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  1. I'm surprised that my 2016 MBP hasn't had it's keyboard have repeating/stuck key(s) on it since I had it replaced last. 

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    2. Twilight


      @floofer i do that constantly around my laptop (2012 MBP) and mine is totally fine. a keyboard shouldn't fail because of some bits of dust or food... 

    3. floofer


      @Twilight tbh I still got it repaired under warranty so idc

    4. Twilight


      @floofer that's fine, but i'm the sort of person who uses a computer for as long as i can. either until it stops recieving updates, stops working or becomes too slow. my current machine is almost 8 years old and i have no intention at this time of replacing it. warranty wouldn't work for me because i'd want to use that laptop long after the warranty runs out. 

  2. Mac Pro is not for people who are on an hourly wage and buying their own equipment.
  3. Thank god it's Final week. Otherwise I would have been deep into this thread already and would probably get a few warning points issued to me and the people I would be arguing with
  4. No home PC needs 50W speakers w/ a sub. You can't change my mind. 

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    2. Mr.Meerkat


      @floofer I mean if you're not saturating that op-amp, what are you even doing with your life? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    3. TheGlenlivet


      When I play WOWS I want my neighbor to think there is an actual sea battle happening in the house next door.

    4. floofer


      @Mr.Meerkat I need more speakers to saturate my amp lol. 

  5. Kyle Kulinski does Impressions of Pompous Aristocrats. ⚠️ Not for Boomers ⚠️ 


  6. There is no iOS "security." The whole operating system is it's security. It's not a service that you can disable/enable.
  7. McAfee on iOS is essentially snake oil. All of those anitvirus apps on iOS are. The app can't actually do anything.
  8. I need a blower style GPU. I wish RX 5700s weren’t so expensive. Vega 56 is affordable but the performance improvement isn’t that great coming from an RX 580. 

    I need a blower cooler because my modded PowerMac G5 case cannot exhaust the hot air from my 580. The hot air just stays in the top compartment and gets recirculated. A blower card would exhaust all the hot air directly out the rear and would probably lower my average temps as a result. 

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    2. SenKa


      Vega FE's?

    3. Pascal...
    4. PacketMan


      Maybe a liquid cooled GPU? or attaching a CPU liquid cooler to it (i.e. using NZXT G10/G12)? Silent and double cool

  9. I've finally setup my PC to act as a Home File Server. I used the network folder sharing features of Windows 10 and the SMB File sharing support of iOS and macOS so I can stream content. 


    I now have access to all my videos (Movies, Anime, and XXX) from any of my personal devices on my local network.  

    1. BuckGup


      So anyone on your network can now browse into your Anime XXX videos

    2. DrMacintosh


      Technically, yes. But nobody else on my network even knows how to setup file sharing. And actually to remote in from a non Windows device (nobody else has a PC that they use for anything other than paying bills) you need to enter my PCs login details. 

  10. Sapphire arguably makes the best AMD cards. I would stick with the Nitro+
  11. In Windows 10 go to settings > update & security > backup From there you can select what drive to use for backup and select which folders you want to backup. It's not fancy like Time Machine on macOS, but it's functional.
  12. ideally you wouldn't have to worry about that. Your battery would last all day and could charge to 100% while you shower.
  13. ngl, outside of restoring, making local backups, and syncing over a wire (instead of WiFi).....there is very little reason to have a cable or port. Assuming of course a high speed wireless charger is included in the box.
  14. It can be done, just nothing on the end user side. iOS can’t set the name or set the icon of a webapp on the home screen.
  15. Probably forum side. iOS grabs favicons normally.
  16. Yes it would be nice, but you cant.
  17. ngl, probably the phone most people should be buying in 2019. It's affordable for an iPhone (being $50 less than the XR was with much more to offer) and has stellar battery life, a fantastic camera system, along with the best SoC available in any phone.
  18. Hmm, the square look seems to have fallen out of fashion with modern phone makers. Most everyone is rounded. The only somewhat decent phone with that that I am aware of is the Razer Phone (which you already mentioned).
  19. That doesn't mean carriers have any interest in serving more data though. Also most phones can't playback VP9 and can only stream 1080p h.264/5
  20. The temps are fine, but new thermal paste of a higher quality wouldn't hurt. I just wouldnt expect much lower temps without an improvement in airflow.
  21. Displays are certainly one of the strong points of MBPs. 1560x1600, 500nits and glossy with an effective anti-reflective coating. The aspect ratio is also nice because you can fit more lines of code. The price is that hard part to swallow though.
  22. Ironic on how that narrative has flipped to be directed at Android OEMs now.