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  1. My downloads folder is on a secondary drive so I don't fill up my SSD. Usually clean it up every couple weeks
  2. go straight to ryzen 5 1600. No point spending money on an r3 that you might use for a few months then put back in a box
  3. Update UEFI first. No reason why XMP shouldn't work. All you need to do is activate it and set it to the highest speed profile and you're done. I'm running just fine at 3.75GHz and 1.34V (my sample isn't much of an overclocker, so yeah.) I've overclocked from the UEFI. Couldn't be bothered with Ryzen Master. Always stress test to see if the OC is stable
  4. using the memory at 2933 will show performance improvement. You don't need to OC the CPU to use aXMP
  5. Use the aXMP profile for 2933. You should see improvements there. You can also OC the CPU. Doesn't hurt. At worst, you won't see noticeable improvements
  6. I find it depends on the surface you're using. My table works just fine for my Steelseries Diablo 3 but my other mice have tracking issues due to the texture
  7. Unlikely. They'll probably say you did it yourself
  8. wasn't crimped/folded properly. Should still work fine though
  9. I wonder if I can make my own pci-e "riser".

    Figure I could salvage a piece of the connector off of a borked GPU and solder wires to a GPU. that should work, right?

    @manikyath @Comic_Sans_MS @iamdarkyoshi 

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    2. revsilverspine


      Also, a new thought: I wonder if I can retrofit an AMD heatsink/fan onto an Intel chip.

      By all measures, it shouldn't work, but I might get lucky/creative

    3. revsilverspine


      Quick update:

      The old GT 9500 works, so I'll end up using that.

      Meanwhile, I tried to make my own extension and it turns out it's harder to solder on what is essentially 1mm2 than I first thought (at least with the tips I have on my iron).

      I might sacrifice the x1550 and cut it to fit and I'll just buy a riser. Found them for less than $10 locally



      That would let me place the GPU wherever the hell I want (unsure how long the cable is, but that can be extended or replaced)

    4. revsilverspine


      I didn't give up because it's hard. Just because it's wonky and way more time consuming than I thought. The case itself will take a shitload of time so I'd rather focus on that

  10. The offset was hardcoded in to avoid that.
  11. Ryzen Master should have the most accurate temps. Afterburner comes real close Aida and HWMonitor are within ~10C
  12. Well, there goes another piece of tooth. Thanks KFC! (no sarcasm. I was trying to break it for about a week now and it wouldn't come out).

    Nerves in my teeth have been dead or dying so there isn't much in the way of pain to deal with. Side effects of overuse of pain medication and clove oil. Can't say I'm mad though.

    Time to call the deathist and yank out what's left of it then get ready for my 6th implant. Woo!

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    2. Lurick


      McBettus is best -beetus!

    3. revsilverspine


      I'd disagree.

      At least with 'em chicken chokers you know you're eating some sort of animal meat.

      With McCancer it's most likely some sort of plastic

    4. Lurick


      Meh, plastic isn't all that bad :D

  13. to Play Ordered by relevance is pretty accurate of how decent the games are
  14. Genre?
  15. I managed to get chrome to use 71% of my old FX4300 (5GHz) and 12 gigs of ram running about 200-230 tabs in 2 windows.