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  1. LGBT community

    HTPC/Living Room Game Machine? Mine is entirely parts hand me downed from workstations. Keeps them useful and gets me more value and use out of the parts.
  2. LGBT community

    Right now with only 3GB in the HD 7950, 4K is a challenge except in simpler games or Kodi. So the 8GB in my 390X will be a huge step up. That said, won't lie, with my 'laptop recycling build' I kinda wanna use the GTX 1080 in there for some benchmarks first.
  3. LGBT community

    That was my thinking. It's Amazon, if it turns up dead, I get to ship it back for free and all my money back.
  4. LGBT community

    Keep in mind this is 'Open Box' sold by Amazon's Warehouse division, but that means I can return it just as easily as any Amazon purchase. It regularly goes for $675 or so in Canada new.
  5. LGBT community

    If you convert the currency directly, $595 CAD is $482 USD. https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N1080WF3OC-8GD#kf A Gigabyte model, this one.
  6. LGBT community

    Persona 5 is the top of my 'Why to buy a PS4' list. Though PCs can do some great things Right now I have GTA5 going on my 4K TV with an HD 7950. The game is 'running' at 3840x2160 with the graphics scaling set to 0.5x. So the 3D game world is running at 1080p 60fps but I still get a 4K GUI. Though it'll be all in 4K once the 390X gets moved into it.
  7. Need "girl" advice

    This. Don't built into some big thing or 'wait for the perfect moment where you're sure she'll say yes'. Just ask, if she says yes, good for you, if she says no, she's not interested for one reason or another and you can move on with life. Cause that's all that asking someone else out should be. What happens AFTER you start going out, that can be a lot more interesting and complicated, but just asking someone else that's easy.
  8. LGBT community

    The Xbox's game library has never really appealed to me. It just has SO few exclusives that make it a compelling by. There's only a handful of Xbox games that you can only get on an Xbox. So Steam and some other stuff like you said is the way to go for me. Though I am likely to get a PS4 Pro in the holidays since there are Japanese developed games that will remain a PlayStation exclusive. Steam is slowly seeing more Japanese games arrive and I buy them there when they interest me, but some will only be on PlayStation. That said, when one is talking specs, pure hardware wise, the Xbox One X trumps the PS4 Pro, it's just that when it comes to what really matters, software selection, I'd pick PS4 Pro. Ya know, when a 3770K and 390X can't be used
  9. The Most HIPSTER PC We’ve Ever SEEN!

    Lazy Game Reviews reviewed this in July.
  10. LGBT community

    What's sad is, I'm MORE exited that this means that my workstation's current R9 390X can be hand-me-downed to my livingroom HTPC, which will upgrade that HTPC box into being an Xbox One X rivaling 4K gaming machine.
  11. LGBT community

    Poor return for my dollar there.
  12. LGBT community

    I just joined the GTX 1080 club for the low low price of $595 CAD + Tax.
  13. Finally a TV For Gaming? LG Nanocell

    According to RTINGS, the input lag in Gamemode is 15ms. That's pretty good but even my run of the mill 65" Samsung manages 20ms on RGB input, though it is admittidly higher at about 37ms if the input is YCbPr. (All with Gamemode enabled) While this TV does 15ms on YCbPr input too it's nothing exactly gaaaaame changing. Better yes, but nothing that shatters expectations. Certainly something worth buying if you're doing any kind of professional gaming like fighting games and such.
  14. When should I sell My Nintendo Stuff?

    So... You think you can get $200-$400 for a common model Game Boy Advance, one of the most common GameBoy titles and some bootlegs...?
  15. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    It's an ad that is selling Canadian Tourism to the Japanese market. It was paid for by a tourism fund from the Government Of Canada. That said, yes, I would also watch Canada Anime, or as we will now all it 'Canadanime'.