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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16Gb@2933MHz
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  1. 500W PSU enough for crossfire?

    'scuse me but who said anything about a calculator? I'm looking at my usage. RX480 and an R5 1600 with moderate overclocks are pushing my 500W PSU fairly near the limit I'd consider "safe" for my rated max output. A 570 and a 560 would easily go over said max rated wattage, hence my comment. Also, those calculators may be overestimating consumption by 50W at most, not your claimed 50%. Next time you make an asinine claim at least have the decency of bringing along proof that doesn't involve salt or tinfoil
  2. What CAN I Upgrade to?

    4770k or 4790k and a decent cooler to OC
  3. 500W PSU enough for crossfire?

    Nope. Definitely needs more than 500W
  4. 1GB RAM Android 7.1 ?

    That sounds a lot like my ching chong tablet and I can tell ya it's complete and utterly useless. Can't do anything on it and the fact that it has 8 gigs of storage makes it even more unusable (android takes up like 6 gigs and BASIC applications can't even update since it's already filled up)
  5. 1GB RAM Android 7.1 ?

    It'll run slower than a squashed snail uphill and most likely it will crash like a nascar driver trying to take a right turn
  6. Yeah, the price of the DOM is comparable to what I paid for the box to begin with and the investment isn't too good. a PATA drive works just fine as long as I upgrade the cooling a bit (there is a CPU fan circuit on the board and all it's missing is a header. I could add one in less than 5 minutes). Adding a GPU is fairly tricky since the space is VERY limited. If memory serves, I managed to mock-fit it between the PSU and the motherboard, but the spare GPU I would throw into that box needs a new heatsink and fan (currently a very janky temp fix consisting of a motherboard chipset heatsink and a random fan from another GPU)
  7. I've long since "fixed" my lack of video output by cutting a channel into the x1 slot and using a full sized GPU to mess with the BIOS setting. The NAS is currently disassembled (reassembly and recommissioning TBD) since I was working on a custom enclosure for it since thermals are abysmal. Should be noted that I couldn't find a PATA DOM and I used a regular PATA drive, which broght me to having 5 drives and the CPU getting pretty damn toasty after a while. I might be resurrecting that little box at some point since it's pretty low powered and _could_ prove handy as a secondary local backup for my machines. I'll definitely be looking into getting a proper 1x to 16x adapter, maybe even finding a way to permanently mount a GPU in it Note: the box itself works just fine (I've had it running for about 6 months with little to no issues past the oddball boot problems where it would try to boot from SATA instead of PATA on power loss. I should probably change the CMOS battery), I just don't have the time (or resources) to fiddle around with it right now. All it really needs at this point is some drives and a stick of RAM (I ran out of spare DIMMS a while back)
  8. Google DNS or Cloudflare DNS

    I'm using CF as main and Google as backup DNS. Can't say if there's any actual speed impact (I'm already on gigabit, so any difference would probably be unnoticeable)
  9. Check ram speed in bios. it might have defaulted to 667
  10. stalker...

    1. Ryois


      not a stalker. . .

  11. Floatplane woes

    and where exactly does it say that? I can't find any trace of such info
  12. Floatplane woes

    So, I subbed to LTT on floatplane, using the floatplane site. I've been waiting for floatplane access on the forum (and pilot on Discord) for about 36h now. Help? (I can't use the wizard since floatplane.com uses Stripe for payments, not PayPal)
  13. I wonder how long it takes for pilot status to get granted after you sub to floatplane

    1. Mr.Meerkat


      It was instant for meh, to be fair, I did sign up while it was still on the forum (e.g. 1.5 years ago). 

    2. revsilverspine


      It's been bout an hour and a half and still nada.

      Waiting 24h before doing anything

  14. Corrupt a Wish game

    Granted, but with controllers that use proprietary non rechargeable Nintendo batteries. 6 batteries requires, $15 for a 2-pack I wish for a 1.21 JIGAWATT generator
  15. LTT forum "banning" game

    banned for assuming I care about anyone else than myself