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    Intel i5-2700K (4.9 GHz OC at 1.45v)
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    ASUS P8Z77-V Pro
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    16 GB DDR3 1600 MHz (4 x 4GB)
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    AMD FirePro V7900 (pending replacement due to miners)
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    SuperMicro 4U chassis
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    One 480 GB Sandisk Extreme 2
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    SuperMicro 1000W Platinum
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    ASUS PB258Q
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    Corsair H105 with Delta fans in push/pull
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    Ducky Shine 6 Snow White Edition (MX Silver)
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    Logitech MX Master
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    HTOmega Claro+ and Sennheiser HD600 headphones
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    Windows 10

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  1. What model UPS do you have? It's either bad battery, bad power output type (square vs stepped sine or pure sine wave), or UPS is not large enough to handle the load (granted your PC isn't that power hungry)
  2. Old-ish Cisco/Linksys E2000

    Have you tried logging into the ISP all-in-one router (I'm assuming this is the main router), and seeing what IP address is assigned to the Linksys router? See if you can ping / access the manual setup page using the IP in a browser. My guess is that the setup program (Which I never use to be honest) is trying to find the router at (default gateway for most places), but that spot is given to the ISP router (which gives the Linksys one a different IP)
  3. Router Battle

    Yes, that's the goal. You can have the Edgerouter directly connect to a VPN (in my case, Private Internet Access). I'm not sure if site to site can work at the same time (I don't have a need for site to site VPN...also too broke to get two edgerouters to try that)
  4. Router Battle

    Ah, either will do VPN stuff. I still want to tinker with VPN stuff as well, but saving up first. haha
  5. Router Battle

    Yeah, it's my goal to get one. The USG or Edgerouter Lite both work pretty well. Though if you want more advanced fun, probably lean towards the Edgerouter Lite.
  6. Router Battle

    Edgerouter - standalone router / firewall. You connect to it using a web interface (or serial console cable) to set it up. Has more advanced features than the USG (Though UniFi is catching up fast) USG - Router controller by UniFi controller. You control it via UniFi controller software (can be installed on PC, server, CloudKey, etc). Has silver color and pretty blue LED. Intrusion Detection is in beta. You'll find that most of Ubiquiti's UniFi router line shares similar hardware to the Edgerouter series. If you want some firepower, check out the Edgerouter 4.
  7. POE lighting

    Ah, yeah, Ubiquiti killed off the MiFi line. This is sort of the new replacement for it. It's pretty neat though, do check it out. I like the PoE dimming switch idea though. I also wish it was a 2' x 4' panel / brighter / adjustable color temp (Doesn't have to be complete RGB).
  8. Young IT Technican Wage?

    I agree here (Just to a reasonable limit, if they're banging on your door every hour, then yeah, I would start charging). I don't charge my close friends and my family, but they usually end up paying me anyway as respect of my kindness. From my friends, I found people who needed help building PCs that consulted me to build them for them and paid me.
  9. 2 Reasons Why Apple Dominated

    Thanks. I was recommend debian by another friend. Ubuntu looks great as well though. But yeah, Hyper-V isn't so great at running Linux. I'll be redoing things with VMware exsi. @minervx I've dabbled a bit with MacBook pros due to my cousin owning one. Indeed it's a sold machine. No complaints from me there with the OS or the machine itself (aside from price / specs). I've personally had my $550 acer laptop for four years now and haven't had a single issue with it. Neither on my PC / server either aside from normal BSODs while overclock testing. But yeah, for my family members that aren't tech savvy, mobile platforms / Linux / mac are better ideas for them...they can't screw them up as easily (but they still find a way I swear). Sadly though, not everyone can afford a MacBook (or if there is a cheap MacBook, it's a used older model that's outclassed by a cheap windows PC). I think Windows you do deal with some headaches with potential hardware issues, but if you're reasonably tech savvy, it's pretty easy to steer clear of viruses. Usually it's when my family members start downloading questionable links that they get hit by stuff.
  10. POE lighting

    Ubiquiti is actually making PoE lights and wall switches on the beta store. It's their new "Enterprise of things" lineup. Personally I'd be more interested in PoE wall switches that can control regular 120V stuff. I just feel...weird having Ethernet cable power lights as efficient as LEDs are now. I just find 120V fixtures to be more universal in case of switching fixtures down the road.
  11. Too good to be true 4 port Gigabit PCI-e adapter?

    Any luck finding used enterprise NICs? Usually you can find used dell or HP NICs for pretty cheap. Or even Intel ones.
  12. 2 Reasons Why Apple Dominated

    Hmm, yeah, Windows is by far the most common OS. Window's inherent issues / driver issues are kind of related by the fact that windows has to try to support a lot of configurations. That's quite the feat by Microsoft, you have to admit. Apple does have pretty good support because they only need to support the hardware they sell, which makes working out issues much easier. Personally I'm learning Linux in addition to Windows. I do hope to play with Mac in a VM one day though.
  13. Help me pimp my WIFI

    Yeah, I can recommend the Ubiquiti AC-Pro APs. However, if you want the roaming between APs to be smoother, I would recommend running the UniFi controller on something 24/7 (not required, but it's pretty cool / can help with hand off. I have two AC Pros in my 1200 SQ FT house (plan to run a third for the lolz later). I run UniFi controller on my storage server. I've never had any issues with roaming between points. I would say to also use one of those Linksys routers as the main. Or get a Edgerouter 4 or Lite. There' also the Ubiqitui USG if you want to stay all UniFi. The USG-Pro...some units have issues so I can't really recommend it (I had one go bad myself and I'm saving up for a Edgerouter 4).
  14. PLEAS HELP !

    Mystic light sync is just the motherboard software for controlling RGB. Yes, E-ATX uses the same type of PSUs as ATX size motherboards.
  15. PLEAS HELP !

    That light sync has nothing to do with the PSU. The PSU is ATX power standard. E-ATX motherboard is referring to the size of the motherboard. Your worry should be if the case fits with the E-ATX motherboard.