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  1. i still like more the old apple trash can it be so cool have a new machine in there (and not necessary a apple machine lol)
  2. only $6,000 ? just... shut up!!! and take my money!!!
  3. but... where is the AMD laptops in the charts ?... oh... nevermind...
  4. for me, the best distro to "jump" from Windows 7 is Linux MINT 19.1 they work the same, and in many ways m19.1 is better than w7 (for me at least) one cool program you can also download, Pinta = Paint
  5. yes, i've tried 10, 15, and 20 GB and over time it's not enough 30 GB has worked well, but over time it get too close to the limit so 50 GB will be the new "standard" to me "for all Linux partitions" from now on
  6. Thanks man, they make so complicated such simple questions, you win, Flawless Victory
  7. my "Linux machine" works (yay ) i am running a "Linux MINT 19" machine (not a virtual one, a real one) plus STEAM with PROTON and i "download" and installed a FREE game "mmorpg" call in DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online) and runs well on Linux (and all is free, Linux+Steam+Proton+DDO), i am so happy today the process: get Mint 19, get Steam, activate Proton on steam, get and install DDO, play (is that simple) the machine: A10 6800K (apu gpu HD 8670D) + 8GB (at 1866mhz) of ram (yep, that it)
  8. GPU = how much power i need - - - - - RX 570 = 650 watts
  9. CPU - Ryzen 5 2400G (is an APU) Cooler - you "don't need" (use the stock Cooler) GPU - you "don't need" (use the APU gpu) Motherboard - AM4 RAM - 8GB (2x4GB) HDD - 1TB OS - Windows 7 (Windows 10 can kiss my @$$) Case - "any" with a cheap PSU "included" Keyboard - an old PS2 will be fine Mouse - "any" is fine WIFI - "any" wireless usb WIFI