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  1. If you need help or insight on custom mech boards let me know I've been in the game a while Most things like lubing and stickers and indeed tedious but in a way can be soothing/relaxing. Sit back and chill.
  2. "as far as we're aware no one has made an all metal keyboard before" A user on your own forums has had an all metal keyboard for ~5+ years... Keycaps are only Zinc with Titanium space and Esc but I'd say it qualifies
  3. Thought id clarify I dont need help migrating the RAID 10 to RAID 0 I need help keeping an active backup of the new raid 0 to a single drive in he system.
  4. Alright so I already have 64GB of ECC memory in the system. I already have 2x 10G Aquantia cards and the motherboard what hosen so I could use both at x4. Most of this system was made out of parts I already had kicking around or could trade for etc. I can do an updated post with the exact hardware. I have it temporarily built so I can do testing with software as I plan to heavily modify an Antec 900 to fit everything and have cable management.
  5. I'm more wondering about software for backing up the array actively for something that is going to be changing large amounts regularly. For the drive itself I'll just grab a decent one thats big enough at the recommended size.
  6. I am finally upgrading from my Intel SmartResponse Cached RAID 10 array (4x 3TB Seagate SV35 + 256GB 960 Pro) for and editing to a 4x 860 QVO RAID 0 array. Yes I know the risks of RAID 0 and yes I know theyre QLC but ignore that. What are some suggestions for backing this up? Built in Win10 File History? I also own a copy of acronis. Also what size HDD would be recommend for backing up the 8TB array? Thanks in advance. Clarification: I have 1 array a 8TB 4x2TB 860 QVO RAID 0 which is replacing the previously mentioned SSD cached HDD RAID 10. I need a way to actively backup the RAID 0 to a single internal HDD within the same system.
  7. I know im dredging this up but its still a work in progress. I just found out the the Aquantia 10G cards are not supported in FreeNAS also some have said that a different OS would be better since id like to possibly pass the GPU though and have multiple VM's. Would anyone have suggestions with/for this? Ive seen many use unraid which seems to have a decent interface.
  8. I know im resurrecting this thread but just thought id share that there is a 5G to USB 3.0 Type C adapter from QNAP I picked one up for my ITX rig that I cant add anymore internal cards to. I found this thread as I was searching for something better than 1G that wasn't thunderbolt or PCI-E. One annoying thing is that it doesnt ship with a C to C https://amzn.to/2Ze0xlc
  9. standard Clears with 62g springs which is my preferred switch used some yellow stickers I had sitting around. low tone like what kind? The most common sound people get on release of the switch is something called ping.
  10. Finally built my v2 Preonic comparison of my keycap options heres what I did for the layout
  11. Hes just using that jack you would use to monitor the audio. Kind of a jank solution but I guess it works?
  12. pro tip get a visitor train pass and use the crap out of it cheap compared to people there are itll get you everywhere Ill agree with this when traveling make a list of what you want to do then just go with the flow and experience the place. rip also werent their issues around matsuri? @Looteif your looking for suggestions look through the old weekly threads I though I did a good job having high quality varying offerings but maybe thats just me. Thanks to @Charger for helping out and making threads and stuff yeah the forum switching and loosing tapatalk kinds killed it for me personally. Also was switching over to doing my own thing and making content on my own accounts/platforms. would love to see your list of what did cowboy bebop anywhere near as well and evokes similar feelings. There is a reason why the eyecatch in the second half is what it is below. Im not saying you have to like or enjoy something but I would hardly say Cowboy Bebop has been played out. There are for sure some modern classics but they are becoming fewer and fewer as the industry changes how they are making anime. Gigguk recently has a decent video on this that I mostly agree with. I do seriously suggest you check out the weekly poll threads once I started selecting anime. Otherwise tell me what you looking for and ill give you some varying suggestions.
  13. being there a month if your into any japanese music you have a decent chance of being able to get tickets
  14. Depends what you want to see and if your going for the history, pop culture, or what not. If your from the US get the fancy new drivers license and make sure your passport is good. I would also do TSA pre check to save time and hastle. Depending on how lo G you'll be there maybe look into an international drivers license before you go?