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Everything posted by Barrington

  1. got a comment on one of my YT videos :) turns out i was a spam bot :(

  2. "With the precision and strength of an adolescent giraffe that's a little big for his age"
  3. holy crap like wow, thats amazing thank you Linus, Luke, Edzel, Brandon, Taran, Nick, and David for all the amazong videos that you guys have made over the years and giving so much knowledge and entertainment to me and so many others
  4. hmm i think i might convert an old commodore sx 64 into a beast of a lan box with the monitor and all

  5. checked the capacitors on the motherboard?
  6. cool thanks. i decided that $60 really isn't that much and im just gonna buy a fresh drive for it
  7. Under use as it gives me a long list of options should i just go with Fat32 file for the main install?
  8. thanks wasn't sure but someone confirming it is nice thanks
  9. so i thought my laptop had dyed, turns out it was just the HDD. used one of my spare drives and managed to get laptop to boot, Now about to install ubuntu on this 1tb toshiba hard drive thats now in my laptop, but i need to keep the data on the hard drive, HOW DO? is there a way to preserve my data as a partition? also I'm fairly new to ubuntu
  10. now with 30% more gifsound http://gifsound.com/?gif=ixi.me.uk/images/luke-dance.gif&v=60og9gwKh1o&s=15
  11. Well my laptop just died so that's fun

  12. someone just tried to reset my password on steam or steal my account, yay for multiple step authentication

  13. favourite thing about the Z2 is that it has better specs than my laptop favourite thing about dbrand is that we gave them a nice friendly hug of death
  14. favourite tech quickie is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eE7Bfw9lFfs&channel=Techquickie because i learned a thing favourite jayztwocents https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFNyjJOVVHw&channel=Jayztwocents because @Barnacules
  15. it might seem like common sense but don't try to juggle sharp objects (meat cleaver, pocket knife and a hammer to be more precise)

    1. MangoJuiceStain


      I'll keep that in mind next time I have all three at my disposal (seriously wtf were you thinking?)

  16. that bezel is huge but then again having somewhere to actually hold onto with a thumb is nice
  17. so Musclesglasses from epic mealtime is following me on twitter

  18. this seems about the right size to mod a 120mm case fan onto the top and/or bottom panel to help cool it
  19. well to be more precise its the UK ISO layout instead of my preferred US ANSI
  20. for me the left shift is the most annoying
  21. if you can get it for $85 I'd say go for it its really well built
  22. Unfortunately they ran out of boards with MX browns but they did include some other goodies! http://imgur.com/a/xcpYn
  23. Keyboard I won from Cherry got here today, Unfortunately they ran out of boards with MX browns but they did include some other goodies!

    1. MangoJuiceStain


      My keyboard that I won from Modis still didn't arrive :(

    2. Barrington


      haha i apparently won mine on the 1st of ma.

      as they say "a watched pot will never boil"