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  1. Perfect for playing at 2560x1440 in borderless mode and having a window opened on each side of the screen, for example browser on the left and OBS/Discrod on the right
  2. Depends on what you want to use it for. I used it to play 24FPS movies at "120FPS".
  3. SpeedFan is quite old and has issues. Jay2Cents has a decent guide on YT for SpeedFan. ArgusMonitor is better and you can use it for free for quite a long time but then it will start asking for activation.
  4. Spies are the biggest Intel shills ever. I'm yet to hear about a spy that gathers AMD. 

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      Arika S

      *exasperated groan*

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      I'm sorry, its in my nature. 

    3. TopHatProductions115
  5. There is a low bar and high bar for competition and there's Escobar
  6. X570 is quite a bit expensive and it's not needed unless you absolutely need some of it features. How long will AMD keep supporting AM4, no idea but they definitely have a lot better track record than Intel.
  7. Well, in that case if you absolutely have to buy now, upgrade the platform since you won't really benefit much from a better graphics card with what you have now. Something like Ryzen 5 3600, 2x8GB RAM, B450 motherboard, decent PSU and SSD if you don't have any should fit within $500.
  8. Display capture? And why OBS? Just use Handbrake to cut out the parts you need.
  9. For gaming it doesent matter. The X570 Godlike has quite bad I/O for the price. There are better and cheaper boards than that one. Heck, even the Creation from MSI is likely better and quite a bit cheaper.
  10. Just save enough money and buy everything at once. Its not worth it to buy partially in your case.
  11. Neither. Use HWinfo instead. HWmonitor is quite bad, I had many issues with it even when I used i7 4770k,that SW just showed inconsisten information all the time. I haven't used MSI Afterburner with Ryzen yet so I can speak if its good or not, it used to be OK when I used it on an Intel platform.
  12. The SW cant show sleeping cores, that is not an issue but just a lack of feature. The CPU tends to boost higher than the base clocks quite often based on temperature and power available so its normal to see around 4GHz clocks on all cores.
  13. Honestly, I had more issues with Ryzen Master than with HWinfo. For example Ryzen Master has a bug where it shows that my SoC voltage is at 1.36V instead of 1.08V when I use default settings and it only shows the correct voltage if I manualy set it in the BIOS. It also had issue simmilar to this one when displaying VDDG Voltage. Regarding clocks, when I have a multiplier of exactly 100.00x since I have the Spread Spectrum set to DISABLED. The Ryzen master will still show clocks that are for example 4037MHz or 3931MHz when actually the clocks can move only in 25MHz increments so there is no way that they can end by a different number than 0 or 5 as the BCLK is exactly 100.00x. If I disable the Spread Spectrum then yes, the BCLK is not perfectly locked to 100.00x and it can change the clocks by a tiny bit where there is some variety. HWinfo does not have this issue.
  14. It's not incorrect. HWinfo just doesen't show when the cores go to sleep like Ryzen Master does so HWinfo will just say that the core is for example at 4GHz when it actually it is sleeping since that was its last state. Otherwise its more accurate than Ryzen Master. If you mean MSI Afterburner then I have no idea.
  15. Either MSI Afterburner + Riva Tuner Statistics server or HWinfo + RTSS
  16. 3950X supports only Single-Channel or Dual Channel. Obviously, you want to get Dual-Channel otherwise your performance will suffer quite a bit. Regarding how many ranks you will have depends on what RAM sticks you get. Most 16GB sticks are Dual Rank so if you use 2 sticks you will run Dual Channel with Dual Rank. If you use 4 sticks like that then you will use Dual Channel with Quad Rank. If the sticks are only Single Rank then you will run Dual Channel with Single Rank if you use 2 sticks or Dual Channel with Dual Rank if you use 4 sticks. More ranks is faster but harder to drive so it may or may not reduce your ability to OC. I run 4x16GB 3733MHz CL16 Crucial Ballistix Dual Rank sticks on my 3900X (so Dual Channel with Quad Rank).
  17. The P1 uses QLC flash vs TLC on the MX500. QLC has a lot lower endurance than TLC. But the P1 is NVMe vs SATA on the MX500 so that's why the speed difference. But the speed difference is there only if you copy large files, if you plan to install OS on it, the difference in performance will not be noticeable. If you really need cheap and good NVMe then consider checking the SX8200 Pro.
  18. I just tried it and works for me. ALT + 01000000 works as well Right ALT + V as well (may not work with English language in Windows) Shift + 2 works too for me
  19. Both are good. Save yourself 30 euro.
  20. I have 27" and 32" 1440p and I use no scaling. I don't have a perfect eye sight. I have to focus a bit if I lean back away from the 32" (about 70-80cm away).
  21. no 27" is fine without scaling at that distance