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  1. My motherboard has a dedicated port and with the button above it. Should I unplug my cpu power just in case?
  2. The 5600x is already in it. the motherboard has not been used before. I need to updat my 5600x for compatability with the motherboard. My old cpu is a 7 year old intel so that won't work.
  3. I'm About to flash my bios in a few minuts because of that I have nog signal to my screen. I got a x570 motherboard and a 5600x So My question to you all is, is it in anyway dangerouse to leave the cpu in? I don't want to dmg it but it will be a pain in the ass to get it out and I gues I need to clean the cpu before which I don't know how to do and then re apply thermalpaste on it. I don't feel comfortable cleaning so that why I ask this question Thankyou in advance!
  4. sorry I'l try to post in right forum from now
  5. It says without a cpu, that does not mean I have to remove my cpu right?
  6. Thankyou! Hope I will get it running. wish me luck
  7. So I download that on a stick and then put it in a usb port and then it should magically boot? if I understand correct?
  8. My pc is build and it will turn on and everything seems to work but my screen says DVI no sginal. So I did some research and some of the suggetion was to check pcpartpicker. these 2 foto's are the results. This got me worried and I don't know how to fix it: Warning! Some AMD X570 chipset motherboards may need a BIOS update prior to using Vermeer CPUs. Upgrading the BIOS may require a different CPU that is supported by older BIOS revisions. My previous pc has intel so I can't excange chips for it do a bios update. any help or suggestion is app
  9. When I had build my pc and try to boot it for the first time everything was working except it did not send a signal to my screen. The PC was on, vans were spinning, Ram gave RGB , Videocard was lighting up. The only thing I can think about is that I don't have an imput for AUDPWR1 in this motherboard and I don't know if that is needed for it
  10. So I'm building a new pc All parts are in and now it is time for the graphic card. So when I unplugged it i notesed it was also in one part was in the motherboard. In the audpwr1 slot. my new motherboard does not have that on it and want to know is that essential for the graphic card to work or is it just for the RGB lighting? The reason why I'm installing a 1050TI is because I'm waiting till I can actually buy an 3000 series graphic card. my new motherboard is an X570 MSI Gaming edge WIFI
  11. Yes indeed your right! Now I got to tidy it up again haha
  12. So these 2 cables I don't know what to do with them. The first one is a D-RGB-FAN, I got the feeling that is gives the fans rgb? Do I need a controller or something? the second one see the picture, I have no clue what that is. I have looked in my manuals but I can't find nothing about those. The case I use is the Phanteks p500a.
  13. I think it it is useless to use both if it not even take half the cpu power a cable can handle. because the guy a few post back said it only takes about 125 watt and a cable can transfer 300 watt I just saw.