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    Carrollton, TX
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    Programming, art, technology
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    College Student


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    Intel i5-2700K (4.9 GHz OC at 1.45v)
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    ASUS P8Z77-V Pro
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    16 GB DDR3 1600 MHz (4 x 4GB)
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    ASUS GTX 980 Ti Strix
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    SuperMicro 4U chassis
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    One 480 GB Sandisk Extreme 2
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    SuperMicro 1000W Platinum
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    ASUS PB258Q
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    Corsair H105 with Delta fans in push/pull
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    Ducky Shine 6 Snow White Edition (MX Silver)
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    Logitech MX Master
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    HTOmega Claro+ and Sennheiser HD600 headphones
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    Windows 10

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  1. scottyseng

    Will circuit breaker affect Wi-Fi signal (photo attached)

    Auto Voltage Regulation. Basically if there are voltage fluctuations, it'll clean up the voltage to be in spec (and if it gets out of range, changes over to battery / sounds alarm). This cyber power is pretty great, but I'm not sure what the UK model would be for your voltage: https://www.cyberpowersystems.com/product/ups/cp850pfclcd/ Also, your dad needs to get up to date with asbestos. Stuff is dangerous to deal with. In the construction field we usually just tell clients we will have to have it professionally removed at their cost or we don't work there. It's very nasty stuff to breathe in. It's crazy how asbestos teams get suited up, monitor the amount of asbestos in air (too high, they have to leave), and the clean up procedure to leave the area. Heavy mold can do the same.
  2. scottyseng

    Will circuit breaker affect Wi-Fi signal (photo attached)

    I agree that while the breakers / electrical wiring wouldn't cause interference for WiFi, the giant metal breaker box (which hopefully is hooked into ground) would ground out WiFi. I would just test around using wifi analyzer with your router in different spots. Shame to hear about the questionable wiring though. If you're really worried, consider buying a UPS unit with AVR for the router
  3. scottyseng

    Single Slot GPU for Server

    Active cooled. The passive ones were pretty big from what I saw. Good luck with your system though.
  4. scottyseng

    Single Slot GPU for Server

    Yeah, I went for a B-Stock 730. Thanks
  5. scottyseng

    Pro Tips for Terminating Male CAT 6 cables?

    I would definitely recommend a keystone patch panel if you can fit one...trying to direct terminate to a switch is risky (If you screw up and the wire ends up short, you're screwed). Otherwise, I would recommend the pass through connectors shown above and the klein tools pass through crimper. They got a lot faster than the regular jacks (which are hard to cut to the right length) It's definitely a practice makes perfect kind of thing. It used to take me a while but now I can do it semi fast after having to do so many to terminate my house. Also make sure you have a ethernet jack tester to make sure you got the connection right. Sometimes it's easy for that one wire to go in the wrong spot.
  6. scottyseng


    All I can think of are the monitors that do picture in picture (splitscreen) mode. They aren't exactly cheap though.
  7. scottyseng

    Why Dont TR4 ITX Boards Exist?

    My guess is the size of the socket makes it really hard to design a board for.
  8. scottyseng

    What if...: Windows Mobile.

    I'm going to have to disagree about not having a non tile UI. I think it's one of the best features of windows phone. You don't need to choose between Widgets and App icons like on Android (Yeah, I know there's launchers on Android for windows phone UI). I have tiny tiles for features I don't need live, bigger tiles for weather to see it, and medium tiles for e-mail. Also I have had some crashing, but fair chunk of the reason was due to my failing battery. I'll probably just keep using my phone until it dies (Also because I'm too cheap to get a new phone, would rather put more money down on PC parts). I think app support and lack of phones killed it.
  9. scottyseng

    CM Hyper 212 evo cpu fan error

    It's possible the fan bearing is worn out and you should replace the fan. Otherwise it could be that the BIOS too high of a low limit (the minimum fan RPM) and is causing the error. For example, I have to set my motherboard to 400RPM because my delta fans can idle at 400-500RPM on the lowest speed. I think default is 600 or 800RPM
  10. scottyseng

    Windows network shares (sigh)

    Well, some questions: Are you using the Mellanox cards as 10Gb NICs? Are they direct attached to the workstation? As for general networking, does the server have a static IP address? Generally when I got this error, I had to make my PC have my server as the primary DNS server.
  11. scottyseng

    Msi Gaming X 1070 hitting 83C

    My favorite now is Kyronaut, but that's quite expensive. Any decent thermal paste will work just fine though.
  12. scottyseng

    Msi Gaming X 1070 hitting 83C

    Yeah, it's just cooling related. I would try to replace the thermal paste when you can though.
  13. scottyseng

    Msi Gaming X 1070 hitting 83C

    Yeah, I expected as much. I remember the support being very good on my old 1070. But yeah, just replace the thermal paste. The cooler was pretty easy to remove if I remember right
  14. scottyseng

    Msi Gaming X 1070 hitting 83C

    Well, you have to replace it and find out. As for next steps, I would probably double check that air is being moved by the fans / check how warped the GPU is (Though the MSI cards have pretty strong supports so I don't think this is the case)
  15. scottyseng

    Msi Gaming X 1070 hitting 83C

    slight wobble is to be expected at 100% fan speed. But yeah, I would just get some good thermal paste and swap it (Make sure you have rubbing alcohol too, they put a lot of stock thermal paste on the GPU)