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    Intel i5-2700K (4.9 GHz OC at 1.45v)
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    ASUS P8Z77-V Pro
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    16 GB DDR3 1600 MHz (4 x 4GB)
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    ASUS PB258Q
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    Logitech MX Master
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    HTOmega Claro+ and Sennheiser HD600 headphones
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    Windows 10

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  1. Yes, you can DAC your two 10Gb/s network cards together to transfer files without a switch. This is how I have my PC connected to my server (Windows to ESXi). You will have to manually assign IP addresses / subnet mask, but it is pretty easy.
  2. Ah, my bad, I missed that. Ah, any tips on how make that happen? I tried to get my 1080 Ti to run in ESXi, but hosts black screens on restarting after installing the driver. (Windows Server) I did add the parameter hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = "FALSE", but no luck.
  3. You have to do some trickery to make the GPU not realize that it is running in a VM. I'm not sure how to do this for Proxmox. Nvidia cripples the consumer GPU lineup to not work in VMs because they want you to buy Quadros to do this.
  4. Even more overkill. I like this. That sounds great though. Also, just double check if the NZXT Hue and RAM is aura sync compatible. Otherwise you might end up like my friend's build where we got RAM (corsair vengence LPX RGB) that wasn't compatible so the RAM isn't synced with the rest of the PC.
  5. Sadly no, since it died post warranty (That one years goes super fast). The other one is somehow still alive, but I don't trust it and have bought a spare EVGA G3 PSU for when it does die. I think 1000W is super overkill for this PC though.
  6. As someone who bought two refurbished AX860i PSUs, only to have them die within a few months, and after three RMAs to get two working units, please stay away from them. One of the PSUs ended up dying post warranty (warranty for reburbished PSUs is only one year). GrockleTD's suggestions are solid though.
  7. Ah, sorry, I missed that. One of my friend's builds had similar issues. Turns out the SATA data cable had a small cut in it. But wow, that's strange. I hope the motherboard isn't bad. Interesting that the BIOS update gave different issues though. I also have had the ryzen CPU come off with the CPU cooler too, it's not fun to deal with. Yeah, just memtestx86 the RAM just in case (Though if you've been using it, I doubt that's bad).
  8. Try replacing the SATA data cable. I would try one stick of RAM, then the other. Potentially you have some bad RAM (it happens). Have you checked for a BIOS update? Otherwise maybe the CPU or motherboard is bad.
  9. I would try to run a disk check, then memtestx86 to just double check RAM isn't the the issue. A damaged sata data cable can cause this too. There's also the option of reinstalling windows.
  10. Since the CPU is a 4770 (non-K), a locked motherboard (OEM) is alright. You only need a Z series unlocked board when you have a -K CPU for overclocking. As for his issues, have you tried checking GPU / CPU usage logs to see if maybe there is a bottleneck somewhere? Also, for the 8GB of RAM, is it two sticks of 4GB or a single stick of 8GB? Not having dual channel could be hurting performance a little.
  11. Well, you made quite the large jump from 3200MHz to 3800Mhz. haha. Small steps with memory. Otherwise tightening timings is also a complex beast to try.
  12. There could also be a clear CMOS jumper on the motherboard for you to try. You just seem to really need to reset CMOS and you'll be fine.
  13. I'm curious to see how large CPU sockets will be in the future with the core wars going on.
  14. No washers, but the motherboard screws are usually fine thread. You just have to find the screw that threads into the standoff without any force. Yes, just skip the solid standoffs.
  15. It appears the case as preinstalled standoffs. Those should only need screws to install the motherboard. The one with the solid pin are known as solid standoffs and don't take any screws. They hold the motherboard in place while you have no screws in.