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  1. NAS trouble and RAID confusion.

    Yeah, I can't see how you'd end up with only 8TB of useable space. 7 drives, with one being a hot swap spare, so 6 drives (4TB x 6 = 24TB) in RAID6 should give around 15TBish of useable space. I have trouble seeing how it would be so little space free (Unless it was 2TB drives as mentioned above) For example, I have 10 x 4TB (40TB) in my NAS in RAID6 and have 29.1 TB of space. The norm is RAID 6 gives you roughly 2/3 of the space.
  2. Relid safe method

    I used nail polish (I should buy the correct protective stuff though), and just draw lines on the CPU PCB for where the center of the iHS is. I just let the socket hold the IHS down, no issues at all. I'm not a fan of gluing the IHS back on, in case of a mistake.
  3. I have free electricity... What to mine?

    Yep, basically distributed supercomputing for research purposes. Helps researchers that can't use dedicated supercomputers to find out problems that need a lot of compute to solve for disease research.
  4. Comcast Upload Speeds?

    In the Dallas Fort Worth (Texas) area, the 200 Mb/s plan gets around 200Mbps / 20 Mbps (25 if lucky). While the download speed is great, I stick with Frontier Fios (Great as long as you don't have to deal with the customer service at all), I'm on the 150/150 plan. Usually get 175/175 (Then again, all of my neighbors on my fiber hub changed to Charter Spectrum)
  5. Soldered i7 worth going back ?

    Yeah, the 2600K / 2700K will overclock better (If you don't delid the 3rd gen CPU). I'm not sure how well the 2nd / 3rd gen CPUs would handle streaming / recording though. Keep in mind the price for a good cooler to keep the i7 cool.
  6. Is this normal?

    How much of a load? If you load the whole connection up, yes, the latency will go up normally. It's packet war in the router as mentioned above. I'm able to usually keep 50% load and still have 8-9ms ping, but if i flood the connection, ping shoots up as expected. Oh, are you using the Fios Quantum Router?
  7. Ubiquiti Security Gateway PRO

    Yeah, also in addition to the above, enabling IPS (Intrusion Prevent System) on UniFi will tank the router's throughput. USG gets crippled to 80 Mb/s WAN, and USG Pro gets crippled to 150 Mb/s WAN. Only the really expensive USG XG can do 1Gb/s with IPS enabled. However, I think most people would be fine without enabling IPS, but it's nice to know it's there.
  8. Ubiquiti Security Gateway PRO

    I had bought a USG Pro, but I unfortunately found out there's a defect with some batches of the router that will cause it to crash. It causes the USG Pro to reboot randomly and(or) loop in rebooting. I ended up refunding mine and getting a EdgeRouter 4. I liked the UniFi system, but the USG Pro I can't recommend because of the potential memory issue (The fix was to get a different stick of RAM, but I figured since the edgerouter 4 wasn't too far away from launch I should just get that). I do think the new units are unaffected and that it was me having a stroke of bad luck, but I'm still weary since the below thread is still ongoing. See thread here: https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UniFi-Routing-Switching/USG-Pro-4-Restarting-every-2-days/td-p/1563145
  9. How to make a Raid 6 w/ SSD Cache

    Ah, when you test using crystal disk mark, try at least 5 passes (I usually do 9) and at 4GiB instead of the normal 1GiB. It's possible that if the file is small enough, the RAID card will just benchmark against the memory cache the RAID card has (Some have 512MB, these days the newer ones have 1 to 2+ GB of DDR3) Also make sure your RAID card has a working battery. Speeds really take a hit when you have to change to write through mode (bypass RAID card cache).
  10. Overclocking i7 2600k on Biostar Z77

    Ah, I'm not sure what you read, but generally overclocking you overclock the turbo boost. I know you can lock the CPU ratio at all times, but that's just a waste of power when your system isn't under full load. Overclocking the turbo boost allows the CPU to idle correctly and make sure not to disable the C states (unless needed, these report back idle state to the OS).
  11. How to remove a graphics card backplate?

    If i remember right, you need to first remove the cooler (four screws around GPU) and then the screws for the backplate are on the VRM side. I could be wrong through, sadly I sold my 980 Ti G1 to a friend and it's been a while since I last took it apart for themal paste change.
  12. GTX 1060 6gb performing like a GTX 650

    Yeah, if he's brave enough (and or motherboard supports it), try overclocking. 2500K still works great today (At least my bro with a 4.4GHz 2500K and 1060 6GB isn't complaining). My 2500K sits on my desk as I got a cheap 2700K two summers ago and it's running 4.9 GHz, no issues handling 980 Ti.
  13. GTX 1060 6gb performing like a GTX 650

    He should really consider a better cooler than the stock one. Turbo boost helps a lot in this case for feeding GPU fps. Though it should still be pretty fast at 3.3 GHz. Sadly I don't have a spare Z77 motherboard yet to bring my 2500K back to life.
  14. GTX 1060 6gb performing like a GTX 650

    Weird, at stock, turbo boost should be running at 3.7GHz for a 2500K (Unless all cores are loaded)