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  1. an i5 and a top end GPU and your good for gaming so lanes dont even come into question.
  2. Are you looking for the newer video of this as they recently did one where everyone got a drive. But basically quality of the Nand and enclosure. Possibly a better connection too (I forget if the new angelbird has 3.1 gen 2)
  3. that is literally what speed switches are lol
  4. Youll be fine but this really isnt a question for this thread.
  5. Well @MyInnerFred was a 3 whole versions behind on MPC-HC, who know how far on everything else so I updated the installers. They are now available here and the OP is updates. The same guides still apply for the most part but you guys are welcome to post if you need help.
  6. didnt even know that there were fake ones...
  7. just convert it to constant framerate using handbrake here the settings I use you want a big file so you dont loose quality.
  8. anyone have ideas? The odd thing is shadow playu and share working fine and then not. Maybe possible a driver or update issue?
  9. its not a setting. inspect the file with mediainfo and see what the frame rate is listed as mine I recently had to deal with was listed like this Frame rate mode : Variable Frame rate : 29.970 (29970/1000) FPS Minimum frame rate : 9.901 FPS Maximum frame rate : 30.303 FPS Original frame rate : 29.970 (30000/1001) FPS after I dixed it it looked like: Frame rate mode : Constant Frame rate : 29.970 (30000/1001) FPS This is only part of what mediainfo can see and I have the display mode set to TEXT
  10. Dont know how many of you stream but im stumped
  11. Though I may be a noob at streaming and Twitch in general I am by no means a noob when it comes to Hardware and Software as many of you likely already know. This is especially when it comes to video encoding but this one has me stumped. I started using OBS Studio to stream and record my podcast/livestream for my website the other week. This is however not the issue. I also switched to using it for streaming games every now an then because I have has issues with ShadowPlay ever since they changed it to Share. This is where the issue is. When using share Rocket League would be stuttery and basically unplayable. When using OBS Rocket League seems capped at ~30fps. It is normally 60fps V-Synced. This is with just the preview window open without recording or streaming. The same happens without V-Sync and its even lower 23-26fps. I have found CSGO to have the same exact issue and caps around 40fps where im normally doing 150fps+. I have also tried COD4 Remaster and it does not have the issue and seems unaffected. I have been searching for a couple days now in my free time and this is the closest to what I have and game me the idea to try CSGO as well. I am steaming using the nvidia encoder but nothing changes when i go to x264. It seems like just the act of OBS Studio capturing the games. My system is in my profile and I have not upgraded to Anniversary due to a number of things with it. Hopefully some of you have experience with this or have run into it so that I can resolve the issue.
  12. Was your original recording VFR? if that is likely the cause I ran it through handbrake and forced the correct framerate and it fixes everything.
  13. battery life is amazing for a gaming mouse! also use lithium batteries its lighter and lasts longer
  14. page 1-35 states the M.2 share bandwith with PCIe x16_3 so if if use M.2 you cant use that slot those also share bandwith with SATA 5-6 and is in x2 normally. Making x4 would disable SATA 5-6 likely according to page ix you have 2x PCI-E x1 devices and PCIe x1_1 and PCIe x1_2 are physically open based on the image on page 1-18 nothign shows this bandwith being used my anything else