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  1. typing speed shouldn't be too big of an issue if the s3 is any measure of that, as long as you're used to the smaller keyboard and its style (i can barely type on anything under 5" because large thumbs. I miss my 6" phone )
  2. refresh rate is independent of the pc hardware, so i'd say no. Your issue ia somewhere else
  3. the biggest issues you'll have are the battery and the bloatware (assuming you don't root). I used an s3 for a while and it was a total pain in the arse to deal with, mostly due to the battery crapping itself by noon, and that's on power saving and with wifi/bt/etc off. ofc it'll be significantly slower than the s7 and the data/wifi will also be slower
  4. the sapphire tixxx software crashes my os regardless of what i do. Even changing the rgb on the card ends up in a bsod. Tried underclocking the card to test a theory and even that crashed it. Afterburner doesn't crash it though
  5. see if it crashes on stock clocks. Could just be a bad oc
  6. check for kinks in the cable and see if it does the same thing on another usb port. Could just be a driver issue
  7. i wonder how much it would cost to watercool my nas with ebay parts. If it's under $50 i might do it. Would probably need to drop one of the hdd bays to fit the rad and pump though

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. revsilverspine


      huh. Doable under $25 as long as i secure the tubing with zipties inatead of fittings. I am impressed.

      40*40*15 block, 200ml res and 80mm rad

    3. TheGhzGuy


      That's pretty cool! No pun intended. I may do that with an HD6850 at some point.

    4. revsilverspine


      i'll come back with a list when i get home. 4g is choppy on the train

  8. don't have much experience with that. I tried out qtminer and that worked flawlessly even on a 7770 (i think it was a 7770)
  9. roidmi 2 is quite nice. Have one myself adapted for home use and a friend has one in his car.
  10. which miner are you using?
  11. etherum miners were not designed with ancient cards in mind. Odds are they see the card, don't recognize it and juat default to the polaris subroutine. now you can drop the idea since that card barely pushes 10mh/s and you need at least 2gb vram for etherum anyway
  12. read through these threads on the msi website. Currently on my phone ao i don't have all my bookmarks available (can provide more info in 4-5 hours when i get home) the second link confirms compatibility with r5s ootb (msi by way of moderators) also a handfull of threads posted here, on ltt. and then there's people with b350 tomahawks and 1600x-es running on v1.0. And people that had no problems with 1600s on the same board. most problems were due to doa parts (mostly ram) or people installing the ram incorrectly, having not read the manual.
  13. update on the subject: it seems that first initialization has been reported to take upwards of 10 minutes, hence why most people will immediately take to forums to complaining and calling the board and/or msi shit. People want instant gratification and have no patience. do your research before spreading rumors.
  14. orly? the only boards it won't work on are the original batch with the first version of the bios. Subsequentboards with later versions of bios will work ootb with r5s
  15. r5s are listed as compatible on the MSI site, so i'm calling bullshit on this