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  1. University of Toronto boardgame club hard a 'Nerd Market' flea market type deal today.  ...So yes, I got more anime on disc.


  2. It can take many, many, MANY hours to fill a mechanical hard drive, be it with zeros or meaningful data, depending on the size. The drive has to write SOMETHING to every sector in the drive, that's a lot of writing.
  3. Do you comprehend that writing only zeros vs writing meaningful data to fill an entire drive, will take the same amount of time?
  4. Never in the recorded history of academia or law enforcement has anyone successfully recovered even a single meaningful bit from a hard drive that had that bit overwritten, even by a single pass of zeros. IF such a method exists, it is in the hands of a major world power, it's existence would be on of the largest state secrets and they would not waste it on the likes of you. You would have to have a hard drive full of nuclear codes or something for them to pull that technology out of where ever they hide it.
  5. Fortnite mobile beginning to hurt the school system

    You say that as if NO teenager as EVER made every effort to discretly break the rules in school. Maybe things have changed when I was in high school and teenagers are all now meticulous rule following and obediant, but 'back in my day' you just had to not get CAUGHT breaking the rules.
  6. Is there #CanadaPride ?

    Best part about Harvey's is getting extra pickles on the side.
  7. The Fake GPU Problem

    This problem is -hardly- unique to GPUs on eBay.
  8. Is there #CanadaPride ?

    The money has TWO sides.
  9. Is there #CanadaPride ?

    ...ALL of our money has the Queen on it. Why would you think that only SOME of the money has the Queen on it? Yes, EVEN the coins.
  10. dead pixel on left corner only in bf4 why ?

    If MULTIPLE people can replicate it with the SAME game and only that game and in the SAME location, wait for it, this could be shocking... Then it's not a dead pixel. It's a rendering artefact of some sort, maybe just a wayward pixel in the HUD overplay that in the right circumstances renders a black pixel in that location, who knows? But it's not a dead pixel.
  11. Is there #CanadaPride ?

    I've also noticed that Canadians are, for sure, more willing to friendly fun at their own country than American's would be. American's can self-satirize for sure but you'll always see a few who will jump in 'Now wait just a second, I take offence to that portrayal'. All Canadians though and say 'Why yes, we DID fly a Tim Horton's to Afghanistan.' without feeling their ego being threatened.
  12. Ultimate PC AND Console Gaming Battlestation

    The HDMI switch solution seems super janky. It's a pretty plausable scenario that somehow the switch and the Arduino get out of sync and the bit 'button press sequence' stops working as needed. Meanwhile, a LOT of HDMI switches can just use good old RS-232 and you could sent those simple commands with an Arduino and it'd be a lot more reliable.
  13. ITT: An American is suprised that Canada will not be the firearms safe haven. It's almost as if Canada doesn't respect your Second Ammendment rights or something. :V
  14. iMac g5 1080p video playback possible??

    Uhh... The G5 is a PowerPC iMac. Is there even a PowerPC MacOS build of Kodi in existence...?
  15. Is there #CanadaPride ?

    No like most coffee chains Tim Hortons focuses more on sandwiches for their meal options but the menu has slowly expanded. But it's not comparable to a burger chain. We have McDonalds, Wendy's, Burger King and the like for that.