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    AMD FX-4320
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    16GB DDR3 @1600
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    Sapphire RX 480 Nitro+ (*8Gb)
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    Intel 535 120G, 2x WD20NPVZ (2TB each)
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    Corsair Hydro Series H80 w/ 2xSP120
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  1. Today I found random money everywhere.

    20 EUR in my leather jacket, 10 EUR in my jeans, 200 EUR on one of my cards, another 150 EUR on another card and almost 50 EUR in my backpack.

    Usually it's me finding things I need to spend money on, not the other way around o.O

    1. Tech_Dreamer
    2. revsilverspine



      And the first thought when I was drinking my morning coffee was: WTF how am I broke one week before payday AGAIN?

      (context: my bills were ridiculous this month and most of my cash went to paying them, plus some travel expenses from Easter and so on. Literally haven't spent money on shiny things this month and I still somehow ran out of TWO ENTIRE PAYCHECKS IN LESS THAN 3 WEEKS!)


      Now I'm kinda happy that I found this substantial wad of cash (basically just over a paycheck!) and I can now actually go buy some new clothes that I kinda need badly (workboots are showing their age and I could use a new labcoat. And new jeans. Maybe even a nice workshop shirt)

  2. windows creators

    It's not a new flavor of Windows 10, just an update.
  3. It will cap at 100 at best, since I assume they're splitting an ethernet cable into ADSL and phone. Even for gigabit you need the full 8 pins.
  4. Roughly 75k EUR. Worst busride to the bank ever. Now if I could only find a house worth buying
  5. Main problem I'm seeing is a high influx of low-quality members that spam more than they are actually helpful, members that only come around when they need questions answered (and are incapable of doing a simple search, thus resulting in the same question being asked 100 times by 100 different people).
  6. The only real problem is condensation. Make sure that doesn't get into the PC and you're golden. PCs love sub-zero temps.
  7. PSU should handle the load just fine. Might be some sort of reminiscent power draw bug from the PCI-e. Or your PSU might just be getting old
  8. Same thing happened to me while playing Rust. I narrowed it down to the PSU being chinesium (not really the case for you) and I also noticed it happened when the GPU power draw went over 120W (Sapphire RX480 Nitro+). Solved it by limiting FPS in Rust (to 62) and power limit on the GPU to 115W. Changed my PSU and mobo since then, so I have no idea if that still works
  9. check max memory shared with iGPU in the BIOS is that option is available
  10. Been using Edge on my netbook for a while now (well, ever since I got it) and it's pretty nice, except for the lack of a proper ad-blocker (which I desperately need). BTW, Microsoft Rewards is only available in the US afaik
  11. HA! First person outside my office that knows what Meraki is. It's not an AP, it's a multi-purpose server that I named Meraki since it used to be a FreeNAS box.
  12. 50-50 odds there. if the PSU is cheese-grade, it might try to provide the power the components are asking for. Or it won't run at all. In theory, the GPU is drawing minimum power when outside of demanding tasks (aka it's drawing just enough to display things. When you're gaming, the usage goes up and the power draw goes up). Also, in theory, you can use the 450W PSU as long as you're not playing anything demanding. I personally would get a new PSU ASAP, before testing the theory
  13. Sapphire RX480 Nitro+ owner here! Seems my card has a dual bios, so I MIGHT try this
  14. I'd say no. 290s are pretty power hungry and with the OC on the CPU you're running awfully close to the PSU's upper limit.
  15. Unfortunately I haven't found anything at least similar. Best I've found was shops selling refurbished components or builds, but the prices are ridiculous and their market is usually computer-illiterate people (charging $200+ for a 8-12 year old PC is ridiculous, considering they're something like 4 gig ddr2/80 gig hdd/some crappy dual core and integrated graphics). I toyed with the idea of starting a FreeGeek-model shop but life turned that into a distant possibility.