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  • Birthday September 22

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    Computers, Programming (JS, Python & Java), CS:GO
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    I got a macbook air for school in 2012, built my own pc in 2015, installed Linux Mint on my pc in 2017 and I'm working on a website for school that uses firebase and react :)
    About a month later and I no longer use Linux mint, windows Linux subsystem works with my favorite terminals and vscode, so no need for the Linux desktop anymore, since windows is more convenient for everything that doesn't involve the terminal or file system.
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    CS @ Uni


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    MSI Z97 U3+
  • RAM
    4x4 GB DDR3 1600mhz
  • GPU
    MSI GTX 1070ti 8G Aero
  • Case
    Corsair 230T Windowed Orange
  • Storage
    Crucial BX100 250 GB SSD + Generic WD 1 TB HDD
  • PSU
    Cooler master G450M
  • Display(s)
    Samsung Syncmaster 2343NW + Asus VC239H
  • Cooling
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
  • Keyboard
    Gigabyte K83 (Cherry MX Red)
  • Mouse
    Sharkoon Shark Force
  • Sound
    Logitech G230
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. hah, in the netherlands we about 10.000 homes which can get 10 gbit for 105 euros per month with about 300 euros in setup costs only downside is: only 10.000 homes and there is a data cap of 10x the average usage of the 1 gbit customers fully unlimited non consumer 10g is pricy tho
  2. mikat

    Dual 4k Surround

    desktop, nv surround combines 2 or more monitors into one virtual screen that windows sees as one screen both for desktop and games
  3. mikat

    Will my i7 6800k bottleneck with rtx 2070 gaming z?

    yup, my 4790k is keeping up just fine with my 1070ti
  4. mikat

    Dual 4k Surround

    trying to install new geforce drivers now, i had 399 but I doubt it will help, but mayb edit: it did not
  5. mikat

    Will my i7 6800k bottleneck with rtx 2070 gaming z?

    but that's good right, you can't have a perfect balance so you'd want your gpu to be the bottleneck instead of the cpu
  6. mikat

    Dutch Talk

    pls help nvidia surround doet kut
  7. mikat

    Dual 4k Surround

    Hey guys, I was looking to use my 2 4k monitor in surround to play Civ V (pretty much all other games would be horrible because of the middle bezel) but nvidia surround doesn't seem to like my idea, it only goes to 5120x1440 but I want my full 7680x2160, but it's not an option How would I go about getting this to work? Ps: yes the monitors work with 4k @ 60hz with no surround
  8. mikat

    New Build will it work?

    Yup the build should do just fine at 1080p
  9. mikat

    New Build will it work?

    You should really put everything but documents, photos and games on your ssd, even loading a big screenshots folder takes a while on HDD, it's not worth saving 20-30 pounds on a 700 pound gaming pc.
  10. mikat

    New Build will it work?

    If you're spending 700+ pounds on a gaming system I would not get a 128 GB SSD, The Crucial MX500 is 42 pounds for the 250 GB version and 62 pounds for the 500 GB version on amazon
  11. mikat

    Intel buying out AMD rumors

    No they can't since they'd get screwed by anti monopoly laws
  12. mikat

    Case & PSU for Ryzen 2200g

    That Bequiet System Power 9 400W looks pretty good, I think i'll go with that one, thanks
  13. mikat

    Storage Server for streaming.

    Yup, but with such a large amount of storage I'd get 32 GB of ram for freenas (freenas with ZFS likes ram) with plex installed on top of freenas. The i3-8xxx is a good choice but if you're looking for more CPU horses while retaining quicksync and ECC support I'd look at the new Xeon E-2100 series. 2146g: 6c/12t $311 2144g: 4c/8t $272 2126g: 6c/6t $255 2124g: 4c/4t $213 Keep in mind that C246 (Xeon E) motherboards are more expensive than i3-8xxx motherboards