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  1. Your comment was funny

    "Wrong.  Desktop usage of NAS drives is known to cause explosions.  They're deadlier than a water heater exploding. :o  Similar to what happens if you try to use a Xeon CPU on any land that is zoned residential.  KABOOM.  Entire families have been KILLED." - Ashley ashes


  2. Thank you for helping me earlier, what happened to your account (you may reply after the ban is lifted, it that happens).



  3. When you've built a spread sheet titled 'Dooms Day' to calculate your 'survival time' in terms of months on which you could be unemployed and coast on cash reserves and your goal is to get it to 18 months but you're thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close. :/




    1.   Show previous replies  1 more
    2. AshleyAshes


      *panics and screams*

    3. Jtalk4456


      18 months days

      Yeah I can do that easy as long as I don't go out to eat and did some overtime last week and push a bill or two back

  4. So what do I do literally after blowing through $1000 at Anime North last weekend? Why I start buying more anime garbage of course. Why not? I got the Princess Princess Premium art book for $24 on ebay. Though it's going to come by the slowest shipping possible and take 1-2 months to turn up. But squeeee, a whole artbook of Tsuda-san's crossdressing manga boys. <3
  5. Generating ad revenue for a pirate operation doesn't mean you're not pirating. ...It just makes you stupid enough to consume ads for pirated material that you could have just pirated for FREE and WITHOUT ADS elsewhere.
  6. $20 says 'It's because it looks different than our other sets and it's visually interesting'.
  7. Both KissManga and KissAnime are pirate sites.
  8. That site is for sure NOT a grey area. It's pretty obviously a pirate streaming site and here on a site that has had Crunchyroll as a sponsor at times, they're DEF not going to let you post it here.
  9. I'm honestly confused by this product. What does it really offer that you couldn't just throw on teh Android store and have accessible to phones, set top boxes and even some Smart TVs? It doesn't even LOOK like an Atari, it just VAGUELY resembles one and has wood grain. Nintendo's 'Mini' offerings fed well into nostalgia by offering what was a scaled down replica of their childhood game console where as this only vaguely invokes the styling. It just kinda seems like a wood grain NUC.
  10. Canadians: Oh look, the Americans only just now heard of Phoenix. :V
  11. Well, I'm actually a LITTLE off, it's 18, my bad. But the final episode, 'Sakura And Her True Feelings' aired in March 2000, so the cel would have been produced no more than 2-3 months prior to the episode's airing.
  12. It's a 19 year old cel, if I don't display it properly it won't last another 19 years.
  13. Some other things I picked up at the con.  Discounted Read Or Die and Evangelion art books, $10 each.  A Serial Experiments Lain 'Collector's Action DOLL' and... TINY PLASTIC FOOD! :3




    1. Jtalk4456


      are the bottom ones plates or what?

    2. AshleyAshes


      It's tiny plastic food! :D

    3. Jtalk4456


      Dangit, I wanted the mini plates!

  14. 1) HRT prevents baldness if one is pre-disposed to it. 2) Hair grows long if you don't cut it short.