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    at the local supermarket
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    learning, learning, learning


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    i5 6600k
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    16 GB off crosair 2400 Running at 2600
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    RX 480 (8GB)
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    NZXT s340
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    240 GB Crusial ssd and a 1 TB wb blue
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    Cosair rm650x
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    HP Compaq LA2405wg and some AKAI tv as secondary screen
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    Be Quiet Dark Rock 3
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    acer oem keyboard
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    acer oem mouse
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    50 euro trust speakers
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    windows 10
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  1. Could we get the temperature data of ltt minecraft server built that was eluded to at the end of the video? Im really intrested in how it performend
  2. Hey I have a S2600c04 with dual E5-2650 and 64gb ecc ddr3 ram it's not booting. The board will accept power showing a solid green light but when I try to turn it on it will almost immediately go back off again. I use a corsair RM750x as psu
  3. Bought a S2600CP4 with 2 Intel Xeon e5-2650 for €250, -
  4. This just arrived 6 7,5m cat6 cables and 6 2m cat6 cables now all I have to do is buy the network cards.
  5. I would recommend buying an old 2u server like a DL380 G6 or G7. sure it cost more but it can also pull double duty as a Nas and if you get a decent deal you will most likly get something like this or this (note they are louder than a normal desktop) ofcoure these is just a examples from the dutch version of Craigslist. Disclaimer: I'm not the seller of the above mentioned items they were just used as examples.
  6. how about you just try them both? freenas is free and Unraid has a 30 day free trail that can be extended twice.
  7. Freenas is you want free and unraid if you want to pay 60 dollars for the basic licence (it has a 30 day free trail)
  8. no they do not have a reset button. but in the mean time i have contacted the dude I bought it from asking for the ip address (he already gave me the login when i picked it up) i will continue to search online for the mean time awaiting his reply edit: dude replied fast apparently it was: (no wonder i couldn't find it)
  9. just tried that and got an connection time out error
  10. so i picked up this working SRW2048 (using it now as a unmanaged switch) but i'm unable to access either the web-view or console things i tried: trying the default ip, ip scanning to try find the ip, connecting to it via serial (even attempting this during power cycling), googling my problem so now i'm kinda at the point that I don't know what to attempt next
  11. - new keyboard and mouse - an Unraid license (trying out the trail now and i'm very pleased at how user friendly it is) - modding my dell r410 to accept bigger than 2TB disks (should be easy just a female mini sas to sata since i'm just using consumer parts for storage) - buying disks for said server (3x 4TB HDD, 1x 240GB SSD) - buying 2x quad Gb cards for a 4Gb link between my pc and server (10Gb if I can get a good deal on rj45 gear) - getting around to learn python
  12. well this will surely work /s no this won't work. the Dutch gov tried it with thepiratebay but it only worked temporary because everyone switched to something else, started using a proxy or something else
  13. here you go all the consumer cases i could find without dipping into server cases. (the site is in Dutch but i have already applied the right filter for you) https://tweakers.net/categorie/61/behuizingen/producten/#filter:q1YqKMpMTvXNzFOyMtBRKi5ITXbLzClJLSpWsqpWMjIHkWWJOUpW0UqGFgZKsbW1tQA
  14. @DemonicHeart add another three games to the cracked list: Just cause 3 (yes really), mad max and Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter source: https://www.reddit.com/r/CrackWatch/
  15. did't the Duch do this a couple off years ago and concluded that it doesn't work. (i forgot what the real reason for lifting the ban was bespite the fact that i live there)