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Dash Lambda

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    Dash Lambda

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    Aperture Laboratories, Ambiguaville
  • Interests
    Science; Math, technology, engineering, every other related field pretty much, cubes (the twisty/mathy kind), clockmaking, and other things.

    Oh, and I'm on this forum so you should know, computers.
  • Biography
    I'm not biological, so you can't take a biograph.

    Wait, that's not what that is?
  • Occupation
    Being a stupid teenager who doesn't have a job.


  • CPU
    R7 1700X (4 Ghz, Pstate)
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Crosshair 6 Hero
  • RAM
    G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB (2x8GB, 3200 Mhz, CL16)
  • GPU
    Corsair Hydro GFX 980ti (@1480Mhz), MSI Twin Frozr 780
  • Case
    Cooler-Master HAF XB EVO (Mesh Top)
  • Storage
    256GB Samsung 950 Pro (System), 128GB Sandisk Ultra Plus (Steam), 4TB WD Red Pro
  • PSU
    Corsair HX1000i
  • Display(s)
    1280x1024 (Westinghouse), 1920x1080 (AOC), 1600x900 (HP), 1280x1024 (Thinkvision)
  • Cooling
    Corsair H110iGT with a pair of iPPC NF-A14's
  • Keyboard
    Ducky Shine 6 + G13 + Steam Controller
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502 Proteus Core
  • Sound
    Sennheiser HD558, Sennheiser HD8 DJ
  • Operating System
    Win10 64bit Professional (The biggest mistake I've made with this computer thus far.)
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  1. Dash Lambda

    Best wireless headphones?

    I haven't tried them, but a while ago when I was looking into wireless headphones I was pretty interested in the Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless, they have a very good reputation. I have tried the V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless, and those are really good. I'd say their comfort is average, but their sound quality is definitely above average and the build quality is awesome. The Bose QC35 II are great for travel -They're comfortable, their ANC is awesome, good battery life, easy to pack up and whatnot, but to me the sound quality was just 'good' and the build quality didn't feel quite as solid as I'd like. I'm partial to Sennheiser, but I haven't tried any of their wireless offerings and I've generally heard that none of them really stand out. Once you start getting into that price range, you're generally no longer choosing the best sound quality, you're just choosing your preference. The HD820's are probably quite good (I haven't tried them), but what about Focal? What about HiFiMan? What about Audeze? Hell, what about Sennheiser's own Orpheus line? Everyone likes something different. And as for the "music how the artist intended" slogan, think about this: If you were a sound engineer mastering a song from some big celebrity musician, would you be mastering it for the vast minority with $1000+ headphones, or for the vast majority with earpods and Beats? It's not like better headphones won't sound, well, better, but the artist generally isn't operating under the expectation that their consumers have the best audio setup possible. Hell, sometimes the clarity of really good headphones can point out errors, compression artifacts, and other bad audio bits that worse headphones would let you ignore while you enjoy the music. And even then, what's more important is how you want to hear it. Music is meant to be enjoyed, so while some people do enjoy more 'neutral' sound, others may not. I personally prefer my HD8 DJ's over my HD559's even though the latter are probably more 'accurate', because the HD8's are more fun. I'd probably pick them over the HD820's as well. I suggest reading these posts, @Max_Settings explains things pretty well:
  2. Dash Lambda

    Audio Technica ath-m50x for gaming?

    Well, he already has the M50X, so there's not much to be done there. And, after all, they're not that bad, they just get way too much hype. OP, the M50X are generally better than comparable gaming headsets, you just don't have a built-in mic.
  3. Well, if he starts adding really obscure elements like rhodium or francium, you've got a point. There may be other classes of metals entirely that most people are familiar with but just don't see a lot in this context. Like, I'm pretty sure most people would get thorium>plutonium>uranium.
  4. Well, titanium isn't precious but someone, somewhere figured it was the right metal for the 80+ tier, so... There's also palladium (people scavenge that from hard drives)... Francium is rare because it doesn't exist for very long... The actinides are metals, so you could use uranium, plutonium, and thorium.
  5. Dash Lambda

    What's your avatar all about?

    Way back when I actually bothered to make a character, a friend of mine learning Photoshop asked if he could use it to practice. And so he put my pony in a box. It's cute, and it's uniquely mine, so I stuck with it. No matter how many people tell me to change it. Though, looking at it, it would probably be prudent to clean up the edges. As an avid Warframe player, the first thing that popped into my head when interpreting this was a picture of a peanut with Valkyr's Bastet helmet on.
  6. Dash Lambda

    Tool Thread!

    I'm definitely biased toward nice hand tools. Power tools are useful but for whatever reason just don't inspire the same enthusiasm in me. I don't have a particularly large collection so far. In terms of non-screwdriver stuff, I carry around a set of Knipex Cobras, some Irwin Vise Grips, a Fenix PD35 flashlight, a nice knife, and an iFixit toolkit (the new-but-not-newest black one, before they gave the bits long necks). The vise grips were actually the first tool I bought with my own money, now that I think about it. I've been eyeing some Stahlwille locking pliers because if there's one thing to take away from my taste in headphones, pencils, pens, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, and sausage, it's that I generally like German things... But the Irwins are just too stubborn to give me a reason to replace them. I saw a bunch of talk about how Vise Grips are all cheap Chinese crap now, but I get the feeling most of the people saying that haven't used the tools they're complaining about. Now, I have a weird thing about multi-bit screwdrivers. Maybe it's because I was the kid who carried around a toy sonic screwdriver everywhere he went, maybe it's just because I've used them so much... But I have: -The much-discussed Snap-On 8-3/4" Standard Ratcheting Screwdriver in black, which lives in my EDC bag. -A Wera Kraftform Kompakt 25, which lives in my front-most left pocket (yes, most of the things I carry are assigned to specific pockets). -The original iFixit 56-bit driver kit, of which the driver handle lives in my EDC bag next to the newer iFixit tool kit and most of the bits are in orange pill bottles. -The newer 64-bit kit, which lives in its tool roll in my bag. I'm glad I have the previous version of it, because when they gave the bits longer necks they also changed the driver handle to one that looks like they simplified the geometry then hastily machined three random flats on the grip, looked at the mess that made on the knurling, and said "good enough." Grr. -The iFixit Manta Driver Kit, which lives at my desk. -The Elemen'tary Design No. 1 screwdriver, which lives in my computer tool bag. Slightly pretentious brand, but it's actually a really nice screwdriver. -Several of those yellow/orange handled 6-in-1 drivers it seems everyone and their dog is at least vaguely familiar with, which never have any actual branding on them but refuse to die no matter what you do to them. Those are scattered about the house. I've been eyeing the Volcanic Tool High-Torque Bit Driver for ages now (the current 'out of stock' thing is worrying me slightly), and I've been one button away from pulling the trigger on a PB Swiss Insider 3 many times (I've accepted that I will own that tool at some point, just a matter of when). I've been trying to piece together a shopping list to replace all of the bits in the Manta kit (started out looking at just the 64-bit kit) with bits from Wiha, Wera, Apex, PB, Snap-On (Zephyr?), perhaps Witte, or whoever else happens to have the right esoteric bit to complete the set... Still haven't actually managed it. Just reinforces why I like the iFixit sets -Their bits definitely aren't the highest quality (several of them look like they just slashed chunks off a piece of cheap hex rod stock and called it a day, which is probably exactly what happened), but in terms of sheer variety they put absolutely everyone to shame. I give them a lot of credit for putting together such complete sets, and the prices are pretty reasonable. Driver handles are pretty nice too, the recent design revision notwithstanding -The driver from my 64-bit kit is the best 4mm bit holder I've used. On an individual tool level, Snap-On's pretty great. The economics of populating an entire garage with Snap-On gear scares me, but I'd generally be willing to pay more for a Snap-On tool than most other brands. I don't know what your use case is exactly, but I'd encourage you to at least get a couple of their tools to give 'em a shot.
  7. Dash Lambda

    What are you known for on the forum

    And not many corgis can headbutt a mech into oblivion.
  8. Dash Lambda

    What are you known for on the forum

    @GoldenLag I would recognize Oobleck anywhere.
  9. Aside from privacy concerns, I don't see how they would be anything more than an empty novelty for me. They're not even technically interesting, since none of the important stuff is done on the device itself...
  10. Dash Lambda

    The Education System Is Broken

    Wait, didn't you say the education system is fine? That single statement right there is the most loaded, rage-inducing, screaming indictment one could possibly apply to an education system. It's like saying "this car is more about burning oil than it is about moving," or "this pencil is more about stabbing people than it is about writing," or "this food is more for attracting flies than it is for eating." A good education provides you with knowledge, understanding, and experience. Teaching to the test is just setting up mindless hoops for people to jump through in search of bigger numbers and fancy pieces of paper. That's why the College Board pisses me off, they turn 'advanced' courses into nothing but preparation for a 90-minute test. My high-school Calc 2 teacher actually wasn't even allowed to call his class AP Calc, because he taught students more than just what's on the AP guide. That being said, our educational system isn't that bad. It's set up to be an underdeveloped meat-grinder, but there are enough wonderful teachers and professors floating around to make it a great experience.
  11. Dash Lambda

    What are you known for on the forum

    I see that clapping Joker a lot.
  12. Dash Lambda

    What are some good youtubers other than linustechtips?

    That's, um... The showcases and whatnot can get annoying, but I wouldn't equate reviews to advertising, because advertising is meant to get you to buy the product where reviews are meant to show you what's good and bad about it. And I consider LTT to be one of the more reliable and honest channels for that sort of stuff.
  13. Dash Lambda

    What are some good youtubers other than linustechtips?

    Whoops, not sure how I did that.
  14. Dash Lambda

    What are some good youtubers other than linustechtips?

    Accursed Farms, Ashens, Minutephysics, 3 Blue 1 Brown, Level1Techs, Regular Car Reviews, AvE, Gamers Nexus, Engineering Explained, EEVblog...
  15. Dash Lambda

    TI Nspire CX CAS on tests

    I got one back in, oh... Eighth grade? I only ever had issues with it for tests like the SAT, ACT, and AP exams. Never for anything within my school. The CX CAS is exactly the same thing as the CX, but it has special software that lets it handle symbolic work, like simplifying expressions and solving arbitrary equations. If their only requirement is that they can clear its memory, and they allow the CX, then they'll allow the CX CAS. That being said, I don't recommend it. It's super overpriced (even at the price of a Ti-84, it's just a fact about all those graphing calculators), its interface is awkward (it has a cheap/shoddy trackpad for navigation, its keyboard is alphabetical, and it loves its software drop-down menus), and the CAS won't help you in the long run. It does have a 3D graphing feature, which is cool. But no matter how hard it tries, its 20-year-old, low-power, 135MHz CPU can't quite handle it. I lost mine after a year or so, then got a TI-36X Pro. I thought I was getting a downgrade, but that's actually the best calculator I've ever used, and I'm still using it three years into a math degree. I have a TI-84, but I haven't touched it in years. If you could buy it, use it for the test, then sell it for a profit ('cause you said it's discounted), then I say go for it since they'll probably allow it. But if not, I actually wouldn't recommend a TI graphing calculator at all. If you need a graphing calculator, then it's better than the rest of the lineup, but that's not saying much. I've spoilered the last portion since it ended up being a rant. Needless to say, I have my personal biases.