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Status Updates posted by Barrington

  1. after some investigation I determine that this is the old account of the one and only Luke Lafreniere, meaning that @Slick is trying to break the ToS of the LTT forums by having more than one account :thinking: Kappa 

    1. LienusLateTips
    2. AlexB1507


      Can I just clear this up, this account is created as default when an Invision Community forum is created, and Luke can't really break the ToS because he's an admin.

  2. just set my terrible monitor into a pseudo ultrawide 80hz monitor using the custom resolution tool 


    so far its pretty damn good apart from it only being 822 tall

  3. apparently I've been banned from twitch

  4. nearly shit myself after hearing a popping noise from My PC, turns out it was a damn coke can that made the noise

  5. Screenshot so good you wallpaper it http://i.imgur.com/AATsPQB.jpg

  6. mmm new machine almost up and running

  7. I find it weird that all these north americans are butt hurt about the new 3ds not having a charger, Australia didn't give a crap about it

  8. Wuht? was getting better performance in dota 2 running at 1080p than 900p

  9. Well thats the LTT new office donated to, THanks for helping me to get a job!

  10. starting job trial today hopefully it goes well

  11. mmm 0.28 Mbps down is fun

  12. got a comment on one of my YT videos :) turns out i was a spam bot :(

  13. hmm i think i might convert an old commodore sx 64 into a beast of a lan box with the monitor and all

  14. Well my laptop just died so that's fun

  15. someone just tried to reset my password on steam or steal my account, yay for multiple step authentication

  16. it might seem like common sense but don't try to juggle sharp objects (meat cleaver, pocket knife and a hammer to be more precise)

    1. MangoJuiceStain


      I'll keep that in mind next time I have all three at my disposal (seriously wtf were you thinking?)

  17. so Musclesglasses from epic mealtime is following me on twitter

  18. Keyboard I won from Cherry got here today, Unfortunately they ran out of boards with MX browns but they did include some other goodies!

    1. MangoJuiceStain


      My keyboard that I won from Modis still didn't arrive :(

    2. Barrington


      haha i apparently won mine on the 1st of ma.

      as they say "a watched pot will never boil"

  19. MFW I was shopping and an old lady walking past me poked me and said "you're a nice piece of man" http://i.imgur.com/3lFHq.gif

  20. taran drew a picture http://i.imgur.com/fSZFCwF.png

    1. MangoJuiceStain


      LOL next time I'll get him to draw me :D

  21. Hopefully my keyboard from Cherry gets here tomorrow

  22. hopefully my keyboard from Cherry tomorrow

  23. job interview today hopefully i get it

    1. MangoJuiceStain


      Good luck my lord :D

  24. huh its my birthday tomorrow guess i should care or something

  25. Star wars marathon sounds good to me