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  1. New Router ROG Rapture

    Yeah, a picture / drawing would help loads. You don't have the blueprints for the house either? But yeah, you might be right, it's just the large square footage number that makes me think this house needs multiple APs to cover it because it sounds huge. haha.
  2. Help with network configuration in house

    Yeah, unless you move a lot of data to the NAS like I do, you probably won't run into the gigabit bottleneck. If you do though, yes, the Ethernet cable going from the netgear will take a hit if you flood the connection with data transfers to the NAS (As you mention, while your internet connection isn't that fast, it's super easy to fill gigabit Ethernet with NAS data transfers). I would run Ethernet (two runs for PC 1 and 2) to the netgear if you want to have the netgear being the main router for everything. Ideally I would run a Ethernet connection per PC straight back to where the netgear pt2 is. Plug the PCs into a switch, and plug the switch into the router. I would also replace the ISP combo unit with a dedicated modem have the netgear be the master router.
  3. New Router ROG Rapture

    Yeah, when do you buy the router though? If you get it, you should do a walk around the house with WiFi analyzer and just see if you even need to do anything special at all. You might be surprised that the ASUS covers what you need. I know my cousin's nighthawk X6 does a fairly good job at covering his two story house after I told them where to actually put the router (not in the corner of the room under a metal desk)
  4. New Router ROG Rapture

    Well, I'm telling you, depending on how many walls you have, one router might not cut it.Definitely just try to place it in the center of the house, probably 6-7' above the ground on the first floor. I would also do a WiFi analyzer search and see what network bands you have free and make sure you manually set the WiFi channels yourself to pick out the interference free ones.
  5. New Router ROG Rapture

    These aren't extenders. They're access points. You run Ethernet to them. You can use them as extenders, but why do that? Might as well run wire the correct way. Ubiquiti AP Pros usually go for $120-130 per point too. You still need a router (If you don't have one already). Ubiquiti has a USG for a router, but you don't really need it. But yeah, I think your only really option if you want a one router and overkill, probably the ASUS ROG one. You could check out the Synology RT1900AC. Netgear Nighthawk X6 as well.
  6. New Router ROG Rapture

    Man, I want to get one of these routers so bad just to put it upside down and give it a cockroach skin to scare people. The ASUS lineup of routers is pretty solid and the firmware is pretty feature good. My friend has a ASUS router and it works pretty well. Question though, have you considered getting separate access points to just work with your current router? I mean two Ubiquiti AC-Pros (Or AC HD if you want Mu-Mimo) would cover a lot of area. Even then, trying to get one router to cover two stories and 3,800 SQ FT seems like a hard task, even with as many antennas as the ASUS router has. Hopefully you don't have any brick or hard to penetrate walls on the inside though. Those kill 5GHz signals like nothing. I would definitely try your best to get the router to be in the center of the home as much as possible though.
  7. I'm so confused about web speeds!

    Your Wi-Fi card there tops out at 867Mb/s, which isn't that high by today's standards. They have cards that do over 1300Mb/s. Sadly though, this figure is usually made up by combining the 2.4GHz and 5GHz network speeds (While you're only able to use one at a time). Also, WiFi is theoretical speeds. Any interference, neighbors with poor IT skills, or other type of interference (microwaves do it too) will drop the total speed of WiFi a lot. I would try powerline first. Keep in mind powerline is only decent if your electrical is decent. I would buy a set of powerline adapters at the store and then refund them if they don't work as good as expected.
  8. Yeah, I got a used Steelcase Think chair from ebay for $180. Well worth it. This thing is built like a tank. No foam to go flat either. I just wished it came in a full back version I had the choice to get either a good office chair or some kind of gamer chair (Like the DX racer or Vertagear). I decided to go with steelcase because of seeing their brand before at my previous workplace (And those chairs were nice).
  9. Which Corsair Keyboard To Buy?

    Not sure if this is to your liking, but maybe check out the Ducky One 2 / Ducky One series of keyboards? They come in TKL versions too. I have a Ducky Shine 6 Snow White Edition myself and love it.
  10. Should I buy a refurbished PSU

    Ah, if it comes in a retail box, it's more than likely just a customer return as mentioned above. You shouldn't be plagued by issues. I'd only start to get concern if it was manufacturer refurbished like mine were. That and I mostly got hit by bad luck but I just want to let you know.
  11. Should I buy a refurbished PSU

    My experience, but I would never do refurbished corsair PSUs again. I bought two AX860i units (One for my PC, the other for my brother). I got them swapped in on both of our PCs. Two weeks later, both randomly turn off and get stuck in boot loops. It took two RMAs and three replacement units to get two units that actually worked. The PSUs I got kept getting plagued by a faulty thermal probe issue (PSU would think it was overheating when it wasn't). The amount of time lost (removing and reinstalling the PSUs) and data loss (You had no idea when the PSU would turn off) from dealing with trying to save $50-70 per PSU was not worth it. Also, if you have a faulty unit, to RMA the normal way, you have to send the PSU and all wires back to corsair. This means unwiring your PC and switching back to your old PSU if you want to use your PC. Other option is to do an advanced RMA, where they charge your credit card and then send you a unit and you send back the bad one. Also, do note that corsair refurbished units only get a year of warranty. You're screwed beyond that. I bought a refurbished unit from Newegg though. You can tell because it comes in a plain cardboard box not the fancy retail packaging. If it has the packaging still, more than likely it's just a customer return which is a good thing. On the positive note, the two working units we finally got still work to this day, three years later. Still wasn't worth the headache though. However, I don't think the same PSU issues I had affect the SF lineup. I think it was mostly the AXi series.
  12. Unifi USG - Latency ping graph

    Yeah, I wouldn't recommend changing the ping server. It does go amber (yellow) if you change it. Other times it will go amber is if ping.ubnt.com goes down. It happened to me once and I thought the internet had gone offline when it didn't. After an hour or so, it came back.
  13. Hmm, I thought Sandy Bridge Xeons were cheap by now (Just the boards are freaky expensive). You're probably seeing SuperMicro a lot because the older SuperMicro servers are being sold for cheap right now and parted out. In fact, I bought an empty SuperMicro 4U chassis and it came with two Xeon L5630 CPUs and a SuperMicro X8DAH+-F motherboard inside of it (I even double checked the listing on ebay and it was indeed an empty chassis). I actually ended up sending it to WhisperingKnickers there because I was about to recycle it (I was going to move my current PC into the server).
  14. Well, if you can get a SR-2 for that price, get it, but keep in mind the board is huge. @WhisperingKnickers has the SR-2. Performance wise, no doubt two overclocked 1366 CPUs will win over the 8 core E5. Though to make things easier to compare, which exact 2011 socket motherboard and Xeon are you comparing against?
  15. One network. Multiple transmitters.

    Access point is fed through Ethernet cable. You can set it up to be fed via wifi, but you want the Ubiquiti APs to have Ethernet (It's far better) I can tell you the handoff with ubiquiti is really smooth. I have two Ubiquiti AC Pros and devices switch between the two no issue. You can even set the Ubiquiti software to kick devices when they get too far (Signal too low) so they change over to the closest AP (Some devices are stubborn about sticking to one AP).