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    His majesty, King of RGBistan

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    PC building and tiny homes
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    I lift heavy things in the sun.


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    2x8gb BALLISTIX 3600Mhz
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    OEM cutie 1660 ti
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    Custom boii
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    You dont want to know
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    Some cheapie 1080/144hz
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    T318 + Noctua baybee
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    Ganss GK87
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    G502 spectrum
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    Win 10

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  1. TFW you realize your profile is a year out of date again

  2. American MSRP is $549 USD, Indian tariffs on such products would be 45%, or a total of about $800 USD. Add the 15% VAT, and you're looking at $911 - meaning that Apple is actually taking a hit on profit margins to sell them for $850 USD Apple manufactures a small portion of their phones, not the entire product line, in India. All previous airpod/airpod pros were manufactured in China and Vietnam, so you still get to deal with your governments insane import tariffs
  3. @Kisai Fun fact about advertisements: This forum has already been giga blacklisted by Google and (probably) others. Back in the day there was a "share your wallpaper" thread and, of course, it got flooded with porn. Profitable ads went bye bye, and never came back. This forum will never make money lol
  4. STX motherboards can run mxm GPUs. You can currently get a z390 + 1080 barebones for $1800 USD or so
  5. Because a huge part of the cost around a graphics card isn't the chip itself, but the surrounding power delivery and GDDR. The memory for GPUs needs to be embedded due to the insane speeds involved. That mean the base cost of any of these systems would be the same as buying a motherboard + 80% of whatever GPU that would have normally been socketed. You may enjoy reading up on MXM gpus, basically the closest we have to this concept
  6. Any mobo with that feature would cost the consumer anywhere between $200-400, and only work for a miniscule number of GPUs
  7. I literally started my post by telling you what you can do in the real world, gave specific examples of the best coolers, as well as the "tinkerers option" Thank you so much for regurgitating a meaningless response to the most meaningless part of my response
  8. I've... I've been doing this for years. It's easy if you have a lot of money and still doable if you don't. Is this ITX? If it isn't, no case ever made obeyed ATX standards.
  9. I don't have the casholio for a 3950x, but it's actually quite manageable. I know a few guys running them in S4ms even, and my 6950x lived in a DSE breathe (Vertical dancase) for ages. to run a mainstream chip like the 3950x or 10-000k you'll mainly want to get a blackridge, noctua a12x14 and some VLP RAM. Then, you can even OC a little bit with careful power tuning, or run it stock to get that sweet, sweet silence
  10. Wrong, very wrong. There are several ways to do so Mainstream chips (3950x, 10900k, 9900k etc.) which are functionally 100+ w parts (3950x taking up to 144w, for example) can be cooled well enough to reach all advertised stock and boost clocks using high end aircooling like the black ridge (47mm) or LP-53 (42mm with 14mm fan) or even tthe l9i/l9a (37mm) if one is willing to undervolt Using Desktop HEDT or xeon platforms (x99/x299/C621) along with high end vapor chamber coolers like the Dynatron T318 (43mm with fan) Pics in case you want to try telling me my 6950x @80c all
  11. I mean, EVGA? But yeah, basically any brand (and especially printer brands) will have their fair share of awful customer interactions
  12. Eber disagrees I'm going to be honest, I like ultrawides. I run a 3440x1440/144hz panel and love it to bits. It's also important to acknowledge that OP has clear, concise requirements and wants a product recommendation based on those, not the personal preference of other users. Not every new user on LTT is tech illiterate
  13. Both, one, you can pick and choose once they're in your system based on preference. Frankly, you'll have a lot of flexibility here no matter what you choose to do