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  1. They locked my thread.. but youre welcome to read my opinion below. Funny how a different point of view on the same subject gets shut down. Guess it was inconvenient. It could very well be that due to his stature and audience that he is found guilty of market manipulation but Canadian laws could be different. No idea. In the US, ignorance of the law doesnt make you immune to prosecution. I
  2. A young man had a doctors appointment. He was a couple of hours late to work. When arrived at work, he saw the owner of his 100 person company pull into his parking space. Driving a brand new Ferrari. The man walked over to the boss and said "WOW, thats a nice car man!! You're a lucky guy!" ... The owner of the company smirked a little, and said to the young man, "you know, if you show up every day, work a little harder than you peers, and make a real effort, I'll get another one next year!" The young man was not paid for his missed time.
  3. if i only made 8% Id be pissed.. LOL Im not mad about people making money.. not at all. I'm not even against people (business owners) making more money than sub*ordinates. They took the risks. Good for them. (with the exception of ridiculous compensations of some exectutives) I'm against Talking out of both sides of your mouth. In back to back sentences. and honestly.. a couple thousand would be one thing. 50k is almost a whole employees salary!
  4. I typically dont either. and i dont get real happy about ceo's and their ridiculous salaries either. But not many of them go around parading it. or talking about "wealth inequality"... and those that do... How many of them would actually give up some money to fix it? Linus's video put him in that category for me. Sorry. But thats the optics.
  5. IS that not the very definition of wealth inequality? Linus offered a 5x match to entice those Superchats. So I'm the only one in the building that thinks "Wealth inequality is one of the worlds biggest problem" and "I have 50k to just throw away" are diametrically opposed statements?
  6. Dont get it twisted. Those guys aren't any better.. neither is the CEO of GE getting 40 million plus while laying off thousands of employees. Brokerages are jerks too taking millions intentionally putting people into high rate funds. I go to bat for every single one of my employees. I have turned down pay increases and asked for them to be directed to others. I just dont think its right. Because most day to day workers dont have money to burn like this. and it woudlnt even be a problem if the person throwing it away didnt start with "wealth inequality is one of the wor
  7. First off... I'm not headed down the slippery slope with you. Bottom line.. How many of LMG Employees have "money to throw away." I dont have a problem with people making money. Im pretty well off myself, and worked for every bit of it. But some displays of wealth are inappropriate. period.
  8. Im saying how many of his employees can do the same? just "throw money down the drain" ... if wealth inequality is a problem, - BY LINUS'S OWN ADMISSION - is it fair for him to have money to burn but not his employees? based on the Intel series, most of them dont even own their own homes. I'm saying it blantant hypocrisy.
  9. I have watched LTT for a decade or more. (since NCIX whenever that was) and along the way I have seen many cringeworthy, or questionable things. But nothing that ever made me want to stop watching. The video started with Linus DERIDING "wealth inequality." "its one of the biggest problems of our times" he said. Then Immediately following that, said the words "you know, I'm not all that poor, I can afford to lose this money." you know the rest. Honest question here. How do you think the employees of LMG feel? Do you think any of them said "hey I ha
  10. Anyone using HVCI? Any bad experiences with it, or good experiences? Thinking about activating it on all my workstations. Techquickie video??
  11. im basically looking at triple redundancy for about 5 terabytes of data. scaling up to 20 over the next 3-4 years. My work just doesnt generate data that quickly. Im gonna go ahead and go with SSD's I was looking at the cost last night and its more expensive but its not out of this world expensive. less noise, heat, vibration, and a smaller package is worth it to me. Ill update the server at some point.
  12. i dont have it right in front of me but the card i was looking at was gen 3 and capable of a total of around 5GB/s total. so if i just assume i cut that in half, and knock it down to 2.5GB /s thats still more than enough to saturate my gigabit connection. I think Ill grab a card and see what happens. Im honestly only interested in the 12gb/s to make ssd's worth while. im leaning towards just buying and SSD disk shelf from the go. Seems like SSD's are gonna at least catch up to HDD gb/dollar in the next several years.
  13. arent most pcie gen 3 cards backwards compatible?
  14. I aquired an older dell precision that has a couple of xeons in it. Im going to repurpose it to Home Server use. Id like to buy a disk shelf. something like a 2u unit. maybe 20 bays? But I am trying to figure out a couple of things. 1) whats the best way to set this up as far as raid goes to make it easy to add drives in the future? Set it up as JBOD? or as some sort of cluster? (I dont want to use Unraid,) 2) is it possible to find and HBA that will work at 12gb/s on a gen 2 pcie link? I'm assuming there should be since several of them have a much hi
  15. 70c is not overheating. its perfectly normal. my quadros have been at 82c for 3 weeks now. new GPUs are going to get just as hot. your goal should be to move enough air through the machine to end up with power limit throttling, not thermal throttling.