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  1. Big game studios have years invested into their existing technologies. Some of them already release on macOS and iOS. Indie games can appear on any platform. It's not a problem if your favorite game is only on PS5, right? By the same logic, Apple Silicon isn't a problem. Both are locked down vertical ecosystems, and you can't run games from a PC on your PS5 or mac. (Now that xbox added Edge, maybe you can in fact stream games to your xbox.) You might lose the ability to play to your old mac titles, faster than it would have been on a PC. That's about the only difference
  2. I've got an intel macbook. For all of us who are now officially and completely deprecated, a little song to drown your sorrows in:
  3. The first 6 months, these babies will be hard to get. Only actual professionals will be willing to plunk down the money and wait for it to arrive a week or 6 weeks later. After that, everyone will get one. Status symbol! PC laptops will cost $5,000 by early 2024.
  4. Larger LPDDR5 dies physically dissipate heat faster, but at DDR5 speeds, they are generating more heat to begin with. Larger LPDDR5 dies cost more to make, supply chain shortages may hit them first, also supply chain shortages are more severe on newer fab nodes such as LPDDR5. But Apple books their fab capacity far enough in advance, so there's hope these chips won't be constrained by the LPDDR5 dies.
  5. Isn't it down to Linus' gaming pc being in the next room with a long thunderbolt cable going basically through the wall to drive his monitor, keyboard, webcam, audio dac, etc.?
  6. Just what's in the title. Is it just fb DNS that's broken? Maybe they're using DNSsec, and it won't work. But does anybody have the IP addresses from yesterday?
  7. I added a brief mention, but since you only referenced a tweet (something I don't consider a good source), I just said "@HelpfulTechWizard wants to have the tweets down-thread mentioned here, so yeah. Epic didn't get everything they wanted."
  8. Summary The judge issued a permanent injunction. Epic wins. Quotes My thoughts I wonder if Apple will appeal the case... ? Yes, Apple will appeal. @HelpfulTechWizard wants to have the tweets down-thread mentioned here, so yeah. Epic didn't get everything they wanted. Sources https://www.theverge.com/2021/9/10/22662320/epic-apple-ruling-injunction-judge-court-app-store Full ruling from the judge: https://s3.documentcloud.org/documents/21060631/apple-epic-judgement.pdf
  9. Summary PCIe Gen 3 x1 on a microSD card. I can finally boot Windows from an SD card! Quotes My thoughts Linus will need to update his video from 2018 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrcBKpE9aQg Sources https://www.anandtech.com/show/16938/silicon-motion-sm2708-sd-express-review-nvme-ssd-served-hot
  10. This flaw is a lot less severe than Meltdown: Obviously there's going to be a hot debate now about whether AMD is just as vulnerable to a Meltdown-like flaw as Intel, but today, right now, AMD is not. Just because the researchers showed they could access addresses that the CPU shouldn't access is not a full Meltdown exploit. The researchers are talking about stuff like HeartBleed, not Meltdown, when they say that. "An illegal dataflow between microarchitectural elements" means an exploit inside your process - like HeartBleed, not an exploit that lets one VM peek ins
  11. It's actually pretty hard to change CPUs. Which just makes what Apple has done multiple times all the more impressive - PowerPC to Intel, then Intel to Arm. I wouldn't hold your breath though on this one. Apple is not going to use an "open source" RISC-V CPU in their iPhones or Macs.
  12. Personally I don't use Edge. Thanks for the "i" upvote though.
  13. Summary Windows 11 makes it even harder to use anything but Edge: Quotes My thoughts It's been long enough for Microsoft to forget why people hated Internet Explorer. Maybe someone will make an automated tool for this? (Psst, Firefox's "Set as Default" is just exactly that, it doesn't require any extra clicking.) Sources https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/08/switching-from-microsoft-edge-gets-more-annoying-in-windows-11/