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  1. Just tested this with a a couple shirts of mine, put a high contrast object under and shone a bright light at both
  2. I figure I'd write this out here incase anyone else is having this trouble. Had a machine where any audio would stutter, tried changing audio quality down as low as it would go, reinstalled realtek drivers, disabled devices, changed priorities, everything still had audio stuttering. wasn't until wifi went down that audio stopped stuttering, sure enough disabled the Asus PCE-N15 wireless and audio no longer stutters. Things to try if you're having this problem: check cables, check with another device to make sure its not your speakers/headphones, restart, disable en
  3. LInus' nuts are like RGB the're only there for decoration
  4. pretty sure if you use the link to go to amazon US, then switch to the AUS site it still counts
  5. see there's your problem talk nicely to other humans, describe the issues thoroughly in detail, and wait, patches arent instant
  6. after some investigation I determine that this is the old account of the one and only Luke Lafreniere, meaning that @Slick is trying to break the ToS of the LTT forums by having more than one account :thinking: Kappa 

    1. LienusLateTips
    2. AlexB1507


      Can I just clear this up, this account is created as default when an Invision Community forum is created, and Luke can't really break the ToS because he's an admin.

  7. i made one of these recently but with a submersible aquarium pump and a pasta sauce jar as the res
  9. just set my terrible monitor into a pseudo ultrawide 80hz monitor using the custom resolution tool 


    so far its pretty damn good apart from it only being 822 tall

  10. apparently I've been banned from twitch