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    If theres a way to get PSN on a PS2, Let me know.
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    If I had to choose I'd play PS4
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    somewhere in Murica...
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    Computers, Cars, Drag Racing, Dirtbikes, etc.
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    Heres a few details. I can turn oxygen into Carbon dioxide. Pretty neat, huh?
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    School is enough


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    ASRock H270
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    16GB Corsair \/engeance LPX
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    EVGA GTX 1050ti
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    Crap DIY-PC also known as life mistakes
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    SP M.2 Sata 3 (died) + 240GB SanDisk Sata3 SSD Boot + 1TB WD Blue games
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    Rosewill Lepton 500W 80+ gold
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    Random Samsung Moniter
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    HyperX FPS Alloy
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    Prodigy G203
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    Corsair Void Pro
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    Windows 10 from a windows 7 home premium key.
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    Lenovo Flex 14 2-in-1
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  1. I see where your coming from, and agree on this particular subject, its just the version 15.2 is what i prefer because the new ones are just windows 10 pre-install enviroments. So if your looking for virus removal, i would look to the newer versions.
  2. I would reccommend Hirens Boot CD 15.2 because it comes with helpful tools such as a bootable version of gparted, mini windows XP and a load of virus tools. Just download the ISO and write it with etcher or rufus then it should be good to go. https://www.hirensbootcd.org/hbcd-v152/
  3. PSUs sitting on a shelf for 20 years unused isnt exactly great for the caps.
  4. So i need a new PSU for my windows 98 gaming PC and i considerd the 450W insigna PSU because this rig would never draw over 150w-ish watts and getting a older more approprite PSU just seems like a bad idea with shelf life and what-not.
  5. Well, a 1660 would be a good upgrade, and i think linus did a video of budget 4k editing rig and used a 1660ti Edit: Heres the video and it looks like they used a 1650 so a 1660 super would be a solid choice, CPU depending. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_HKRUPN1Mk&t=802s
  6. You just need a AM4 motherboard with (and dont quote me on this) a 300 series chipset or higher. Edit: just saw the ddr3. yeah you cant get a mobo for that config
  7. Its been a hot minute.


  8. @Slottr @Windows7ge @Den-Fi So being compatible, how does a Killer AX1650 sound? I've heard mixed results about some killer cards. Or more realisticly a AX200
  9. So after 20 minutes of googling, i couldnt find any answers to my question, so here it is. Is putting a intel chipset Wifi card into a AMD laptop (Flex 14) possible? THe Flex 14 comes with the realtek 8822E card it ists a pile of crap, droping a connection every 10 minutes. But back to my question, does it matter thats its a intel chipset, or would it work fine?
  10. Has anyone seen the roast of Tesla on D-brands website?  


  11. Hey @LukeSavenije, Do you know where a Rosewill Lepton 500 would fall? I've looked round quite a bit for it but got nothing. Thanks