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  1. FPV Cams are hacked analog security cams. That's why their resolutions are measured in TV Lines instead of pixels. Use an action cam.
  2. Idk how the video signal would work over usb, but sure. I've plugged one of my cams into my TV to program it, it's just an analog video signal.
  3. So the eclipse was cool... But pretty overhyped 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. YedZed


      K, I did some research, is it like, a kindle, but made of dead stuff?

    3. revsilverspine
    4. YedZed


      I wonder how they keep the batteries from catching fire on those "paper" things.

  4. There are some tiny rads on performances.com
  5. Eh, one of them. The one I like to fly has a bum motor.
  6. I think painting the thing covering the card's IO white would really help it pop. I know you said your phone is distorting the image, but that card REALLY doesn't look straight. It certainly makes it stick out more, but not necessarily for the right reasons.
  7. I charged up all my batteries last night and then didn't fly today Having to discharge packs sucks.
  8. So PETG is used for hard line liquid cooled loops, and you can print in PETG... sooo custom 3D printed loop parts? 




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    2. Hackentosher


      But you could use FDM with PETG filament, that would offer  a lot of creative flexibility. 

    3. Hackentosher


      But you could use FDM with PETG filament, that would offer  a lot of creative flexibility. 

    4. p0Pe


      You will never get it waterproof with FDM.

  9. This is why you solder everything and solder it well.
  10. Just going to leave this here... for scientific purposes https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-annihilator I know you're probably not going to liquid cool this thing, but I feel like this block would work well in a project like this.
  11. Yeah don't get the spark. The mavic is a much better tool for creating video.
  12. 6s is awesome, but that doesn't look as fast as other 6s rigs i've seen. What's your setup?
  13. eek, I haven't messed with mac in years despite what my name suggests. Poke around arduino.cc troubleshooting, see if you can find anything.
  14. Man, up scaling your video to 4k really helps youtube bit rates. This looks so much better than 1080p 


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    2. BingoFishy


      Also on Chrome even the UI lags like crazy.

    3. BingoFishy


      Opera can't handle 8K though. 4K60 is highest.

    4. BingoFishy


      Dropped frames at  8K. Also 60mbps internet can't handle it.

  15. K but try taking a 40kg car battery on a hike, along with all the other gear you need.