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Daniel Z.

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About Daniel Z.

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    Somewhere near Linus
  • Interests
    Track, swimming, hip-hop, and skiing.
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    I ski, I swim, I run, and I listen to rap.
  • Occupation
    Dumb Teen


  • CPU
    Intel Core i5 4460
  • Motherboard
    H97 Pro4M
  • RAM
    8 GB DDR3
  • GPU
    G1 Gaming GTX 960
  • Case
  • Storage
    120 GB 850 EVO, 1TB WD Blue
  • PSU
    EVGA 750 B2
  • Display(s)
    VA32AQ, S2715H
  • Cooling
    case fans+stock cooler
  • Keyboard
    G710+ and HyperX Alloy FPS
  • Mouse
  • Sound
    AKG K7xx Red
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
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  1. Daniel Z.

    So uhhh, Galaxy S10e or iPhone XR?

    I don’t know too much about the S10e, but here’s my experience using the iPhone XR for 3 months. Pros: Incredibly fast Great battery life, my average SoT is around 8 hours Great camera Some apps work better on iOS, like Snapchat or Instagram Really doesn’t lack in any one category Colour accurate and large display Very loud speakers Cons: The camera app is awful, as in absolutely horrible My experience has been overwhelming positive. At the end of the day, you need to decide whether you want iOS or Android.
  2. Daniel Z.

    Lost GPU on Dell XPS 9570?

    I will do that. I have Geek Squad warranty, should I do that first?
  3. Daniel Z.

    Lost GPU on Dell XPS 9570?

    Games run slower than before, if I change settings in Nvidia control panel it just gives me an error, and task manager put my 1050Ti at constant 0 percent usage. Yes, while gaming. And even on desktop, the GPU was always used slightly. I have geek squad insurance but it’s likely that they’ll just replace it with a new one. Yes, I’ll try to get that. Yeah, have Intel GPU drivers. I have no clue how I could do that. AFAIK, there aren’t any settings for that in BIOS.
  4. So I got an XPS 9570 with a 1050Ti. For some reason, the GPU no longer works. I've tried a DDU, then a full reinstall of windows, and the only record of a discrete GPU is in Task Manager, where there's always 0% usage on the 1050Ti. I thought it was a software issue, but after the reinstall, I'm fearing that it could have somehow become detached from the motherboard. Please help, thanks.
  5. Daniel Z.

    Suggestion for headphones for PC around 150$

    If you need a mic, the PC37X from Sennheiser an Massdrop is great. Basically a 5 series with a mic. The HE4xx is also a great choice. The K7xx offers a bit more sub-bass but is more veiled in the mids than the 4xx. In general, the HE4xx and PC37X are the best choices
  6. The iPhone XR is honestly a great phone. Battery lasts me more than a day, amazing camera that is only second to the Pixel 3s, a very good display, top performance, and very reliable software.
  7. Daniel Z.


    I have an S7, it's great. Awesome camera, better software than stock android (IMO) because of way more possibilities, and still good performance in 2019. If you like stock android, go Mi A2, if not, go S7. The S7 is a no-compromises phone from 2.5 years ago, the A2 is a modern phone that cuts some corners to make the price point. Both very good devices, but I would go for S7 because of the better display, headphone jack, better water resistance, and better graphics performance.
  8. I did the unthinkable. I switched to an iPhone XR from my Galaxy S7. Should I do a review?

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    2. dizmo


      Oh man where to start....

      • Make it so that apps aren't just shit all over the screen.
      • More customization options akin to Android. I get why they don't have them, but still.
      • Up the battery capacity.
      • I'd say cheaper apps, but their apps are generally of higher quality, so it doesn't bother me as much.

      I don't really have a lot of demands, but I cannot stand having a home screen filled with garbage. I like a minimalist look, and I can't have that with Apple. And no, folders are not a reasonable compromise. I'd wonder if your stand by time was an app you had installed, and not Samsung as a whole. I've only owned a couple of Samsung phones but both have been superb with stand by time.

    3. Daniel Z.

      Daniel Z.


      1) Completely agree

      2) I used to believe this, but after romming 3 devices and doing stuff like that in Android, I've come to the opinion that it doesn't matter from a practical standpoint.

      3) I agree, but iPhones have pretty decent battery. iPhone Xs is good, Xs Max is better than good, and Xr is a very long lasting phone. Most people can easily use it for 2 days.

      4) Also agree

      For standby time, no matter what I do by resetting or whatever, my S7 still is warm when I take it out of my pocket and always is lower than it was by a significant margin. I started the day today with 80 percent and I'm currently at 28 percent AFTER 7 hours of screen on time.

    4. dizmo


      Sure, from a practical standpoint it doesn't matter...but from a practical standpoint we don't need 90% of the things higher end phones offer. I still want to be able to customize every aspect of my on screen clock 😛


      They're ok, but compared to some offerings from other companies they don't hold a candle to them. The Zenphone 3 Zoom, for example. I'd love to see an Apple phone get 14 hours of SOT.


      The S7 is old though. If you're considering what it does now, and it still has the original battery, that's a really flawed comparison. The battery is nearly EOL.


  9. Daniel Z.

    LTT Forum-approved Holiday Buyers' Guide

    Yes, I know that. I mean on other forums.
  10. Daniel Z.

    LTT Forum-approved Holiday Buyers' Guide

    For PSUs? Make one that's a value list, there are plenty of PSU quality lists already.
  11. Used would be a lot better assuming you could change battery. I think the Surface Go would be a good painfree option without needing much tinkering though.
  12. Daniel Z.

    25x 4k monitors 27" setup

    25 monitors? Well, the NVS only has 8 ports, so no. You can have a max of 24 on your config.
  13. Daniel Z.

    rtx2070 RGB Battlestation for 2019

    For gaming only, a B360 and i5 8400 is your best bet at a lower price. The 9700k and a Z390 would be a large step up in price, with a decent performance increase. For both gaming and multi-threaded tasks, I'd get a good VRMed B350 and Ryzen 1700.
  14. Daniel Z.

    Do I need a case? and how much should I spend

    1: Not really, but it is highly recommended 2: It depends, I'd get a Meshify C for your specs.