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  1. No it doesnt at least the other samsung charger my mum has
  2. Hey guys so I recently got a Xiaomi powerbank and used it to charge my phone. My phone now cant charge from the original Samsung Charger that came in the box and only charges using the powerbank. I have tried using the charger to charge other devices and it works just fine.I am not sure what went wrong and how to fix it... Thanks for your time!
  3. The Lg cx model is almost 100 dollars more expensive and out of stock in most stores,what is are the differences and is it worth the extra cost?
  4. The B9 is almost 100 dollars cheaper so I am between the b9 and the sony TV.Why is the sony better?
  5. I want to buy a new tv but I cant decide what tv to get. Which Tv is the best out of the three?? 1.LG OLED55B9SLA Smart 4K UHD 55" 2.LG OLED55BX6LB Smart 4K UHD 55" 3.Sony KD-55A8 Smart 4K UHD 55" Thanks for your time!
  6. I have enabled my activity status to be shown in the setting but I cant see when any of my friends are or were last online,sometimes it gets fixed for a bit and I can see when everyone was last online until I close the app. When using instagram from the desktop it works just fine.What can I do to fix it on my phone?
  7. I have an image on my phone which I believe came from Pinterest,I want to see who uploaded it can I somehow search it?
  8. Yes I saw that too I cant find any reputable companies that make these so I dont think I will buy anything yet
  9. Hello Welcome to the Forum! For people to be able to help you better can you provide us with what you have tried already?
  10. Hello I have a Galaxy Note 10 Lite which doesnt support wireless charging,which is a shame. I have heard that there are ways to add wireless charging to a smartphone do you know of such ways?
  11. It says that its using almost 5 out of 7.9 gigs but that doesnt add up if I go to processes
  12. Where do I find the cached data also I am pretty sure I have a 64 bit operating system.