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  1. MFW I was shopping and an old lady walking past me poked me and said "you're a nice piece of man" http://i.imgur.com/3lFHq.gif

  2. expandable storage on a flagship and reddit.com/r/PCmasterRace
  3. Hey @LinusTech! @SlickPC needs monday off. #24MoreHours
  4. thanks to Darrin Lynch for joining us today and answering some questions #HUGOFDEATH #HugHarrison
  5. thanks to Darrin Lynch for joining us today and answering some questions
  6. and i think i came up with a better question set you must answer me these questions three What... is your name? What... is your quest? What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  7. the previous intel one was about the SSDs and was broadcasted to twitch, there is possibly an archive of it on twitch
  8. i didn't really want them they where just handed to me
  9. the traditional, would you rather fight a horse sized duck or a duck sized horse and why
  10. taran drew me a picture its amazing don't know if its linus meme thread worthy but it happened during a slick stream
    1. MangoJuiceStain


      LOL next time I'll get him to draw me :D

  11. Hopefully my keyboard from Cherry gets here tomorrow

  12. hopefully my keyboard from Cherry tomorrow

  13. job interview today hopefully i get it

    1. MangoJuiceStain


      Good luck my lord :D

  14. don't know about the cable thickness but these could work if not, my good old friends might work too
  15. yeah antlion mod mic is cool and all but i prefer spoon mod mic
  16. for me it would be easier and quicker to use macros, especially when using special characters and trying to remember the Alt codes for them
  17. I like that the game is set in a Foggy town to hide the shorter draw distance of consoles
  18. The standard version of the app you linked would let me have a keyboard and track pad was more after an app to let me set custom macros for typing out a quick reply in games and stuff
  19. hmm just tried that one worked okay only a little bit of stuttering on the mouse input but for the stuff i wanted to do, I had to buy it and im too cheap for that, they do offer a free trial code but it wouldn't work
  20. If my question is answered i won't need a next time