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  1. Where do you find the triple driver for around $120-130?
  2. For me I really like how Music is focused enough to where its easy to pick out specific instruments. I
  3. This one: https://usa.1more.com/products/tripleoverear ?
  4. ah just for that carbon look. Any sort of structura piece is molded/
  5. Well not necessarily. Essentially you have a mold think of an inverse frame, that you have two halves of, you lay fibers on both halves of the mold, and then there is this airbag type thing that inflates on the inside. So you are essentially laying the fibers inside-out, and then joining the two halves together. Here is a video describing the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWSePEV88tw (in a bike context). What do you mean foged carbon fiber? I have never herd of that?
  6. I just want to get the MSR7 for what I paid retail for them. If i can get it new that would be great, but I dont want to accidentally buy a fake version. Any recommendations of headphones that sound similar?
  7. Should I buy a used pair and buy a new headband and earcups?
  8. I mean carbon frames are pretty cheap theses days anyways. I am curious if there is a difference between a clone frame and the orignal in terms of structural integrity. Do you guys buy the OG frame or clones? I personal just buy clones, and rather than replace the frame id rather just buy a new one. Many times an arm costs arond $15-20, id rather spend $20 and get a new frame. I am curious if molded CF would be better than the common plate design. Something like this: https://shop.iflight-rc.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1136. I assume plates would be the most economical.
  9. For structural rigidity sure, but impact resistance I doubt it. Many a carbon mountain bike crack due to being smashed on rocks and such.
  10. It seems like carbon fiber isn't the best material for the fpv frames since it really isn't that good for impact. I assume 7075 Aluminum or Titanium would be best.
  11. What do you think of those DJI goggles that linus reviewed awhile ago?
  12. @ColinLTT What digital setup do you use? Do you use Connex or the DJI? @Hackentosher I remember when I built my first quad with BrotherHobby T2 Tornadoes when they first came out. I could go through a battery in 1.5Min with RaceKraft 5051. The worst thing ever is to fly in sandy environments, like Tahoe. Apparently there is significant amount of iron in the sand, big rip 4 motors.
  13. i used to own a pair from amazon that i returned because i couldn't afford it. At the time it cost the same as what it costs now on ebay
  14. Have you considered designing your frame and milling it out of CF using the cnc?