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  1. No idea, I just put mine at 1.1v in ryzen master and clock it as high as it'll go Might have to ask someone that actually knows oc more about this.
  2. Ryzen chips have spiky idle temps unless you undervolt them Load temp looks okay and that's all that matters
  3. Am I speed running yet?


  4. -confused on whether i like this or not-
  5. either nvidia is sick of the leaks and decided to give consumers a middle finger just to spite them (i can see nvidia doing this, that's how petty i think they are) or big navi wasnt as big of a deal as they thought, so no point releasing a "better" card or maybe they'll use different manufacturer for those cards because samsung was disappointing(?)
  6. tried it also tried multiple version of realtek drivers none worked
  7. tl;dr, anyone knows where i can find realtek audio driver? and disable windows hardware driver update? HWID: MMDEVAPI/AudioEndpoints I'm at least 90% sure it's windows update messing up the realtek audio drivers speaker and headphone jack dont work, but bluetooth audio works i cant find the proper drivers for it because the laptop's site doesnt have it i tried downloading a realtek driver, but that didnt work i tried rolling back windows update but it decides to just go ahead and re-install it anyways (seriously...) i tried factory resetting the laptop, didnt help i could do a clean format with USB stick, but i reckon windows will mess it up as soon as i let it update
  8. I'm no doctor, but I can't tell a person's health by looks alone And there might be a possibility of her getting PTSD and you getting in trouble for causing it According to our CS, "Don't be a dick"
  9. depends on her health just don't do it
  10. to further drive this point, motherboard's job is only to connect the RAM to CPU, no processing or whatever so i really cant see it affecting things much. ah, yea the downsides of buying parts separately you cant even know if they're operational to begin with, try not to buy parts unless you can test them within the return window
  11. eeeeh, never heard of RAM is RAM but, if it doesnt work, you can exchange it then, unless u cant test it within the return window
  12. i cant see why it wont work unless your CPU's IMC cant support it, which isnt the fault of mobo or ram worse case is that you run at a lower freq
  13. I better be a good sadist or I'm not reading it
  14. I can't stand aging RSI, back pain, constant body pain and I'm not even that old yet smh
  15. you may still use it as a drive as far as i know just cant boot from it do some research
  16. there are stuffs like these but to boot from it, requires your cpu and bios to support it i think only intel 4th gen and up supports it(?) have to find out
  17. depends on hardware but last time i checked, my PC consumes ~1W even when shut down (RGB lighting)
  18. for low power applications like 1 or 2 hard disks, i wouldnt stress too much about it being a fire hazard unless it's a short or something but take note that there's no 3.3v from molex, which sata power have if your storage requires that, it wont work
  19. they arent good for airflow, but no point worrying bout it before it's even an issue yet
  20. i would stick with the stock cooler, if it's too noisy for you then you can buy an aftermarket solution if not, then keep it and maybe buy some doritos or up the GPU budget (from your prev post)
  21. depends on what games AAA games should run fine on even the 1650S with your CPU, unless they're super CPU heavy.
  22. MSI promised support for 400 series chipset, though the bios might come out in january 2021, so there's a little waiting afaik, you can update bios with a file in your hard disk as long as you have a CPU that can already run on it correct me if im wrong