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  1. These prices are oof



    Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 3.45.23 PM.png

    1. CUDAcores89
    2. firelighter487


      if you go for a more reasonable config then it's not too bad. 



      my thought process is this. a quad core is more than fast enough for most people. 16GB of ram is basically necessary these days. 256GB is enough, most stuff is in the cloud these days. the Radeon Pro 555X is plenty for most people. 

  2. I did it, my character married Camilla in Fire Emblem Fates!



    Shes totally not my step-sister or anything....

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    2. DrMacintosh


      That’s the wrong Phil!27FA1D4A-1C6C-4E09-B734-70C164C6720B.jpeg.e60ef44c4f107d8a30a128aebccc1eb5.jpeg


    3. handymanshandle


      dr phil > phil swift

    4. imreloadin



      Shes totally not my step-sister or anything....

      Pornhub would agree with your choice xD

  3. It’s the 2020 California starter pack


    My boi Alan in CA 47 🇺🇸

  4. DrMacintosh

    Leaked Intel GPU Shroud Designs

    Intel is also a business. Just because they have cash to throw around doesn’t mean it makes monetary sense to do so.
  5. DrMacintosh

    What was your first computer?

    PowerMac G4
  6. DrMacintosh

    Macbook Pro Replacements

    Use the keyabord replacement program again and get a fresh top case, resell it at a premium for its new keys and pick up something like the XPS 13. I would avoid the Matebook.
  7. DrMacintosh

    Leaked Intel GPU Shroud Designs

    It’s their first attempt at this. Can’t realistically be expected to blow everything else out of the water.
  8. DrMacintosh

    AirPods 2 electric boogaloo

    Maybe tomorrow, maybe never.
  9. DrMacintosh

    New iMacs Released

    In later follow up videos he explains how Apple replaced the body of his machine for free. It’s literally all documented on his channel.
  10. DrMacintosh

    New iMacs Released

    No Anyone in the market for an iMac is not going to want to go through all of that. No.
  11. DrMacintosh

    Samsung Galaxy Crease

    I've still got a 6s Plus, I don't even like how Apple is trying to go for less bezel. I'd rather have an iPhone 8 Plus over a Xs Max if the 8 Plus had a headphone jack.
  12. DrMacintosh

    New iMacs Released

    Last I checked, 365 days != 90 days. Apple has a 1 year warranty as is required by law.
  13. DrMacintosh

    Samsung Galaxy Crease

    Idk where you live, but I see a lot of bags when I look around.
  14. DrMacintosh

    Samsung Galaxy Crease

    Oh no, my self esteem. How can I ever recover.
  15. DrMacintosh

    AirPods 2 electric boogaloo

    They do come with a charging case. The wireless case is being sold seperatly for anyone with existing AirPods that want to upgrade to wireless charging. You can buy the new upgraded AirPods with the new wireless case or with the standard wired charging case or you can buy just the wireless charging case, but not just the AirPods.
  16. DrMacintosh

    Samsung Galaxy Crease

    This is why bags exist. Most people carry bags of some sort everywhere.
  17. DrMacintosh

    Samsung Galaxy Crease

    Why do you want one? Rectangles found out into squares and squares are terrible for content consumption....and it’s it’s highly unlikely someone wouldn’t just buy an iPad Mini and do the same stuff only wayyyy cheaper.
  18. DrMacintosh

    Samsung Galaxy Crease

    Nobody wants a folding phone.
  19. Wow, Apple lowered the price of this configuration of MacBook Pro by $200



    A student discount only takes the price down to $2,519. 


    Still uterlly ridiculous prices for the specs, but they did go down. 

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    2. CUDAcores89


      Its free if you steal one from an apple store.

    3. TheGlenlivet


      Did they at least fix the keyboard?

    4. firelighter487



      if the 2018 MacBook Air uses the same keyboard as the 2018 MacBook Pro they didn't. 

  20. DrMacintosh

    Ryzen OR Threadripper?

    TR if you need the PCIe lanes and the more pro features of its motherboards. Ryzen if not.
  21. Oh I never said that. I'm talking about the store fronts, not loading your own apps from the internet. There are rules in place on all platforms for that.
  22. DrMacintosh

    What free games do you play?

    World of Warships is my #1 ftp game, mostly because I like ships and I'm very good with the pacing of the combat and I've been with the game since it was in closed alpha.
  23. No. Microsoft and Google already do this to an extent with the Windows Store and Google Play. All app stores have rules about what you can and can't do as a developer. On a side note macOS is just like Windows in that it has an App Store but programs can still be installed from the internet.
  24. All you did was switch names and it still doesn't sound silly to me at all.