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About Hackentosher

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    LTT's Resident Choir Nerd
  • Birthday 2000-03-06

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    Satan's Ass Crack/ASU
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    3D printing, Drones, 3D Printing Drones, Drones 3D printing, and why my i5 is running so hot
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    Professional Electrical Engineering Student, Choir Nerd


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    4670k 4.4ghz
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    Gigabyte z87x-oc
  • RAM
    16gb Vengance something
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    Windforce gtx 970 g1 1513mhz
  • Case
    Phantom 410
  • Storage
    San disk ultra 2 120gb, Hyperx 3k 120gb Segate baracuda 1tb, WD Green 1tb
  • PSU
    CX600m that's about to explode
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    Zalman 23" Piece o' crap, 19"~ 1600x900 Acer thang
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    Quickfire Rapid (MX Blue)
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    Kraken pro/Momentum IEM avec a blue snowball
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    Windows 10

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  1. Hackentosher

    Is there a good free circuit layout program?

    Yes! And Eagle has a PCB creation tool as well. it's important to note that you don't need a student license to use Fusion for free, as long as you're making under $100k a year on Fusion, you don't have to pay for it except cloud credits.
  2. Hackentosher

    Good USB Soundcard for Takstar Pro 82?

    If you want something nice then go with either an ODAC or a Schiit audio DAC.
  3. Hackentosher

    Rate the Photo Above you

    I think this is my favorite photo that I've ever taken. I got up at like 4am to get these shots at an interesting area in my town right at sun rise. The warm, golden, colors just look so good to me and I love how the word "GALLERY" are almost lined up with the grid of the window. Let me know what you think.
  4. Holy shit the xps 15 is well built


    1. Canada EH

      Canada EH

      yes yes it is very well bilt

    2. Ryan_Vickers


      How well built is it? (I feel like I'm setting you up for a joke)

    3. Hackentosher


      Built better than your dad last night #ayo

  5. Hackentosher

    DJI spark of phantom 3?

    If you get the spark with the fly more package, then I think you'll get about the same functionality. The exact specs are failing me right now, but i'm pretty sure they're both 1080p30. IIRC, the spark has one less axis on the gimbal though, so your video may not be as stable on the P3. I think if I had to choose between just those two DJI products I would go for the spark with the flymore. If you don't have that package, then you don't get the controller at which point the P3 makes much more sense for the extra control.
  6. So turns out my beloved yoga 720 has terrible qc and can't handle the cold. The screen blacks out and then dribbles down back to life as it warms up. Soo it's xps 15 time :D


  7. Hackentosher

    Looking For A Good KVM Switch

    Have you looked at Wendell's KVM? Level1techs?
  8. Hackentosher

    my case got electric current

    You shouldn't be able to feel anything if you're just touching one point on the computer unless some how ac is connected to your case. That would cause other problems befusee you would connect some voltage source directly to ground in your motherboard through the standoffs which would fry something. I don't want to discredit what you're saying, but what you're describing sounds impossible to my knowledge of electronics.
  9. Hackentosher

    Is an actual true sine wave inverter possible?

    Agreed. Most household electronics are completely rectifier based, so they can run on messy AC, or even DC. Just last week I watched a dell 1440p monitor turn on and function as normal on 100v DC. That being said, some things do require AC like inductance motors, but anything self commutating or with a rectifier can run on both.
  10. Hackentosher

    my case got electric current

    The neutral is a return and sorta functions as a ground in two prong systems. It's not a proper ground lug, but it allows current to flow. Just touching your computer case, you shouldn't be able to feel any current. Maybe you're feeling a static shock?
  11. Hackentosher

    my case got electric current

    what do you mean it has an electric current? You case should be sorta grounded through the neutral prong on a 2 prong plug into the wall.
  12. Hackentosher

    Best 3d printer around the $1000-$600 range

    Or the Gmax if OP wants something large, American made, and with more reputation for service behind it.
  13. Hackentosher

    Best 3d printer around the $1000-$600 range

    I tried once, but it gets outdated too quickly and it's really hard to get anything pinned. If a thread like that isn't pinned, it's not worth anything. A mod would have to write it because it seems as though only their threads get pinned.
  14. Hackentosher

    Best 3d printer around the $1000-$600 range

    Prusa i3 mk3. If you need a larger build volume, cr10s.
  15. Micro usb port shouldn't be too hard if you have a hot air rework station. It may be better to use one of their powerboost modules to handle charging and power output.