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  1. Shared washing machine A thin shirt goes in intact Emerges with holes
  2. My garbage bags full of shirts that have worn through would disagree.
  3. I don't know where else to put this so I want to share my complaint here. I was sick of buying paper-thin shirts that fall apart in the wash, and I'd heard good things about LTT store shirts. I don't normally buy youtuber merch but I figured LTT would have high quality, since that's what's advertised. But I cannot believe how thin these shirts are. I can see through them, even though they're black. If I put one over my head, I can walk around my apartment and see everything in front of me. Here's a comparison, of me wearing two shirts, one LTT and one is custom merch f
  4. I'm having this issue but stopping all services in my system tray didn't help... any more ideas? I've never used logitech software before, but apparently I need G Hub for NFS:Heat racing wheels.
  5. I already know all of this, and I already have a single-NAT setup for gaming. I even said in my original post that the modem is doing the DHCP. And I have static IPs on both my pihole and my gaming computer. My question wasn't about how to set up a separate modem and router; I just needed to know whether having a modem and router setup where the modem is slower than the router would affect LAN speeds between two devices connected directly to the router. And the answer is no, it doesn't bottleneck. I'm able to stream from my PC to my phone at the increased speeds, since those are both c
  6. I have a non-wireless modem-router (Ovislink OV604V) with some devices plugged into the LAN ports there. From one of those LAN ports, I have an ethernet cable running across my home, connected to the LAN port on a router in another room. This router acts as the wireless access point, as well as having my PC and consoles plugged into it. It acts as a network switch. The modem is doing the routing and DHCP. I'm looking at upgrading my router because it's quite old and doesn't do 5GHz wifi (it also cuts out sometimes). I have my eye on a gigabit router. I understand that this won't upgrade my