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  1. Hi, so I've been suffering from the expensive electricity bills for the last few months. As the title says, I currently own a Design Studio in which real-time and fast file sharing is a need. I also do mining in which (I'm sure) 50% of the electricity bills came from. I've been running the NAS like this for the last few months: No troubles or problems has come up yet. But this way I couldn't turn off my main PC because not everyone has the same work hours and there will always be someone working. I'm sure while it doesn't only shorten the lifespan of my ma
  2. Hi, sorry for the late reply. The pump has failed and when I replaced the pump it leaks because of some mechanism that I don't know. I do not encourage to buy them, but if you are still going to get one, then it is totally up to you to decide.
  3. I do use Corsair's keyboard and Razer's mouse (what a coincidence) and both does offer full control over their program through the SDK. I'm looking to dive in to ASUS AURA's SDK. Will update more later.
  4. I don't want to say it, buy yes it does indeed sucks. Still looking for some more info though, in case someone have a good news about it. EDIT: It seems that ASUS released their AURA SDK, which allows programmer to program how the AURA works or somewhat.. Gotta look on that.
  5. Hi guys, so I usually use two to three audio outputs like this: 1. HK Onyx Studio (for ambient music, i hate silence) 2. Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO (for video production, gaming, calls or whatsoever) + ModMic 4 3. Custom 7.1 Speakers (for surround audio production) And then I use the Maximus IX FORMULA which does have 2 RGB Headers which I extend to the outside of the case and run 2M long LED stripes across my desk. On Windows 10, I always set my default audio to the 2nd choice (look above) due to I don't want anything to interrupt my music or work (1st and 3rd ch
  6. Cool, since they listed that to supports up to 4K in god knows what refresh rate, they should works perfectly fine with a 2.5K resolution shouldn't they? And just a suggestion (maybe Out of Topic tho) : Please put the "Notes" section above the "Comments on Active and Passive" since I definitely missed the "Notes" part due to my unwillingness to read those "Comments on Active and Passive".
  7. What do you mean with could support or not support anything? It kinda spooks me.
  8. Wait a minute. Wait. Quoting from the pinned thread: And quoting from the Amber DPH-14 (which is the expensive active DisplayPort to HDMI adapter that I first bought and doesn't work that I have to return it and get another one and still doesn't work) : This, should be a Type 2 Active adapter isn't it? (or at the very least Type 2 Passive adapter?) The fact that it doesn't work maybe because of something else, or out of pure bad luck: I received two defunct products. I will try to re-return this product again. EDIT
  9. I couldn't find that specific adapters here in my country but I ordered that off amazon and it might take more than a week to arrive. In the meantime I am also buying this http://www.aten.com/us/en/products/professional-audiovideo/converters/vc986/#.WZrbMSgjEkk and a generic active adapter (which they claimed supports up to 4K and AMD Eyefinity). These 2 adapters will arrive by tomorrow and I will give an update later. If these 2 adapters doesn't work then I will have to wait until that adapter you suggested to arrive. And also, a quick update: I noticed that the DVI to H
  10. Since I have 3 25UM58P which only supports HDMI2.0 at its best and my GTX1070 only have 1 HDMI output, (2 at its best since it's an SLI) and so I resort to this: I have tried using DP to HDMI and no, most people say those DP to HDMI adapter will only allow 1920x1080 at most even if I buy the "4K" version. I didn't care about what people say and ordered one. The first one is an expensive active adapter. Didn't work. No signal at all. Tried on 3 different monitors. The second one is a less expensive passive adapter. Does work. But the max resolution is 1920x1080 @50Hz even though the
  11. I bought 3 of them, and I find three of them all have different color (the white is off and stuff) I have tried resetting them to factory settings and make sure their color correction is set to the same but to no avail. Anyone ever had this kind of issue?
  12. I am doing a 3 monitor setup, all 3 monitors only support HDMI 2.0 and therefore I need DP1.4 to HDMI 2.0 for the other 2 monitors. By the way, I bought this as this is available to be shipped in 1 hour and after receiving it: I found it to be not working? Both of them only makes the monitors show up with "No Signal". Tested both monitor to HDMI 2.0 on the GTX1070 directly and it works flawlessly. https://www.tokopedia.com/fitrahadi1/amber-dph-14-adapter-display-port-to-hdmi-4k-active
  13. South East Asia, Indonesia to be exact.
  14. Output from GTX1070 is a DP1.4 while my display only supports HDMI 2.0 Furthermore, I do not live in the US so I don't know if what is available to you will be available for me to buy.