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  1. Yup brought it back to 3200mhz and it started booting again finally, others mentioned it as a cpu problem apparently it’s not i guess
  2. So I have a pc that’s only 2 months old and so far no issues until now, when I try to turn on the pc, only the actual pc lights up, the keyboard and mouse stay off and the monitor says no signal, after force shutting down and turning on again everything seems to work, this is happening everytime I turn the pc on what is the problem? Specs: Ryzen 7 2700X Overclocked 4.2Ghz MSi X470 Gaming pro Carbon Motherboard Sapphire Nitro + AMD RX 5700 XT 8GB Graphics card 500GB corsair MP510 M.2 SSD 1tb WD blue 7200 RPM HDD
  3. Well it did crash eventually, i upped it to 1.35 and same results just the higher viltage
  4. Do you think if i change the thermal paste to something premium i would see better temps than the stock thermal paste from corsair?
  5. Just upped it to 4.2ghz same results and temps
  6. Alright did the aida 64 test on fpu but this time 4ghz at 1.325v and temps maxed out at 87c according to hwinfo
  7. Well I’ve seen people go 1.45 and were fine, but yeah it’s pretty high, I’m gonna go back to 1.35 with lower oc
  8. So i ran an aida 64 extreme (fpu) stress test to my aio cooled 4.35ghz ryzen 7 2700x, and i got these temps, is there something to worry about?
  9. *UPDATE* i reset the drive (keep files) in the settings option and now my pc boots in 13 seconds compared to the 42 in the past
  10. Alright I’ll do the other things you told me to do and I’ll update you tomorrow (12 AM where im at) also this has been such a rabbit hole lol haven’t been this hard at troubleshooting before
  11. Something caught my eye, my score is much lower than this score i found online for the same exact ssd