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  1. +1 for fusion 360. Skip inventor, it's not as intuitive and not as powerful as fusion.
  2. Oh also, it's possible the board is dead because it's a $14 piece of shit clone. Tim Nilson and the Lumenier guys work really hard on products like this, you're spitting in their face by buying clones.
  3. K number 1, that's a clone of the lumenier Lux v1 board. Rip. 2. Cleanflight is trash compared to Betaflight. There's literally no reason to run cleanflight. It's a heavier firmware, it doesn't fly as well, and it's not as feature rich. 3. Are you holding the boot loader button when you plug the board in? 4. Is the DFU port working properly?
  4. lol rip the OG purpose of this thread
  5. Lol that's a very specific question, Google? Or go down to your local apple repair shop. If they do smd work, they might be able to help you out.
  6. If it's just one wire, no.
  7. Ain't nobody have time for that
  8. One of these days I need to make a fume extractor. Solder smoke is face seeking no matter how far away you are from your joint.
  9. Wait what? Dead cell on arrival? Can you check the cells with your multimeter?
  10. The TG batteries are gooooooooooood. Under rated. Also you'll love the betaflight osd, it's amazing.
  11. *sigh* all the work I put into my guide and the advocacy on this sub forum for naught.
  12. What do you want the aircraft to do? It sounds like you want some aerial photography, and for that I recommend the phantom 3 standard. At $500, you can't really get a better value. However, since you also don't have any experience, I also recommend that you buy a hubsan x4 off amazon to learn how the controls work and get your first 50 crashes out on a cheap thing instead of a nice aircraft.
  13. Uh what? Prusas are a design, not a specific printer, and the i3 mk2 from Joseph Prusa comes with an e3d. Besides, I'm sure if you go slow enough you could do it. I can do 90A TPU on a bowden machine that needs a clamp on the idler to grip properly.
  14. What speed and temperature are you printing at? Also is your machine a 1.75 or 3mm machine? Bowden or direct drive?
  15. Oh for the love of god please switch to betaflight. You can make it fly pretty nice with minimal effort.