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  1. As the title states, the keyboard, touchpad buttons, and usb ports are not working. The only thing that works are devices plugger in over usb c and the touchpad itself. Also, razer synapse isn't showing any devices. Any help?
  2. If anyone is reading this post and was wondering the same question I was, I have received both the E3-1240 and the DQ67SW and the xeon does in fact work in the motherboard.
  3. I was wondering if the Intel DQ67SW supports the xeon e3-1240 (v1.) I would think it would as it supports the i7-2600 which is nearly the same chip, but it doesn't list the xeon as compatible. Does anyone know if it is compatible with the xeon e3-1240?
  4. Hmm, when looking it seems easier to find a non-oem (still budget but higher quality) 1150 board for 30-40$ than a non-oem 1155 for 50-60$
  5. Hmm, so do the E3-1240's extra threads make up for the i5 4570 being on LGA 1150 and thus having cheaper higher quality motherboards with more features? LGA 1150 also gives the option of a i7 4790 if I ever need more power
  6. E3-1230 v2 costs about $60-$80 or roughly the same cost as an i5 4570. I rarely do productivity tasks such as video editing and mainly play games like GTA V and No Man's Sky, so will the extra threads really help that much?
  7. Would an E3-1230v2 or a i5 4570 be any better than the E3-1240?
  8. No but I did try swapping over to my old 7870 (worked great, I just upgraded bc it was getting slow) and it didn't fix the issue. I also RMAd my fury before I had the idea to try the 7870 and it didn't help. Also my system worked for probably 6 months after getting the fury with no issues.
  9. I did have Kingston HyperX Blu in there before, but I swapped over to the Corsair Vengeance to see if it would fix it. Sadly the issue still happens.
  10. A10-6800k R9 Fury GIGABYTE GA-F2A75M-HD2 8 GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR3 Corsair CX650M (gray model) Cooler Master Hyper T2 Windows system logs usually don't say anything after the crash other than reporting an unexpected shut off.
  11. I could but that would have less performance than a i5 3570 AND I would have to buy DDR4.
  12. As far as I have seen due to the higher clock and ipc increase from ivy bridge, the i5 3570 shows stronger performance even with less threads.
  13. I believe my A10 6800k is dying as my pc (usually during idle) will randomly turn off and sometimes will not post for the next 15-30 minutes after shutting off. My thermals are fine, and it almost never happens during gaming or other high load so I don't think it could be thermals or PSU. I have tried replacing my motherboard, gpu, and ram. I have also tried reinstalling windows and reseating all connections in the computer including the cpu when I swapped motherboards. I can only assume it is due to the cpu as I have pretty much replaced or RMAd everything else. I do have an op
  14. As the title states, I am on a pretty tight budget and was wondering what the best CPU and motherboard I could get for $100 total because I believe my A10-6800k is dying (I also would like to get some more power as it is showing its age and it wasn't great new.) I already have ddr3, so it needs to support ddr3. Currently, I am thinking about a i5 3570 as I can get it for roughly $50-60 and I can get an 1155 motherboard for $40-50. However, I was wondering if there was any other better options such as a xeon on something? I am mainly going to game so more threads aren't too useful. If it helps