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About Aniallation

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    Resident scene kid
  • Birthday January 8

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    Calgary, Canada


  • CPU
    Core i5-2400
  • Motherboard
    OEM HP
  • RAM
    8GB DDR3
  • GPU
    MSI GTX 1050 LP
  • Case
    HP Elite 8200 SFF
  • Storage
    1TB HDD
  • PSU
  • Display(s)
    Samsung S24D590L
  • Cooling
  • Keyboard
    Razer Ornata Chroma
  • Mouse
    Some Asus
  • Sound
    Logitech X230
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Aniallation

    Power Supply Tier List (Revised)

    We should all get together and just make a combined thread lol
  2. Aniallation

    GTX 1050 on Vista?

    Currently running Windows 10 right now, drivers aren't an issue, just not a fan. I've tried this, but no skins are really available to really replicate the looks of Vista. All the smooth antialiased edges, aero glass, obnoxious shine, animations, etc. that made Vista so demanding to run in the first place are what I find aesthetically pleasing about it. Now that everyone has PCs that are able to run it smoothly, driver support has been dropped. Not really concerned about security updates.
  3. Aniallation

    GTX 1050 on Vista?

    Technically came with 7, but drivers for the PC itself are available for Vista. It's an HP 8200 Elite SFF. The i7-2600 keeps up with the 1050 just fine, and the 16GB of RAM should be plenty. That's just what I was thinking
  4. Aniallation

    GTX 1050 on Vista?

    I don't have any problem using it, I use Vista daily on my laptop and it works great. Everyone says it's a resource hog, but I don't do anything that Vista's performance deficit causes a hindrance to me. I hate 10. Blocky, "apps" still don't blend well with the desktop UI, forced updates, etc.
  5. Aniallation

    GTX 1050 on Vista?

    Has anyone ever tried running newer GPUs on Vista? I have had some luck using 7 drivers but on my personal PC I don't really feel like wiping and reinstalling to Vista, only to find out it doesn't work and then end up having to reinstall 10 again. And before people ask why I'd purposely choose to want to run Vista, I just really like how it looks.
  6. On topic: OP is not going to be running anywhere near 90% of psu capacity. It is.
  7. 1. Your back?


    2. happy 2000 posts

  8. Aniallation

    "How many watts do I need"? Check Here!

    Just here for my 20,000th post.
  9. These tests are all done using test benches with overclocked extreme-edition i7's that will draw noticeably more power than your 8700K even if you overclock it. For your entire system, good luck hitting 300W total system power draw especially under normal usage. Unless you run Furmark all day or mine, a CX500 will have no problem handling that.
  10. If you already have a CX500 and money is tight, don't upgrade. That is more than enough for your 8700K and 970, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I see no reason you can't OC on it either (as long as you're not going extreme LN2 blah blah).
  11. Aniallation

    racing game benchmarks in LTT video's?

    Neither is CSGO, yet everyone benchmarks with it
  12. Aniallation

    Forza Horizon 3 is broken

    I found a tip somewhere that said to turn pre-rendered frames in the in-game settings to 1 and that seems to have fixed the stuttering issue. I'm now able to run smoothly at 1080p low-medium settings. Not beautiful but I fall below the recommended specs in pretty much every category so I can't complain
  13. Aniallation

    Forza Horizon 3 is broken

    RAM will mix no problem, they will all just run at the speed of the slowest one.
  14. Aniallation

    Forza Horizon 3 is broken

    I'll try taking the 8gb from my other PC and adding it in. Makes sense as a few years ago I had issues with Watch Dogs running really badly on 4GB until I upgraded to 8.
  15. Aniallation

    Forza Horizon 3 is broken

    8GB. Installed on whichever drive MS store defaults to which I presume is my boot SSD as it also loads pretty fast. Nothing running in the background aside from AB and Chrome.