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  1. WereCat

    1920x stutters hard.

    Its not important. It helps. And the chances that you will be able to run the speeds you want are slim.
  2. WereCat

    1920x stutters hard.

    They do. Im just saying that using 4x8GB 2400MHz will have WAY MORE bandwidth than 2x8GB 3600MHz. Anywya, I very much doubt that you will be able to run 3600MHz on QuadChannel without manual tweaking which may take a lot of time. Just get 4 sticks of 2933MHz to 3200MHz and stick with it. That said. The way the ThreadRipper works may actualy cause you some issues if you are only using Dual Channel, but that depends on whether you are using NUMA or SMP. I recommend you to first read what NUMA and SMP modes are, then try to play with them with your current configuration and see if swiching between them helps.
  3. WereCat

    1920x stutters hard.

    You know that 1920X supports quad channel? Getting another 2x8GB 2400MHz sticks will help you way more than replacing what you have for another dual channel.

  5. I dont use either. I disabled them years ago right after I installed W10. I just type right away when I open the Start menu like on W7.
  6. WereCat

    Need Game Recommendations for PC

    Divinity Original Sin 2
  7. So... My dad got a really awesome deal! 

    2TB USB 2.0 for €7!


    And he bought it because he refuses to believe me that it is a scam. 



    1. LukeSavenije


      try writing over 32 gigs on it, and just show him

    2. WereCat


      I did, it took only 2h to copy 40GB on it... Can't show it to him since he won't be home for few days

  8. WereCat

    Trash Performance w/ RX 580 vs GTX 1050ti

    Have you used DDU to uninstall the old nvidia drivers before putting in RX580?
  9. That would be a side grade at best, not worth it. Vega 64 is barely any better than overclocked Vega 56 so the upgrade is not worth it as well. Yes, the price is a good deal if you havent already had a Vega 56.
  10. Now we just need new motherboards with no video I/O for the same price as the ones with the video I/O but make it a new socket as well, please?
  11. WereCat

    Ryzen Overclocking?

    Dont bother. Most Ryzen CPUs wont go above 4GHz, espeicaly the 1st gen Ryzen. Buying new board just to get MAYBE another 100MHz is not worth it at all.
  12. I just want a case that makes the notch bigger
  13. WereCat

    Higher ppi vs higher resolution

    Depends on your use case, how far away are you from the display, etc...
  14. WereCat

    Blender render only using 10% of GPU

    You need to find the sweet spot for tile size. Too big or too low will take longer time to render than what the optimal tile size is. Don't worry to play around with rectangular tile sizes as well. I usually run 384x512 with 1080ti. Obviously, other settings matter as well. Subsurface scattering can slow renders a lot and it's usually not needed and only creates unnecessary noise. Not worth it unless you are rendering something that has skin or similar materials. Sample size also greatly impacts render time. The higher the sample size, the less noise but longer renders. Etc...
  15. WereCat

    1440p Text not as expected

    Go to the monitor OSD settings and play with the Overdrive option
  16. WereCat

    1440p Text not as expected

    Try to set lower Hz on the monitor. If that fixes it, get a new DP cable.
  17. No. What's your current system?
  18. WereCat

    MX500 vs 860EVO

    Both are great. Just get the cheaper one.
  19. WereCat

    Youtube very low bitrate.

    Use CBR, not VBR. Use VP9 instead of x264.
  20. most modern cards idle at 50*C because the fans are not spining at all
  21. B350 is for 1st gen Ryzen B450 is for 2nd gen Ryzen That said, 2nd gen Ryzen will work in B350 as well BUT you must update the BIOS first which means that you have to have a 1st gen Ryzen CPU in the first place to do that. So in your case, just get B450.
  22. WereCat

    Im building a new computer

    You dont need a sound card. The on-board audio is more than good enough these days.
  23. Blender works really well with GPU rendering. It can also use multiple cards just fine. The trick is to set correct size of the rendering tile. For CPU you want one small tile per each thread for GPU you want one large tile per each card. (thats just simplified explanation, there are obviously many other different settings affecting render times but this does apply everytime). http://www.blenchmark.com/gpu-benchmarks http://www.blenchmark.com/cpu-benchmarks 3x 780ti gets faster render time than Threadripper 1950X
  24. WereCat

    HTC Vive or Oculus Rift?

    Oculus Rift: Better Controllers Easy to set up More comfortable (personal opinion) Powered by USB (USB and HDMI as one cable) Exclusive games tied to the Oculus Controllers (you can play these games on VIVE as well with ReVive but I dont know how good is the experience) Not as good sensors as on VIVE You can use cheap XBOX Kinect ONE for full body tracking (with SteamVR only using Driver4VR which is a paid software). VIVE: Better tracking More difficult to set up Powered separately by a power cable trough the adapter USB and HDMI as in Oculus Many add on HW for extra tracking, etc... (it gets very expensive very fast though) It is not owned by Facebook
  25. *B450 you are right.... Crikey... why do they have to name it almost exactly the same....