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  1. God I hate amazon as an institution, but I can't help but love The Boys. They've done a really good job with this one and The Grand Tour.

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    2. CircleTech


      My new paper RTX 3080 can render 1 frame. Not per anything, but just once!

    3. CircleTech
    4. soldier_ph


      For the price that one Gigabyte 3080 is at (over 80'000 USD) I could buy everything I ever wanted regarding Tech and probably still have a lot left to buy a brand new Tesla. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  2. lol all it takes is for a mod to say it. Generally, if it's a 12v charger, it will charge the battery to 12v. As @WereCatf said, that's obviously a lot more than the 8.4 rated voltage of your battery pack. Batteries are nothing to fuck around with, especially if they're lithium ion batteries. Batteries are energy storage vessels and if you mistreat them (such as over-stuffing them with energy) that energy can come out of the vessel very quickly as heat. I've had my fair share of battery fires and they are not fun.
  3. yeah sure, here's some readings on what I did, they're fairly basic c++ concepts https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/decision-making-c-c-else-nested-else/ http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/variables/ https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/switch-statement-cc/ ^these two sites got me through my CS 100 class a couple years ago, absolute god sends. Whenever you see some code that you don't understand, google it and you'll find a ton of information on it. To get the encoder working, have a look at this video I'll also comment line by line what that little snippet of code does
  4. I think motorola is the go to in handheld 2 way radios, probably anything from them will be good.
  5. I watched this video and it was really helpful to learn the basic syntax of python and how it differed from other languages I've learned before. It's a lot very quickly, but I think Derek does a good job of breaking it down into an understandable video. Definitely have google ready to search for terms and extra information on the subjects he covers. That said, I firmly believe that the best way to learn a new skill is to find a problem that needs said skill to be solved. This is kinda hard with programming languages because basically any language can be used to do basically anything, but what's great about python is it can be used as a quick and dirty way to do a whole lot of things. Maybe a web scraper could be a good first project?
  6. As @WereCatf said, it's probably not a USB cable issue because the device connects to your computer and initializes, but doesn't return any video correct? If that is the case, then the USB cable is fine. If it was damaged, you wouldn't have gotten that far. Maybe, but look at the picture of that board. Imagine U7 is broken on it, for example. Assuming there's no obvious burn marks or corrosion, do you have the know-how and time to diagnose the true issue? If you do, I have a feeling it is well worth your time to not deal with this and buy a new camera. If not, I don't know what anyone on the internet can tell you beyond what you already know: shit's fucked. Yeah this is a complicated board. I see impedance matched differential pairs, and I'm sure there's a mess of microcontrollers and other circuitry on the other side that we can't see from the picture posted above. That is impossible to say without the device in one's hands and without the proper tools. You have an interesting, half failed case where the camera still "works" it's just not working 100%. The problem could be with any one of those components on the board. I wouldn't say there's any one component that is most likely to fail besides the cable (which has been ruled out), and we don't know if any of the components are closer to their rated maximum loads in this design (doubtful, but a possibility). If you want me to guess, I would start buy checking all of the power lines to and from the sensor, but that's assuming they're accessible on this board which does not appear to be the case. I'm sorry if this came off calloused, but there's no list of common failure modes for devices like this. I'm not discouraging you from opening it up and having a go at fixing it, but I think it's important to manage your expectations and realistically analyze your skills and knowledge before tackling a complicated device such as this.
  7. Rip, I think it's only for UK Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Art-Electronics-Paul-Horowitz/dp/0521809266/ref=sr_1_1?crid=DOKN2NK3NC47&dchild=1&keywords=art+of+electronics+3rd+edition&qid=1599711139&sprefix=art+of+electronics+3%2Caps%2C213&sr=8-1
  8. I think I've seen some PD trigger boards on Tindie, there's some on ebay too.
  9. The 957DW+ usually goes for $100USD, it's worth every penny for the control and features it offers. In addition, I don't think you need the power of the 861 unless you're doing board rework all day for a job.
  10. I probably shouldn't give too much advice because we're approaching the limits of my audio knowledge, but it seems to me that your mic needs some more amplification before it goes into your computer. I would get an external mixer and pre-amp to try to get more control over the sound, or I would swap to a USB mic like a Blue Snowball.
  11. Woah that's quite a mic for zoom. I guess you could get a preamp/mixer, maybe something from Focusrite?
  12. DJI Mavic Mini is probably your best bet, iirc they go for about $500. Alternatively, you could buy a used Mavic Air, or if both of those are still out of your budget perhaps a used DJI Spark.
  13. To make a second column, I believe you just need to relocate your cursor and print the second variable. To get the switch to control the different functions, I would do something like int select = 0; int max = x; //maximum number of states you want in the program if(digitalRead(SW)==LOW){//that encoder has a pullup so when it is pressed, the signal becomes low from a high state select++ if(select>max){ select = 0; } } switch(select){ case 1://state 1 break; case 2://state 2 break; case n: //nth state break; } I've done similar projects in the past making a very very basic UI with little arduino screens. Switch cases are generally the way to go, with a button to increment a counter to select a function/menu.