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    AMD R5 1600 @ 3.75GHz 1.35V
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    MSI B350 Tomahawk
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16Gb@2933MHz
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    Sapphire RX 480 Nitro+ (*8Gb)
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    CoolerMaster HAF XB EVO
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    Intel 535 120G, 2xWD5000AAKS-65TMA0
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    OCZ CX500W
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    3840x1080 (Acer GF246 24" + AOC <some model> 21.5")
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    Corsair Hydro Series H80 w/ SP120
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    Steelseries Apex 350
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    Steelseries Diablo III, Steelseries WoW Wireless
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    Steelseries Siberia RAW Prism; Corsair HS-1; Akai AM-A1
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

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  1. What age should kids get a phone(POLL)

    Feature phone at around 14-15. Smartphone when they're 18. Location tracking watch as soon as they start wandering about unsupervised (aka when they start school)
  2. You'd think a charging case for an iPhone 6 would be easy to find.

    Spoiler: it isn't. Not if you want it to be reasonably priced.

  3. With the imminent death of Windows Phone, it looks like I have to... buy an iPhone.

    This is something I never thought I'd have to do =\

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    2. Droidbot


      Yeah, but they're at least pretty damn modern windows phones. 

    3. mrchow19910319


      next time bring this up in news section : "apple fucked it up again" thread. 


      see how many android fanboies coming out to get you 


      /s or am I ?

    4. FIXXX


      Buy an iPhone. That's it. It's really the sensible thing to do if you're not sure to get it or not. Android users know they want to get Android.

      iPhone users aren't always sure they want to - so you're automatically an iPhone user without knowing it.

      Trolling, or am I? You decide. More news at 11. Back to you Sandy, how's the weather for us this weekend?

  4. Time machine disk info

    It took me a minute to see wtf was going on, lol. Wrong kind of time machine
  5. Can you crack Battlefield 1 multiplayer?

  6. air purifier wtf?

    gimmicks are for ignorant people. Here, use this cream that is "scientifically" proven to increase your IQ by 1100%!
  7. air purifier wtf?

    That's one of the stupidest ideas I've seen in a while. Ozone doesn't like rubber and I think I read somewhere that prolonged exposure of wire isolation to ozone tends to make said isolation be fairly brittle and eventually start crumbling (or the other way around, can't recall)
  8. Here I sit and lie in mental pain

    With my unfinished reports due today.



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    2. Tech_Dreamer


      nice, Does the CPU AIO exhaust fan still face forward?

    3. revsilverspine



      Moved from the Carbide Spec-01 (pictured) to the HAF XB EVO. AIO still push-pull on intake and I've downsized the other fans to one intake and one exhaust with a shitload of mesh on sides and top. Running on 0 RPM mode when components are under 45C

    4. revsilverspine


      Kay, update on my reports:

      I THINK I finished them. For the most part.

      I still have 2 hours later today to ask around and see if they're good

  9. ugh. Monday morning again. That means 4 soul crushing hours of math ._.

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    2. L.Lawliet


      Math can go to hell :P 

      I hate it man its confusing af..


    3. revsilverspine


      it's not that it's confusing per se. With a bit of work itt can be understood, but at the rate the teacher's trying to present the information you either write everything down and try to understand later or write down the essentials and try to pay attention so you can try and understand from class.

      another issue is that the next 2 hours after the course is alao math where we're supposed to use the things we were just presented. Least the lab teach is less fast and takes his time to explain

    4. Clockwork_princess


      I just saying I didn’t go to college only finished highscool and I’m working from home on my own time making over 80k a year.


      school is worthless, you can learn a trade or even math/generals skills online for free or little cost but since it’s not certified it doesn’t matter in the real world. College is just a way to make money. 


      Spending $400 on a single book just to put you in debt and milk you of all the cash they can.


      Only field worth it for school is the medical field





  10. I started working on random stuff at 6 AM this morning and I completely forgot about my thermodynamics homework (which is due in 48h from when it's assigned to us).

    Oh my...

    1. Jamiec1130


      When was it assigned?

    2. ARikozuM


      Just tell your professor that you were working on the homework by seeing how your chaos eventually led to order in the cosmos that is "home". 

    3. revsilverspine


      @Jamiec1130 it was assigned on Friday at 11AM, due by Sunday 11AM. Still have about 10h to send it in. gonna send it at 2-3AM, just because I can (it's just past midnight right now)


      @ARikozuM while technically true I don't think that's a valid excuse.


      Anywho, the homework's done, I just need to scan it and e-mail it.

  11. I was called a sellout for advertising a friend's game which I have a pre-release key for (which I actually paid for).

    Currently one of two people who have the game on Steam and sale hasn't even started.

    Hell, the build on Steam is a debug build that I compiled 'cause the dev's windows machine shat itself and the Linux compiler was iffy when compiling for Windows.

    How exactly is it selling out for helping a friend by promoting his game which I quite enjoy?

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    2. revsilverspine



      This would be the game. Like I said, it's not even on pre-sale yet (on Steam, at least), but I bought it about a month ago on the dev's itch.io (the dev is a close personal friend).

      It's a throwback to oldschool dungeon crawlers and it's pretty unforgiving.

      My longest run was about ~45 minutes but I had to micromanage my inventory (limited), potions, pick my fights, be really careful what and when I go through portals and so on.

      I have barely gotten past the second level, I think. For a seemingly simple game, it's hard to master.

      Also, it's pretty nice for 10-15 min runs when taking a break at Uni.

    3. Lurick




      (sorry, I had to :P )

      It looks nice, I'll bookmark it :) 

    4. 8uhbbhu8


      Hmm this actually seems interesting! I like the old school dungeon crawlers :) 

  12. My Molecular report is finally done. Time to celebrate with some good ol' No 7 and a fresh pot of coffee. No point going to bed at this point

    1. CUDA_Cores


      When I saw your first status update, it was 4am here?


      What time is it where you are and you've been working how long exactly?

    2. revsilverspine


      I have no idea how long it's taken. Currently 1AM and I think I started sometime yesterday at around 9PM, after already having worked on the report for about 16 hours last weekend