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  1. Wouldn't the cheaper GT 1030 be more suitable for this application? It'd be cheaper, smaller, and cooler. Assuming this GPU was ONLY for hardware video acceleration and drawing of interfaces. Obviously, if light gaming was in interest, GTX 1050 would work better. Edit: Wait, nope, they're all 2GB. Never mind. Also 'Well that sucks'.
  2. Stab in the dark here but this thread suggests that just running Checkdsk for this users's problem.
  3. Unknown? Now that's really weird. Even if it was a hibernation file, it'd be 'hiberfil.sys' not 'Unknown'.
  4. Don't forget, if hibernation is active, Windows will sequester a portion of C:\ that's the same size as your RAM. If you have a lot of RAM, that can be a lot of storage.
  5. But this is what military's already do. They do individual physical and psychiatric assessments upon recruitment to determine their suitability and should issues arise in the future they reassess. While it varies by military the jist of it is the same. I mean, the biggest problem is that such systems have holes in them There are plenty of veterans who return home with quiet but scary holes in their psyche yet are cleared to continue service while potentially being ticking time bombs. You're kinda getting stuck into the whole 'ideology vs reality' thing again. In short, systems fail, we see them fail, we try, they fail anyway and suggesting that the solution is 'Just use a system that DOESN'T fail, then everything is fine'. We live in an exceptionally complicated world inhabited by complicated creatures who build complicated systems. Things go wrong. All the time. We can 'try our best' but 'error proof' doesn't exist here and to say 'Well, we should just not have errors' doesn't address any of the challenges. It works no more than to say to your boyfriend 'Oh, well, did you try just NOT being depressed? Then you shouldn't be depressed.' Right? It's basically a nonsense suggestion because it doesn't address the challenges that cause problems it just says 'stop having problems'.
  6. I think the crux of your problem here is that you believe that everything that can be defined as 'mental illness' inherently interrupts with one's ability to function. Don't get me wrong, in a lot of cases it does. But to use that as a blanket description of mental illness doesn't work. There are plenty of individuals with ranges of mental illness who are completely functional despite that. This is not a shot at your boyfriend who, from what you've indicated, experienced dysfunction as a result of depression and that's common, but it's not universal. I imagine your boyfriend was also treated by doctors who evaluated his individual challenges faced by his depression and how they effected his ability to serve. Which, again, is why it is normally a military's responsibility to make individual decisions on a case by case basis. I'm trans and Canadian. Know what my medical needs are? Three pills a day. If I joined the Canadian forces I'd just be required to NOT take those three pills a day while training or deployed. That's literally all of my hassles. ...Though I do have some limited range in my left shoulder as a result of like half a year of inflammation some years ago, that could disqualify me. ...Also, as a personal choice, the Military is kinda a little too 'bro' for my taste and I make way more money in the visual effects industry. I feel a military paycheque wouldn't as adequately fund my purchases of stupid nerdy things.
  7. They've already been looked at. They're beyond a military's control. Firstly, and let's not deny it, in a big picture kinda way the The United States and some other western counties are just getting fatter. In addition tot hat, you have competition with private and public employment. And increasing number of individuals who would qualify as high quality soldiers can make more money and do better for themselves outside of the military. As a simplistic example, why be an ace pilot for the US Air Force when Emirates has a starting pay of around $82 000 a year? I mean sure, you can find examples of individuals who feel a duty to serve their country and 'it's not about wages' and such, but we're not talking about 'individuals', the US alone, we're talking about a military of 1.5 million active and 800 000 reserves. You can say 'Oh, only the best should be allowed in the military' but when you say 'I need to recruit ten of the best' and only three meet that qualification, you have a problem that being 'picky' doesn't solve. Saying 'It should only be the best' works great as an ideology but ideology doesn't always jive with reality.
  8. When in doubt, blame the Powerline Ethernet.
  9. Weather or not one being trans interferes with their ability to serve in their nation's armed forces would be decided on a case by case basis. To say 'NO ONE with any kind of mental illness or physical illness should be allowed into the military.' doesn't work and it's now how it works either, there are physical and mental illnesses which do not impose problems with military service and those individuals do serve in their militarizes. ...And let's not forget how The United States military has continued to lower recruitment standards over the last 20 years to make up for shortages in numbers. To put it bluntly, applicants to the US Military (And OTHER militaries in the west) are becoming progressively fatter, older, and dumber and to not lower standards leads to troop shortages.
  10. I'm not saying it WON'T work, I'm saying there can be incompatibilities. Just because one expansion card worked doesn't mean the other will is all I'm saying. As an example, a Radeon HD 4850 and HD 7950 were fine, a Radeon R9 390X however refused to POST until the unpublished BIOS update was flashed onto the ITX Mobile board I'm playing with. Issues were reported some some RAID and HBA cards as well. This is because it's not uncommon for the BIOSs in laptops to not have their support focus on expansion cards because, well, why would they? AT the least, since my board is built for industrial applications, there was a support infrastructure, but a laptop's support infrastructure isn't going to focus any resources on supporting external expansion cards via the mPCIe slot if issues arise.
  11. The most likely hurdle you'll hit, if you do, is BIOS support of expansion cards. Laptop BIOSs often arn't very well supported since there's few scenarios where they'll get upgrades beyond an SSD, RAM or a wifi card swapped out. As an example, I'm building a Desktop using laptop parts, including an ITX motherboard with a mobile/laptop chipset in it. The manual lists SATA, USB and graphics cards it won't work with and that list is six years old. It wouldn't POST with certian graphics cards as an example. I had to contact customer support to get a newer BIOS version that wasn't published on their site so as to improve compatibility. And this was for an industrial ITX board, a real laptop would see fewer updates since, well, they really don't care if you're trying to frankenstein a full fat GPU or a SATA controller into your slot only intended for Wifi.
  12. Because all of LMG is on screen talent right? No one there does like, the office/business stuff right? They just got Freshbooks to do that for them, right? :V
  13. Meanwhile, in Canada...
  14. Don't worry Americans, I'm 100% sure that this is the last thing against LGBT Americans that the Trump administration will ever do. Totally sure. Tremendously sure. Beautifully sure.
  15. Keep in mind that any OLD physical media release of the game will still need tremendous updates downloaded to once you log into Steam or Rockstars platform.