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  1. Wait what? When did Minecraft get a story? You are not thinking of that tell tale game are you? or Minecraft Dungeons?
  2. Uh, Rust is not an rpg and its full on Pvp. Same with Minecraft unless you mod or something. Terraria has no story. Well, neither does the other two. Ya might want to check his list of requirements
  3. Wait... Why not Divinity: Original sin 2? Its not mmo, but it's a very good story driven game with 4 man Co op, tactical rpg, very reminiscing of a pnp rpg game. In fact it has a DM mode If you want some juicy dungeon and dragon experience. Charming music, good voice acting, fun humour And totally worth replaying. Also has mod support if you want to add more stuff for that second go.p My experience with Destiny 2: There was a story but I have no clue what happened after they came over to steam. I never finished the story I followed before and last t
  4. Well there is the Diablo series by Blizzard and that sort of top down game, like Torchlight 2 and Titan Quest Ooooor, for something more, Grim dark... there is Grim Dawn, the multiplayer is a bit finicky with some routers. Otherwise Warhammer 40k Martyr. Sadly you dont play as a Space marine or Ork. Some would say Path of Exile but i wouldn't recommend it unless you have experience with Diablo like RPG games before, played PnP Rpg or you want PTSD, also has a somewhat weak story. More towards the "normal" MMORPG direction... there are few i can remember, but they are your typical half
  5. Less fantasy... That's hard since that's more or less all games unless it's a sim game or a shooter. I agree about ff14 though, it's a long, social game. If you don't mind digging up a private server, Warhammer: age of reckoning was fun, untill the game shut down... So not much choice then a private server. But again, very fantasy. Since you guys are savy oldies why not space engineers? Not an rpg or really mmo but it's a creative game with alot of fun, or Factorio as mentioned before. Hella fun. I want to suggest monster hunter world but... It's no
  6. Most enjoyable : Vice City Least enjoyable : GTA V New lover: Saints Row series.
  7. I Wouldn't know, not seen one since early 2000 and those optimus prime looking cases. And the ps5 lacks rgbs and dragons for it to be e-sporty. On a different note, they said its customizable... Whatever that means, maybe like the xbox 360 where you can swap the outer shell, maybe it's just colors.. Time will tell.
  8. Never said otherwise, just pointed out some good games, "cartoony" or not, that probably won't be or might some year later be pc ported. Well, many are not good. They haven't exactly evolved well, most are the same visually and gameplay wise as those back on ps3. It's hard to find hidden gems like Valkyrie Chronicles among the pile of copy pasta. I know people are getting wet over blue protocol and.. Uh.. Something blue harem nonsense the game. One can hope though, till then demon souls will be my "cartoony" anime game.
  9. Dunno. Ratchet and Clank Demon souls Horizon 2 That spaceman and little girl game Stray. Are any of these coming to pc? The machine itself is.... Not my flavour.
  10. Welp, its out now... And it looks awful, sport car like. In terms of design id say xbox won with there simple tower box.
  11. Final version? please explain, there is a "ultimate" version coming later, is this that one? or is this the "normal" one? judging by its design it looks different from what ive seen from other people, its more matt while the others were glossy.
  12. naw, time was fine but its fixed now... I reinstalled windows 10 for a 3:rd time and this time i used a more updated file with the USB method. It works now, but man this is so stupid and weird....