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  1. i have to make a confession hp sucks even more than compaq

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    2. Nena Trinity
    3. don_svetlio


      Ooooh, that's newer than mine, GPU at least :D

      I've got an older model from 2010 or around that time - the CQ56

    4. Nena Trinity
  2. question can i run it with http://prntscr.com/8bghq3 that cable ? the white one ? also how much speed will i get with this ?
  3. well they are about 10 $ more and have same warranty period that's why i chose this
  4. k i am thinking about getting Toshiba Canvio Basics 1 TB Hard Disk (Black) questions i have in mind is it portable ? and is it ok as im paying 55 $ for it ... is it a good deal ? ps - sorry i didn't knew which section to post this in
  5. i know usb will work what about other buttons google the connector's ull know what im talking about
  6. so i have elite 310 a person i know has Corsair 300R he rma-ed his connectors and corsair was kind enough to send two ... now he is just giving it away i asked him he said it would cost about 8$ for him to ship it to me now the question is will these Corsair 300R Front I/O Ports and Connectors work in my case elite 310? as i am soon getting a motherboard with front usb ports
  7. Hi everyone, my friend bought Asus h97 pro gamer and already had seasonic 620, the motherboard power led keeps on blinking when I use this psu with the motherboard, I tried with lesser power psu which is 450 watts it's working fine .... I want to know does seasonic 620 is not compatible or something is wrong ?
  8. thanks man that worked
  9. though tokyo ghoul is still nice if u just ignore season 2
  10. well u do not live in india do u even if ur not going out side of city just a block away its bad let me give u an example skip to 2:12
  11. that looks cool but i bet its crowdy as hell