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  1. I don't know if the hobbywing FC works with non hobbywing 4in1 ESCs. The whole point of that ecosystem is you just plop the FC on top of the 4in1, bolt it down, and it's all connected. I suggest changing your flight controller to some other F4 board, perhaps the Piroflip f4 osd. Also you don't need a pdb if you're using a 4in1 esc. A pdb is used if you have individual ESCs on each arm. I like to do it this way because if one esc burns up, you can replace just one instead of four. I recommend the Spedix 20a if you're using a 2205 2300kv motor. For a frame, absolutely get something carbon fiber. Even experienced pilots crash all the time, and what makes fpv fun is you can get right back up and keep going (on lighter crashes). Maybe get a Space one frame as they are pretty affordable, or a QAV-X is a common first frame. If you're willing to spend more, I highly recommend something with a warranty like the Armattan Chameleon, or Rooster, but those are both $100 frames. You don't need a VTX and a VTX combo unit. I would get a foxeer arrow micro, (the $20 micro cam from foxeer) and print an adapter if needed for your frame. Then for the vtx, get either an RDQ Mach 2, or this one. They're basically the same thing, just a different form factor. Don't forget batteries, and don't get just one or two. Get four if you can, and I suggest the CHNL 1300mah 4s packs in 70 or 100c. Good luck, welcome to fpv. Also there's a multirotor thread in this subforum with a few active members with a lot of experience. Feel free to ask questions there as well.
  2. Agreed. As I stated early, the use case and specs of a battery really determine a cell's life. My "70c" LiPos will maybe do 100 cycles of hard use in my drones, but I also have some Li-Ion cells in a giant ans 500wh pack that came to me third hand and are still kicking hard. I'd guess they have well over 300 cycles on them and they're great.
  3. Where, where have you heard that? As @M.Yurizaki said, they're pretty much the same, it just comes down to the physical constraints of whatever device the batteries are going in. In my experience, batteries that can discharge more amps quicker degrade faster than a battery that can't discharge as fast. A rapid discharge puts a lot of strain on the battery, chemically, but mostly from heat, the main killer of lithium cells. It really depends on the use case and what the cell is rated for.
  4. Steering Wheel Under 100

    I mean maybe you could find a used Logitech g27? But I doubt it'll be under $100. I'm seeing used ones for around $250.
  5. It feels good to be grad'yated

  6. i need a new electric violin

    Oh like learning things by ear?
  7. i need a new electric violin

    What does that mean look around? Like hunt around for notes on the string?
  8. i need a new electric violin

    He can't read music?
  9. i need a new electric violin

    Yeah it sounds like shit but it you're just practicing why do you care?
  10. Multicopter Megathread

    Fuck yeah dude, the dominator SEs are awesome. Beware though, the HDMI port is fake. They reused the case from the HD2 for those goggles because it fit the screens and didn't bother making a new mold. So there's an HDMI hole, but no port. $200 is a great deal, buy those suckers.
  11. i need a new electric violin

    If you just want to practice, why not get a practice mute?
  12. i need a new electric violin

    I think you will quickly discover that any instrument worth anything is well over $500. At least, with normal violins. I think mine was $800 and it's a pretty mediocre instrument. I suggest you go down to your local violin shop and see what they have, just adjust your expectations.
  13. Multicopter Megathread

    Poke around local classifieds and eBay, Dominator v3s and hd3s are pretty cheap these days with the release of the HDO.
  14. LED lighting for "Shelf"

    You'll need some LED strips off Ebay or the usual suspects for electronic components, and usually a 12v power supply. You wont need a very high power supply as LED strips typically don't draw too much current, even if you have a lot of them. 5 amps should be plenty. Solder up your supply to your LEDs, then connect as many as you need with some small wire. For adhesion, the glue on LED strips is awful, they always fall off. I suggest pealing off the backing, and then gluing the strips to your surface with cyano acrylate (super glue) or some other strong adhesive.
  15. Multicopter Megathread

    Personally, I think you should go with the Taranis x7 because it has a very solid RF link and serial protocol. It's very versatile and easy to switch models so you can share a radio between multiple quads with ease. I didn't think it was worth it for a while, then I got a nice radio and was pleasently surprised.