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  1. What DVD drive did this Dell Optiplex 3010 originally ship with?
  2. What model ram did this Dell Optiplex 3010 originally ship with?
  3. What is the max ram and speed for a Dell Optiplex 3010 I need replys thanks.
  4. What is the best blueray drive to Buy I need a internal one thanks.
  5. I want to Clean the i5-3470 CPU in my dell optiplex 3010 what's the best way to Clean it and what is the best thermal paste to use?
  6. I have a dell optiplex 3010 can I remove the front bezel the front bezel has only 2 clip's one got broken I need to remove it to install a DVD drive when it arrives.
  7. What os was the Dell Optiplex 3010 shipped with?
  8. I have mid 2009 MacBook a1181 with a engraved case can it be repaired?