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    His majesty, King of RGBistan

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    PC building and tiny homes
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    I lift heavy things in the sun.


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    2x8gb BALLISTIX 3600Mhz
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    OEM cutie 1660 ti
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    Custom boii
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    You dont want to know
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    Some cheapie 1080/144hz
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    T318 + Noctua baybee
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    Ganss GK87
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    G502 spectrum
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    Win 10

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  1. If you want a matte black finish, you use matte black spray paint (a matte clear coat will also help)
  2. Do a firestrike run to get another data point
  3. Ignore the mixed metal advice. If you get a full copper/brass loop, a decent coolant and some low maintenance tube a good loop can be used almost indefinitely
  4. 1000D from corsair will definitely provide what you're after
  5. Weird that the article says the 1050 ti never had a successor as the 1650 Ti never existed... But the 1650 Super does exist, and the difference between them is purely semantic
  6. Nvidia has a habit of cherry picking the best silicon for their founders cards, so if it's an FE directly from nvidia that's not bad.
  7. Blah, kinda boring. If this is real, you literally already chose your parts. Just go buy them, build your system like a human being with hands and 0.5 braincells
  8. So, there's actually a very strong counter to your argument. If there isn't a wealth based motive, you get people who are passionate about the subject instead of someone who checks in for the paycheque and cold not give a FUCK about the career. Would you rather have a doctor who is loves making people better and spent years studying a craft that they enjoy, or some dude who barely crawled through med school to get fat stacks of cash? Using the NASA example, plenty of people would still sign up to be an engineer even if there wasn't a financial boon involved, just going for it because they w
  9. Putting on the lense of socialism 👁👁 OK, now thats done, let's discuss. Linus wants to get involved with a cause that has potential to harm the stonks market, using money generated by the surplus value of his employees work. Your problem here is that he shouldn't have taken that monetary value for himself, and that it's hypocritical to acknowledge wealth disparity while also benefiting from it under capitalism. The response is pretty simple - he doesn't have to, and nothing here is morally inconsistent (and therefore hypocritical) because, you know, he's working under the framewo
  10. Special edition hardcovers of everything Brandon Sanderson has written/will write Holy grail ITX stuff: X99e-itx/6950x X299e-itx/18 core thingmy An EPC621D4I-2M/W-3175X would be the crown jewel of grail ITX madness at the moment, although the fat-dtx board for epyc is also nuts Lonecase L4 S5m (early prototype for what eventually became the current s4 mini, only three were made- one is privately owned, one is somewhere in sapphires holding and the third fell into the ocean right after being manufactured) 1080 ti mini - first and so far only flagship g
  11. TFW you realize your profile is a year out of date again

  12. American MSRP is $549 USD, Indian tariffs on such products would be 45%, or a total of about $800 USD. Add the 15% VAT, and you're looking at $911 - meaning that Apple is actually taking a hit on profit margins to sell them for $850 USD Apple manufactures a small portion of their phones, not the entire product line, in India. All previous airpod/airpod pros were manufactured in China and Vietnam, so you still get to deal with your governments insane import tariffs
  13. @Kisai Fun fact about advertisements: This forum has already been giga blacklisted by Google and (probably) others. Back in the day there was a "share your wallpaper" thread and, of course, it got flooded with porn. Profitable ads went bye bye, and never came back. This forum will never make money lol