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    4670k 4.4ghz
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    Phantom 410
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    San disk ultra 2 120gb, Hyperx 3k 120gb Segate baracuda 1tb, WD Green 1tb
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    CX600m that's about to explode
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  1. Which program for 3D printer

    What say you to the fact that inventor is single threaded and harder to learn? I used inventor for a little while, but I prefer fusion simply because it's easier. I will agree that inventor is better at sketching.
  2. 59 Second Video Idea with No Cuts

    That second video linked is hilarious
  3. Rate the Photo Above you

    Giving this one a solid 9/10. Love the wide open aperture and shallow depth of field. I'll submit this one, from a river cruise in NYC, right at golden hour. It was awesome.
  4. AMD new or XEON used for Server

    If you look at LGA 2011 and 1366 socket xeons, you can get a lot of performance for your dollar. Look at the e5 2670.
  5. Multicopter Megathread

    I disagree. Around a track, quads are separated by the pilots behind the sticks. It's all skill. Jet set the fastest UTT time using a 700g quad beating out Floss quads with 2907 360000000kv motors. However in freestyle, you can certainly feel the difference between a nice quad and nice motors vs a cheap setup.
  6. Multicopter Megathread

    That looks about normal for a 5" quad, see my videos for reference lol.
  7. Looking to get into 3D Printing

    @manikyath has good experience with making cheap machines work, but I will always recommend stretching your budget a little bit to get a higher quality machine.
  8. Multicopter Megathread

    Lol okay, I just got the pack for free and threw it on the quad. My Spedix ESCs can do 6s, my FC can do 6s, I figured "fuck it, let's give it a go!" I wasn't expecting to switch to 6s lol. And now I have an excuse to get new motors!
  9. Multicopter Megathread

    Is that only supported on dshot?
  10. Make money making drones?

    If you want to make money using an sUAS, the FAA requires you to obtain and hold a part 107 certificate. If you do not, you and you're clients can be massively fined for commercial use of a drone without the proper licensing. Or did I misinterpret: do you want to build and sell multirotors? You could maybe make some money on that, but you'd be fighting against cloners and eachine who make super cheap aircraft. If you got really good at pid tuning, I know you can make some money tuning quads for local pilots.
  11. gps tracking

    Check out adafruit's selection of GPS modules for arduino. They have some really small ones, or you could get a Tile (bluetooth tracker).
  12. A Damn Fine, Affordable Ultrabook: Lenovo Yoga 720 13.3

    You may want to consider the higher spec version of the 720, or maybe the 15". I certainly like it, but I don't know how you'd manage with so few ports if it's your only machine.
  13. A Damn Fine, Affordable Ultrabook: Lenovo Yoga 720 13.3

    The SSD is replaceable (it's a samsung NVME drive, 100 write, 1700 read in my testing), but the ram is unfortunately soldered. That's what I read on the FAQ of the product page. I'm thinking about swapping in a 960 evo at some point in the future.
  14. Multicopter Megathread

    Lol 6s 'splosion or a proper flight video?
  15. Multicopter Megathread

    No I mean proper 4s packs. For indoors, maybe look at a baby hawk?