weirdly upset that 'YouTube', overall, has a statistically young audience. Cause that's all it is. YouTube's audience skews young and if you can't relate to that then you're the problem.
  11. separate the mature audience from the immature.

    My HTPC also uses the LK version of that Asus board.
  12. I feel like the concept is to make a LIVING human have their head translated. Until someone survives it, it's all hypothetical. To SURVIVE a head transplant is 'success' so to do it on corpses is not a 'success' at all.
  13. Does this really count or prove anything if it was done on a corpse?
  14. Can I improve my 5400rpm HDD performance via raid?

    I'm not crazy, see? This question keeps getting asked.
  15. Can I improve my 5400rpm HDD performance via raid?

    Why have I seen 3-4 threads in the last week all asking this same question?