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  1. I know custom loops have existed for far long and there are people who have done way more than me but I just thought it was cool that its been 10yrs now and to see how my builds have evolved over time. The first loop in the Antec 1200 was the only case I added the loop as an after thought. Every case after that was picked specifically with watercooling in mind.
  2. Hey all, Interesting in getting into some more extreme overclocking and was thinking about either DICE or LN2. Was thinking about DICE because it is easier to get but not really sure where to begin?
  3. Yeah I couldnt believe it either. It is the MSI 2080 Super Gaming X Trio. Really long card but i knew that wouldnt be an issue, but as it turns out it is too tall by probably only 5mm. I have the glass hanging from the top hooks right now and the bottom tabs are not actually in
  4. Thanks! Yeah I am definitely a distro fan haha. Honestly I would keep my 2080 Super if it properly fit in the case lol. Drives me crazy that I cant actually close the side panel so ill grab either a 3080 or 3080Ti. I repurposed my smaller o11 with the side distro plate into a storage server (yes i realize its a horrible case for that lol). that makes 3 hardline setups for me and already much less nerve wracking than the 1st lol I am finishing up the rest of my desk setup and ill definitely post in that thread.
  5. Thanks, Yeah I almost went with the dominator platinum's but I wanted like a 'crystal ice' look and I think the gskill royal fit that better, personal preference though
  6. Some more photos, Got the new cables in, the optane drive is installed and is my primary drive now and the side panel is sort of on until I get a new GPU haha
  7. So small update, When I was picking out parts for this build I really wanted to try an optane drive (900P or 905P) just because I like cool tech and I have never owned one. Missed out on a good price but randomly today I spotted a good price (good price for the drive anyways lol) on a 960GB 905P and won it. So this will be my new primary drive once it arrives and matches the build aesthetic perfectly.
  8. Found these cable combs on amazon that I like. Should help keep the cables together. Got the various cables to finish it up. Going to add a 7th rear fan as an *intake* to push some more air over the vrm, cpu and ram. Air flows bottom to top in this case but the gpu blocks a lot of that. Really frustrated by the gpu being too tall. Can't believe that happened in an 'xl' case. Need to find a less tall 3080 with a block sooner rather than later
  9. Alright found the pin that popped out on my pcie cables and fixed that and also wired in the rgb for the cpu block and distro plate. Gotta retrain all the psu wires and tidy up a bit but it's almost done
  10. Thanks! Yeah I always think a big chonky air cooler would look cool for an industrial build (and waaaay cheaper) but I always end up getting sucked in with watercooling.
  11. Slightly better photo without the paper towels Going to fix the rest of the RGB later tonight (CPU block and distro plate and the front of the case are not hooked up currently). Going to be running it without the side panel until a 3080TI comes out
  12. It lives, mostly... Lol. Apparently there is an issue with my pcie extensions (even though both them and the psu were in my last build) where the computer wouldn't post stating my power cables were not in. Stock cables working fine. I will pull the cables out and make sure a pin didn't pop out. Had to order some various 3 and 4 pin rgb extension cables. I'll post some good pics when done, the white balance on this phone is terrible and does a horrible job capturing what it really looks like
  13. Speaking of air, right now the loop is holding air still have to finish all the wiring
  14. Yeah so that failed, the vertical bracket hits the fittings for the lower rad. So it will be sticking out the side until a get a new gpu lol This is where I'm at right now
  15. RIP. Can't get the side panel on with the gpu horizontally mounted. Just using it until the 3080TI comes out so I am going to vertical mount it for now