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  1. probably, ill try to get 50 dollars for it. dont know if there are any stocks of athlon 200E here yet. but thanks for the help!
  2. okay, the reason why i went with the i3 2120 is because i can sell my board and cpu to add up to my budget, and my athlon x4 would surprise you because it runs on ddr3 thats why im only looking for a cpu mobo combo. puns, ryzen it up. haha.
  3. around a 100 dollars thats why im wondering if it would be better for me to buy the i3. btw, i have a gtx 660 as my gpu.
  4. but the thing is... its temporary. at my place I can easily trade or sell the processor when i have the money to buy an i5 2400 or 2500k.
  5. So,first of all im student who lives in the philippines, I currently have an Athlon ii x4 635 in my rig, im planning to upgrade my system little by little. is an i3 2120 better than my current CPU? I was suppose to look for a i5 2400 or 2500k but I dont have the money to get one as of now. All opinions will be truly appreciated. Thanks
  6. 6gbs, the thing is in my country they sell used parts like they're brand new lmao. im planning making it 8gbs when i upgrade everything
  7. Currently my system is a athlon ii x4 635. im looking to upgrade it soon, the only thing is im on a budget I have a $100 to spend, im choosing between an i5 2400 and an fx 6300 which should I go for?
  8. I format everything to have a fresh start since it was an old pc and there were old files that arent needed
  9. I have 3 hdd's intact in my system take note that its an old system but its getting up there anyways i upgraded my win 7 to a win 10 decided to have a clean install so I format all the hard drives, after installation only 2 harddrives are detected but in my BIOS its says 3 hdd are intact yet only 2 are active. anyone knows a solution for these? all I did was I reformat my hdd in the windows setup
  10. I've been using my pc for a couple of weeks now, and i've been getting 30-40 fps in any game. in any video setting also, this build came from an old workstation which is a amd athlon ii x4 635 just added a gtx 660 and it has 6gbs of ram. I wonder if i can still maximize its performance despite of how old my hardware are. all parts are in stock by the way.
  11. but would it bottleneck something or nah?
  12. So i have a AMD Athlon x635 CPU and a Asus 770DE3L mother board. the mother board says PCIE 2.0 so i was wondering if i put a 750ti which has a PCIE 3.0 Correct me if im wrong. would it not work on my board? or if not id use a HD 7770 OR 7950
  13. Chubs


    Reseated the GPU Multiple times, i cleaned my PC changed the thermal paste of my CPU