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    Pretty fly, for a white guy.
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    Corsair 64gb 3200mhz
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    EVGA 2080ti
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    Lian Li PC011 Dynamic
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    2TB Samsung Evo M.2 SSD
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    EVGA 1000w
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    Corsair 2x120 AIO
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    Changes almost as often as my underwear
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    Changes almost as often as my underwear, currently G Pro Wireless
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    HD600, but who knows in a week
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    Razer Blade 15

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  1. I returned it, so unsure but I assume it would.
  2. @rice guru I figured out my issue. Apparently, somewhere in the chain of GO XLR > Headphone Amp > Headphones, my L/R split was being swapped. So everything on the right was in the left ear, and the other way as well. I swapped the RCA's on the headphone amp to be backwards, and everything seems good now
  3. Headphone out, as per the manual. 3.5mm to RCA cable into the I input on the Monolith. Again though, if I remove the amp, the positioning is much better. Could it be the RCA to 3.5mm cable? Was there a specific pair of headphones you'd recommend above the rest for positional audio in a game like siege? I know you gave a bunch of recommendations, but was there one that'll stand above the rest?
  4. @rice guruHey, just wanted to give you a heads up on how the monolith is (got it today). So far, it seems alright. Positional audio is still a little weird, as an example, if someone is directly in front of me, or directly behind me, it sounds the same. Trying to identify what floor the person is on is also difficult. I know it's not the GO XLR, because if I plug the headphones straight into the GO XLR, I can hear positional audio dictating floors and direction, it's just quiet. It's also possible that the audio is just louder, and I'm over compensating for it in m
  5. @rice guru 02, or monolith? The Monolith is out of stock on Amazon, but the o2 is available.
  6. @rice guru The stereo from the 789 made it so that everything was 100% to my left, or 100% to my right. I got no positional audio using it. Was I doing something wrong? Or is there something I'm missing.
  7. Hello everyone! My current setup is a Go XLR for streaming, and the headphone out to my headphones. Previously I had HyperX wired headphones, and upgraded to Sennheiser HD600's for their comfort, and better sound stage. The headphones are great, but obviously underpowered from the GO XLR (it's rated for 150 ohms, the headphones are 300.) I tried the Drop + THX AAA 789, but it converts everything to pure Stereo sound, which doesn't work for Rainbow 6 Siege, my primary game. Is there a headphone amp I can use, that will keep the surround effect that the game gives?
  8. Thanks for the replies. I'll likely do one 2080ti for now, and update once a card can handle it.
  9. Not just for gaming, just making sure it'll match the rest of my needs too.
  10. For reference in case someone knows the answer but not the specs, the G9 is a 5120x1440p and 240hz with Gsync.
  11. I'm getting ready for a new build, 10900k, 64gb of ram, and the Samsung G9 monitor. Will 1 2080ti be enough to run games like COD and Rainbow 6 at 240 or near it? Would a second 2080ti make a tangible difference?
  12. I built my friend a gaming computer using partially hand-me-down parts, part new. We found he has some bad ram slots and I was looking into what upgrade made sense. The current system is a 4970k Msi z97-g55 sli Amd 5700 xt 8gb of ddr3
  13. My number is 2580xx, and still nothing on my side. (Ordered the first day, but after a few hours.)