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  1. My workstation is in a Fractal Design Meshify C, with one extra fan from what was shipped (so a single exhaust in the rear and two intakes in the front, I set them to somewhere between 80-100% in the BIOS). Ambient temperatures are around 22C. CPU: R5 2600X CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-D9L GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ RX590 SSD: Intel 660p 1TB The stock cooler for my CPU was hitting mid 80s, which I didn't like, so I used that as an excuse to buy a better cooler and tinker a bit. Helped keep me sane while stuck at home... also added the additional fan on the front to ad
  2. I took this advice, and now that I wish to build in the Fractal Era ITX I'd rather have a blower and they're all sold out. RIP me
  3. Hi all, My trusty 980ti died on me last week and I've been making due with a spare RX 590. The hardware failure got me thinking, though, and I was looking at new GPUs. I'm not in any rush, but would like to upgrade this year. I am also completely out of the loop tech-rumor wise, and with this pandemic affecting supply chains I'm pretty sure most launches will get pushed back considerably... so maybe this is not so simple a question, but, is it a good time to buy a new GPU? Did you recently buy one or are you in the market? Thoughts? I'm leaning towards picking up a Sapp
  4. They don't need a collection server, see: https://foldingforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=33037
  5. I get that he's a tech youtuber and they made him a NAS. I don't know why they would want to, though.
  6. Who is this douchebag and why should we care? Moreover, why did yall do a video with him? Holy crap
  7. Just adding the comment, I really enjoyed this video and would love to see more on-location type videos. Editing, filming, and script were all excellent! That is so cool to see this tech waste processed instead of ending up in a landfill somewhere taking up space. Didn't really think I'd find recycling so interesting, but it was. I work at a large manufacturing company that makes servers... we have a lot of waste, and I don't know where it goes once it leaves our lab. Kind of interested in finding out how we process it now...
  8. Haha, imagine how loud a couple hundred of those would be with just the motherboard on a cardboard tray, fans ziptied on. Now imagine that your desk is in the middle of all of that. I wear ear protection... I can't offer much advice on fan setup without knowing the case, but generally if you can ensure air flows over the heatsinks you'll be fine, especially if you're just using it to experiment with virtualization. Those little fans move a lot of air, though, so make sure whatever you replace them with move a decent amount too. Potentially something to try first, upda
  9. I run a lab / environment for developers. Most of my actual work is networking or VMware related, but the people I support do really cool things! If I'm nice and social they show me all the cool new toys.
  10. Well I have this sitting on my desk, it's been helpful: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812270659
  11. Also came here from the link on main page as above. Was going to jokingly add: Step #1: Use QSFP+ Step #2: Cry about the cost
  12. Naming schemes are important, but just like writing it is almost more important to think of your audience first. I have had to draft name schemes at work, create ugly diagrams like this: But that was necessary for the audience: engineers. When it comes to marketing, oh god that's a whole other shitbucket. You need to be able to distinguish between generations or releases, as well as tiers, and anything special or out-of-the-ordinary. I think Intel has done a good job for their Core i Series and Xeon E Series. However I'm likely heavily biased as I barely even look at AM
  13. Nidhogg is outrageously fun*, and the Serious Sam games have good split-screen local support. *I have only ever played it in the presence of alcohol.
  14. Have you tried flashing it with the latest SPP from HPE? Might help resolve any odd BIOS/firmware related bugs before you go to install. With that said, I see a lot of BIOS errors on HPE servers because of my work and that doesn't look like any I've seen, so perhaps it's not a FW issue. I would recommend sticking with the RAID card instead of virtual RAID, but that's mostly based in personal preference for me (I've never used Virtual RAID outside of storage arrays). Plus I broke an ML110 by trying to work around the 140i controller, but that's another story completely.
  15. I use Ting in Philly and they're good. However, my contract gig took me down to Houston for a year and Ting is a bit spotty there.