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    scottyseng reacted to GoodBytes in 21H1 Windows 10 Update Announced   
    Congratulation's! You have been selected in handling Windows 10 version release news on this forum!
    Ah, so much time saved on my side! ūüôā¬†¬†It's been 5 years I have been doing this. Lengthy writes ups, analysis¬†and screenshots... hours of work actually, twice a year. Glad someone can take this role over. Now, I can relax and play some games, like seriously.¬†ūüėĄ
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    scottyseng reacted to wkdpaul in Signal Vs Anti-Censorship Community   
    * thread cleaned *
    Please avoid spamming (see the forum rules) and stay on-topic, quoting walls of text from github isn't being on-topic, if you're here to discuss, then do so instead of quoting others and posting links (you can refer to @LAwLz reply to see an exemple of how you can explain your POV and discuss it).
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    scottyseng reacted to dalekphalm in Looking for new Networking Equipment - Gateway/Firewall + AP   
    Hey guys just thought I'd post an update.
    My original plan was to get a Unifi nanoHD AP, and pair it with an EdgeRouter. After costing that out, I decided instead to try the Unifi Dream Machine.
    I read some more reviews of it, and it seemed like it's come along way - it has a really good integrated AP, that is functionally separate. It also has the integrated controller software (though it doesn't support every type of UBNT hardware - no Camera Server NVR module for example).
    I got a really good deal on it directly from the UBNT store ($389 CAD), which was cheaper than anywhere else I looked (including used models on eBay).
    I haven't hooked it up yet, but I took it out of the box and damn, the physical design is pretty stunning. Very simple and elegant. Also the build quality feels excellent too. They definitely stole the "Apple" approach when it comes to packaging design as well - unboxing was a breeze.
    I'll probably hook it up sometime this week or on the weekend (I have... 5 more days until Meraki locks me out of the existing hardware).
    Once that's done, I'll be unclaiming the meraki hardware and selling them (I was thinking $100 CAD each for the Gateway, AP, and PoE Switch, or $250 CAD for the whole bundle - thoughts? I based this off of sold listings on eBay).
    I'll list them here on the forums, among other places, if anyone wants to look out for them. They're unlicensed, hence the very low cost compared to new (The newer version of the AP, the MR42, for example, retails for around $1200 CAD and comes with a 3 year license). If anyone has alternate pricing suggestions for the old hardware, please let me know (see the opening post for model numbers).
    I'll post some pictures at some point - either here or in a new thread.
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    scottyseng reacted to leadeater in File sharing over the local network, for. My eventual server project.   
    Um? Legendary? Not sure what you have been reading but I doubt they are any good legends, other than the tale of why you should not eat lead¬†ūüôÉ
    You might as well just ask here, there's other people that are on this forum that can give good advice too.
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    scottyseng reacted to lostcattears in Memory for the future - Team DDR5 SO-DIMM announcement   
    Bro slow down I am still on DDR3
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    scottyseng reacted to Electronics Wizardy in 20 x 8TB in Raid6 -> Sloooooow   
    you see a lot of servers with software raid. There are tons of software raid solutions like zfs and storage spaces that are made for servers. They provide similar performance, and are used in many production servers. Also with things like nvme ,software raid is getting much more common as hardware raid can't be used.
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    scottyseng reacted to leadeater in Google threatens to pull out of Australia over new "link tax" laws   
    I don't know, about 80% of me wants it to happen just to see what unfolds. Only proper way I see to see whos claims about how bad and unworkable or the opposite are true. Just anyone but my country lol.
    I doubt it's as unworkable as Google wants to make out but it's also likely actually very complex, but sure enough Google doesn't want to do it. Will it actually fix anything, probably not¬†ūü§∑‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ. Still is a fair criticism for what Google actually does in terms of data trawling/harvesting and tailored gatekeeping, if your business isn't 'Google friendly' then you're pretty much doomed now days.
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    scottyseng reacted to LAwLz in [Updated #1][Rumour] Intel and NVIDIA had an internal agreement that blocked the development of laptops with AMD Renoir and GeForce RTX 2070 and above   
    Ah yes, a random polish website publishes a wild conspiracy theory with 0 evidence and conveniently it's one that can neither be proved nor disproved, so any and all discussion about this will be "I believe Nvidia and Intel are evil so therefore this proves my point".
    Can't wait to see a bunch of AMD fanboys use this to prove that Nvidia and Intel are evil, and AMD is their friend who need protection.
    I like how they have also shut down any argument that can disprove them in the style of a flat-earther.
    "Couldn't the reason for the lack of high end Nvidia GPUs on AMD laptops be because of PCIe limitations?"
    Nooo! That's just a lie told by Intel! You'd be a fool to believe that! It barely makes a difference in most situations so therefore it is wrong. Also please ignore that Nvidia have traditionally had very strict PCIe requirements, such as SLI not being supported on anything less than PCIe x8 motherboards despite PCIe x4 being enough at the time to get 98% of performance.
    "How do you explain the new laptops which do have AMD CPUs and high end Nvidia cards?"
    The conspiracy has been broken and brave OEMs are now rising up against the oppressive regim of Intel and Nvidia! 
    Gotta love how they quote themselves as the source. I should start doing that.
    This rumor seems like a load of bollocks.
    Source: LAwLz
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    scottyseng reacted to itswillum in Dennis WASTED His Money - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade   

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    scottyseng reacted to FakeKGB in Dennis WASTED His Money - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade   
    Live, Laugh, Liao.
    Best $400 ever spent.
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    scottyseng reacted to Lurick in 'Your c**k is mine now' - Hacker hacks 'smart' chastity cage and demands $750 of BTC as ransom   
    Not really. IoT needs to stop when your smart fridge sets fire to your smart home which fails to send out a smart signal to the smart fire department to send a smart firetruck to your smart home to put out the now smart fire started by your smart oven in your smart kitchen but has grown out of control and broken the smart locks from talking to the smart windows which are smart sealed shut for your smart safety
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    scottyseng reacted to Biomecanoid in Games keep crashing after installing a new 980ti GPU   
    PSU and Hard Drives you don't want to buy used 
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    scottyseng reacted to n0stalghia in [Misinformation] Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 "Ultra", faster than RTX 3060 Ti   
    I miss the simpler times when I had a series of base cards, sorted by their performance in ascending order (x50, x60, x70, x80, x90), and where they would release a Ti version some years later that would be sitting above it's base version, but below the next one (x70 < x70 Ti < x80).
    Such simpler times. Why the current fuckery. 
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    scottyseng reacted to tim0901 in Intel Core i9-11900(k) + i7-11700(k/kf) 8c16t Rocket Lake Desktop CPU Benchmarks and Pricing Leaked: (Update #8)   
    And all this with intel still being a process node behind. AMD is killing it rn, but the fact that Intel is still competitive with a 6 year old node is bloody impressive.
    That being said, I'm thinking this generation of Intel chips could well be a poor buy in the long run. If Alder Lake is still due to arrive at the end of the year with a new node and a new architecture (Gracemont Cove, the successor to Willow Cove, which itself was the successor to the Sunny Cove that has been backported for Rocket Lake), then Rocket lake could end up aging rather quickly (although it's probably still a better buy than Kaby Lake).
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    scottyseng reacted to leadeater in Mining Farm with 78 GeForce RTX 3080s Spotted: Capable of Generating $128,088 Per Year   
    Would have been quicker to just say a years supply of RTX 3080's.
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    scottyseng reacted to Gamer Schnitzel in Mining Farm with 78 GeForce RTX 3080s Spotted: Capable of Generating $128,088 Per Year   
    The cryptocurrency market has to die. From a logical and rational point of view it makes no sense whatsoever to convert electricity into an online currency. It literally has zero purpose. No I don't care that it helps you dodge taxations or that you are able to make an income from this. Electricity usage is already high enough in the world, we don't need morons running graphics cards day and night for nothing more than just money making reasons. I doubt Americans are able to understand my argument or care too much about environmental consequences but I can definitely see the EU stepping in one day and regulating this because it literally defies logic from a humanity perspective.
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    scottyseng reacted to RejZoR in RIP Adobe Flash, you changed the internet forever but you will not be missed   
    Everyone raving how they won't miss Adobe Flash at all and dismissing it was a method that for years delivered video content to the masses and provided endless hours of enjoyment through games and animations it helped create. It was also a method of creating insanely rich and visually appealing webpages that were just not possible through HTML at the time.
    Just because it didn't age well in its final stage of lifecycle, that doesn't mean Adobe Flash didn't push online content to new heights. HTML5 literally replaced it because it copied its functionality without being dependent on 3rd party plugin and it's now an integral part of browser engines. So, people who diss and dismiss Adobe Flash just to look cool are annoying fools. Without Adobe Flash, I don't think we'd evolve HTML the way it has.
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    scottyseng reacted to Ashley MLP Fangirl in RIP Adobe Flash, you changed the internet forever but you will not be missed   
    why does everyone hate Flash so much? i never had a security issue with it before... 
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    scottyseng reacted to mynameisjuan in We Got 100 Gigabit Networking!... HOLY $H!T   
    Should be a termination for whoever made that decision. Working with and around even a handful of DACs is a nightmare and from a support standpoint with their failure rates, even more so.
    There is a reason why SM optics are becoming the only option in enterprise as companies are ditching MM and DAC as SM cost difference diminishes. No bulk, no replacing the entire DAC, no replacing MM runs when upgrading past what MM can do, patch cables are cheap if a kink occurs, less heat, less power... Yeah I can back up your hatred for DACs but I'm throwing MM in the same pile.
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    scottyseng reacted to leadeater in We Got 100 Gigabit Networking!... HOLY $H!T   
    They always fail at the ends, like every cable ever. The anti-stress/anti-split boots just don't work if they even have them which most do not and if you have worked with dual TOR 48 port switches full with DAC cables you will know how literally impossible it is to cable manage that and to not stress the cables at the ends where the cable goes in to the SFP connector.
    Bend radius just isn't an issue or why they fail, and because of how rugged the cables are you can never tell they are internally damaged until it just doesn't work.
    It's hard to express just how much I do not like working with DAC in high density, you can never be sure which cable is which and getting to the cable labels is difficult and you risk pulling out other cables along with the one you are taking out just from friction with other cables and poor latching strength of the SFP ports in switches. In every single way DAC is worse than fibre unless you need the cable protection DAC cables offer for some reason, which you shouldn't need inside a server rack.
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    scottyseng reacted to leadeater in We Got 100 Gigabit Networking!... HOLY $H!T   
    Yep totally agree, DACs get very stressed at each end when having to plug/unplug them or ones around it. Cable management and density is a huge problem with them (even the newer thin ones are still not match for OM3/OM4 fibre). Not even price, FS module pricing when buying in bulk is very good and as long as you aren't a gorilla you can reuse the cables and modules as much as you like, where as no matter how careful you are with DAC cables they will fail if you repeatedly remove/ruse them. 
    I hate DAC cables, I got work to buy fibre replacement for everything. That's how much I hate DAC.
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    scottyseng reacted to LAwLz in We Got 100 Gigabit Networking!... HOLY $H!T   
    Oh God, not a Dell switch.
    No Linus, you do not have dual 750W power supplies to "run the fiber optic transceivers that physically light up the laser that shoots out of here and goes into the NIC on the other end".
    An SFP uses something like 1.5 watts of power on average, often even less. Even if you populate all 48 ports that's still less than 100 watts.
    If I remember correctly, the SFP+ spec only allows up to 1.5 watts of power, and that's why 10Gbps copper SFPs aren't really a thing. 
    Dude... What? My experience is the exact opposite, and I have plugged in quite a bit of DAC and SFPs in my days.
    I've seen more DAC cables fail than SFPs, and that's with fewer DAC cables installed than SFPs, not to mention they are a pain in the ass to install because they are so stiff. Plus they perform worse (in terms of latency). There is no reason to use DAC cables except maybe price.
    Doing good cable management is way easier with fiber cables than DAC cables as well.
    Getting a good signal with fiber isn't difficult in a data center or like what Linus has, a closet with a rack in it. Just clean the connector, plug it in and check the RX and TX values. Once the cable is there dirt won't get in and you can just forget about it.
    But what I don't get is why you bring this up when nobody in the thread has mentioned DAC cables, nor does Linus use it in the video. They used MM fiber.
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    scottyseng reacted to Hymenopus_Coronatus in Samsung May Copy Apple After Mocking Them. Galaxy S21 will most likely not include charger and headphones (will be sold separately).   
    Honestly I'm not too upset about this, most of us probably have chargers. I do think that the smartphone market is really stagnant though, I see no reason to buy a new phone in the current market, I've been using hand-me down phones (7 and recently XR which I got for extremely cheap) and I see no reason to switch to these new phones. 
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    scottyseng reacted to JogerJ in China Pressures ASUS to remove ROG and Hololive Collab Broadcast   
    The problem was the list showed Taiwan in the list of "Ranking of top countries" which implied Taiwan is a country on its own, hence China got pissed.

    This is why today YouTube shows it as "Top Geographies" instead. The change happened literally during the weeks  after the controversy arose.
  25. Informative
    scottyseng reacted to Gaires in China Pressures ASUS to remove ROG and Hololive Collab Broadcast   
    Two of the Hololive talents showed their youtube analytics on stream, and in there Taiwan was mentioned as it's own region. Chinese watchers got angry, Hololive suspended said talents for 2 weeks, but the Chinese were still angry. They wanted one of them expelled and Hololive didn't do it.